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No. IV-1
(William3, Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Dec. 13, 1691; m an. 26, 1718, Mercie Tenney. He was one of the original members of the church organized in the East Precinct of Bradford in June, 1727. He lived in Bradford until 1748, in which year he removed to Tewksbury and settled upon a farm which he purchased of Samuel Hunt.

Children of Moses Worster

V-1 Moses.
Sarah, b Feb. 15, 1727.
V-3 William.
V-4 Eldad.
Mercie, b July 11, 1734; m Oliver Whiting, b 1736.

Bradford and Tewksbury Rec. Essex and Middlesex Reg. Deeds. Henry E. Worcester.

No. IV-9
, (Frances3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Dec. 06, 1693, d Falmouth, Me., 1751, m Mary Lakin. Residence Bradford and Newbury until 1728, afterward Falmouth, Me.

Children of Timothy Worster

V-6 Dorothy, b Newbury, Mass., Oct. 10, 1719.
V-7 Josiah, b Jan. 3, 1721, d 1749, m Dec. 13, 1748, Mirriam Carr. Residence Newbury.
V-8 Rebecca, b Newbury, Oct. 8, 1722.
V-9 Hannah, b Newbury, June 11, 1724; m Falmouth, Mass., June 13, 1741, John Farrow, b Hingham, Mass., Sept. 28, 1719.

Children of Hannah and John Farrow

(a) Joseph, b July 30, 1792.

V-10 Timothy, b Newbury, Oct. 26, 1725.
V-11 Beaulah, bpt. 1732 in First Church of Falmouth.
V-12 Mary, bpt. June 10, 1733, Forst Church of Falmouth, Me.; m Spet. 13, 1757, Clement Reserve.
V-13 Jemima, bpt. 1737, First Churh of Falmouth, Me.

Bradford and Newbury Rec. Falmouth, Me., Rec. York Co. Prob. Joshua Coffin, Esq.

Worcester Place, Hollis, New Hampshire

No. IV-11
(Frances3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., June 7, 1698, d Hollis, NH, Oct. 14, 1783; m 1st Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Apr. 18, 1720, Abigail, dau of Joseph Carleton, b Andover, Essex Co., Mass., May 23, 1696, d July 25, 1774, age 78; m 2d Mrs. Martin. He lived in Bradford until 1722, in Concord and Littleton some years, in both of which places he worked as a blacksmith; then in Bradford, where in 1728, he was one of the selectmen; then in Boxford, where he was licensed to preach; thence he removed to Sandwich, where he was ordained June 18, 1735, over a Congregationalist Church that separated from Mr. Fessendon's, and continued ten years before and one year subsequent to his dismission. From Sandwich he removed to Exeter, N.H., thence to Plaistown, N.H., and thence to Hollis, N.H., in 1750 or 1743, where he founded the Worcester homestead. This had been in the Worcester family for five generations. It was owned by Lucy E. and Sarah Alice Worcester in 1914, who caused an inscription placed over the main entrance in 1911, stating who founded the homestead and the date of the inscription.

From 1750 until his death he was employed the greater part of the time in preaching as an evangelist in the destitute parts of New Hampshire and other sections of New England. "When confined in weakness, and in his 60th year of his age," he wrote a series of "meditations all in verse," which were published in Boston in 1760. In one of these "The author speaks of his honored great-grandfather, his grandfather, and of his father, godly men he trusts." In another, "The author speaks something modestly of himself." While as poems they possess little merit, and betray a deficiency in early education, they nevertheless show the author to have been a faithful student of the Bible and a remarkable exemplification of its happy influences. Mr. Worcester "left in numerous places a strong impression of his character. He had great success in arresting the attention of the young. They were very naturally attracted and affected by his personal appearance. In height and breadth of frame he presented proportions of a commanding and majestic figure, which, with the intellectual and benignant cast of his eye and countenance, added much to his power of address." He was buried at Hollis, N.H., where there is a tombstone to his memory with the following inscription:

In memory of the
Revd. Francis Worcester
Who departed this life
Octr. Ye 14th A.D. 1783
In Ye 86th year of his age.
He was formerly Pastor of the Second
Ch---h in Sandwich thirteen years
Since that time a Labourer in the
Gospel wherever he thought
Himself called in providence
The memory of Ye Just is Blessed.

Children of Rev. Francis Worcester by 1st m

V-14 Francis.
V-15 Jesse.

V-16 Hannah, b Bradford, Oct. 7, 1724, d Mar. 2, 1808, m ____ Churchill.
V-17 Samuel, b Boxford, May 7, 1731, drowned in Squam Harbor,  1750.
V-18 Noah.

Bradford, Boxford and Hollis, N.H. Rec. Essex and Middlesex Reg. Deeds. "Life and Labors of Rev. S. Worcester, D.D."

No. IV-12
(Frances3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Nov. 5, 1700, d Grafton, Mass., c 1777; m June 5, 1727, Mary Carlton of Newbury, Mass. He lived in Bradford until 1729, then removed to Boxford, where in 1737 he was elected a deacon of the church; thence he removed to Leicester in 1747, "and built a house, since owned by James Livermore and Benjamin Drury, Esq., and on the same site of Amos Brown." March 6, 1753, he was chosen one of a committee to prefer a petition to the General Court, asking to be incorporated into a town. The petition was granted and that part of Leicester in which he resided received the name of Spencer. He was a selectman and assessor for several years. He removed from Spencer, probably about 1772, and left the farm to his eldest son.

Children of John Worster

V-19 Phoebe, b Feb. 16, 1729, m 1st Aug. 9, 1750, Samuel Garfield; m 2d Jan. 19, 1768, William Watson.
V-20 Mary, b May 16, 1732; m Dec. 20, 1750, Abel Woodward.
V-21 John.
Sarah, b Aug. 11, 1738.
V-23 Joseph, b Sept. 9, 1740.

Inventory, 341 Pds, 0s. 6d.
Bradford, Boxford and Newbury Rec. Essex Reg. Deeds. Worcester Prob. Rev. Levi Packard. Draper's Spenser.

No. IV-13
(Frances3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Nov. 05, 1700; m Aug. 29, 1727, Joanna Pettingall, Salisbury, Mass. Residence Bradford, Newbury and Falmouth, Me. Yeoman.

Children of Daniel Wooster

V-24 David, d Bradford, Feb. 23, 1730.
V-25 Oliver.
Judith, b Jan. 1, 1734.

Bradford and Newbury Rec. Haverhill Ch. Rec.

No. IV-14
(Francis3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Nov. 13, 1706, d Falmouth, Me., 1788; m Jan. 9, 1733, Mary Hovey of Boxford. Residence Bradford, Newbury and Falmouth, Me.

Children of William Worcester

V-27 Luke Hovey.
Susannah, m ____ Hardy.
V-29 Molly, m ____ Bailey.
V-30 Abigail.

Newbury and Falmouth. Me. Rec.

No. IV-15
(Francis3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Aug. 25, 1709, d 1780, m Dec. 13, 1732, Hannah Simmons, Haverhill, Mass.; removed from Bradford to Haverhill about 1732, thence to Methuen, thence to Nottingham West, thence about 1670 to Groton, where he resided until his decease. Yeoman.

Children of Benjamin Wooster

V-31 Jonathan.
Samuel, b Mar. 20, 1735, d May 31, 1735.
V-33 Sarah, b Mar. 20, 1736; m John H. Cummins.
V-34 Asa.
V-35 Samuel.
V-36 Benjamin.

V-37 Hannah, b July 15, 1744; m Reed, Fletcher and  Farwell, d Hollis, NH.
V-38 Mary, d Dunstable, 1811.
V-39 Francis.

Bradford, Haverhill and Groton Rec. Middlesex Prob. Middlesex and Essex R. Deed.

No. IV-16
(Francis3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Sept. 15, 1712, m Feb. 26, 1740, Patience Mills, Falmouth, Me. James died in Pearson Town (now Standish, Me.). He was shot and killed by John Clark while assisting Deputy Sheriff Alexander Gray in searcxh of Clark for allegedly stolen goods. Residence Falmouth, Me.

Children of James Wooster

V-40 Mary.
V-41 James,
b 1741,
V-42 Hannah, b Falmouth, Mass., 1751.

No. IV-20
(Timothy3,  Samuel2, William1) b Newbury, Oct. 23, 1691; m 1st 1714, Joanna Petingall, m 2d Hannah ____. Residence Newbury.

Children of Samuel Worster

V-43 Timothy, b Nov. 12, 1715, m Nov. 1, 1743;  Elizabeth Clark, Newbury.
V-44 Jemima, b Dec. 1722.
V-45 Richard, b Oct. 11, 1727.

Newbury and Bradford Rec. Essex Prob.

No. IV-22
(Ebenezer3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, July 31, 1705; m Ann Chase, Littleton. Residence after 1723 Littleton, Mass. Yeoman.

Children of Joseph Worster

V-46 Hannah, b Mar. 7, 1731.
V-47 Mary, b June 9, 1733, d Nov. 22, 1736.
V-48 Ann, b Aug. 16, 1736; m 1760 Cornelius Thayer.
V-49 Joseph.
V-50 Benjamin.
Abigail, b Mar. 8, 1743.
V-52 Jane, b Mar. 19, 1745.
V-53 Sarah, b Feb. 21, 1747.

Bradford and Littleton Rec. Middlesex Reg. Deeds.

No. IV-23
(Ebenezer3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Dec. 17, 1707, d Harvard, Worcester Co., Mass., Apr. 12, 1754, m Rebecca , d Jan. 20, 1772. He was one of the original members of the church organized at Harvard in1733. Residence Littleton 1723-33, afterward Harvard until his decease. Yeoman.

Children of Jonathan Worster

V-54 Rebecca, b Harvard, Worcester Co., Mass., Feb. 4, 1732/33.
V-55 Mary, b June 8, 1735, d Harvard, young.
V-56 Jonathan, b Harvard, Worcester Co., Mass., Mar. 24, 1736/37, d young.
V-57 Moses.
John, b Mar. 8, 1741, d Oct. 26, 1746.
V-59 Jonathan, b Dec. 9, 1742, d Oct. 10, 1746.
V-60 Rebecca, b July 16, 1744.
V-61 Lois, b Dec. 12, 1747.
V-62 Ebenezer.
John, b Aug. 19, 1751, d Oct. 6, 1756.
V-64 Lemuel, b June 25, 1753, d Apr. 19, 1773.

Inventory, 394 Pds. 8s. 0d.
Bradford and Harvard Rec. Worcester Prob.

No. IV-28
(Ebenezer3,  Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, 1722, d Harvard, May 20, 1754, m Dec. 29, 1742, Mary Crouch, Harvard, d May 1, 1790. On the muster roll of a scouting party sent from Harvard by Col. Samuel Willard in July, 1748. Residence Littleton 1723-1733, afterward Harvard, Mass.

Children of Ebenezer Worster

V-65 Samuel.
Abijah, b July 2, 1745, d Jan. 10, 1841, age 96; m Deliverance ____, d Jan. 23, 1767, age 88. Garrisoned at Crown Pt. in 1762 under Capt’  Thomas Farrington of Groton. Capt. Jonathan Davies’ muster roll at the alarm of minute men on Apr. 19, 1775 from Harvard to Cambridge. He was present at Quebec and the battle of Bunker Hill. Fifer Abijah Worster deserted Aug. 25, 1775, while serving with Capt. Jonathan Davies’ company in Col. Asa Whitcomb’s regiment. He was a member of the Shaker Community, at Harvard, Mass. He was scourged by a mob in 1782 in front of the house of Capt. Thaddeus Pollard. "Stripped and whipped for the crime of ‘going about and breaking up churches and families’."
V-67 Molly, b Apr. 12, 1747, d May 5, 1835. She was a member of the Shaker Community at Shirley.
V-68 Susannah, b Oct. 12, 1750, d Feb. 11, 1815; m Daby. She was a member of the Shaker Community at Harvard.
V-69 Gilead, b Apr. 8, 1753, d 1756.

Inventory, 150 Pds. 8s. 11d.
Bradford and Harvard Rec. Grove B. Blanchard, Harvard, Mass. Worcester Prob.

No. IV-29
(Thomas3,  Moses2, William1) bpt. Kittery, Me., Nov. 2, 1718; m July 15, 1731, Lydia Remick dau Joshua & Ann (Lancaster) Remick, bpt. Aug. 28, 1720, d Berwick, Me., aft. 1790. Residence Berwick and Lebanon, Me.

Children of John Worster

V-70 John.
V-71 Lydia, b Oct. 14, 1738, bpt. Jan. 13, 1741/42, d Durham, NH, Mar., 1820; m Durham, NH, Jan. 23, 1795, Gen. John Sullivan of Durham,           N.H., b Berwick, Feb. 17, 1740, son of John & Margery (Brown) Sullivan and brother to Daniel Sullivan for whom the town of Sullivan is           named.
V-72 Ichabod, bpt. Jan. 13, 1741/42.
V-73 Thomas, bpt. Jan. 13, 1741/42.
V-74 George.
V-75 Lemuel.
Mary, bpt. Sept. 30, 1750.
V-77 Mark, bpt. Feb. 14, 1753.

No. IV-30
(Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Kittery, Me., Nov. 02, 1718, d 1787; m Judith Hall. Residence Kittery and Berwick.

Children of Samuel Worster

V-78 Betsey, bpt. Aug. 7, 2737; m George Stanton.
V-79 Judith, bpt. Berwick, Me., May 8, 1740; m Noah Wentworth, b Berwick, Me., c1740.

Children of Judith and Noah Wentworth

(a) Mercy, m Lebanon, Me., Apr. 22, 1790, Capt. Moses Pierce.
(b) Betsey, m May 21, 1789, John Goodrich.
(c) Sarah, m Oct. 19, 1792, Jeremiah Goodrich.
(d) Noah, m July 17, 1803, Lydia Williey.
(e) Ichabod, b MAr. 1774, d Apr. 3, 1855, m Rhoda Berry, b c1779.

V-80 Samuel.
Margaret, bpt. Feb. 13, 1749-50; m Dec. 8, 1785, Zachariah Knox, b Newfield, NH.
V-82 Philip.
Mary, m Apr. 27, 1779, Daniel Smith, Jr.
V-84 Eunice.
V-85 Sarah, m Jan. 8, 1792, Dea. Nathaniel Willey.
V-86 Ichabod, bpt. Nov. 1, 1761.

No. IV-31
(Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Jan. 26, 1716/17, bpt. Nov. 2, 1718; m ca. 1738, Ann dau of John & Patience (Shepard) Spinney, b Kittery, Me., Apr. 12, 1719. Residence Goldsboro, Me.

Children of Thomas Worster

V-87 Richard, bpt. July 8, 1741.
V-88 Moses.

No. IV-34
(William3, Moses2, William1) b Kittery, Me., June 10, 1722, m 1740, Elizabeth Hammett. Residence Kittery Point. Shipwright.

Children of William Worster

V-89 Sarah, bpt. Aug., 1746.
V-90 Elizabeth, bpt. 1749.

Kittery Rec.

No. IV-38
, (William3, Moses2, William1) b Kittery Point; m Elizabeth Marr, who died Oct. 29, 1790.

Children of Simeon Worster

V-91 William.
V-92 Thomas.
V-93 Margery.

V-94 Jane, b 1752, d 1830; m Berwick, Me., Aug. 7, 1770, James Gray. Residence Harrington, Me.

Children of Jane and James Gray

(a) William, b Feb. 28, 1774.

V-95 Betsey. Residence Kittery, Me.

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