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No. IX-1
(Charles8, Nathaniel7, Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Stoddard, NH, Oct. 27, 1845; m Goffstown, NH, Oct. 4,1877, Mary Addie Grant, b Thornton, NH, Oct. 21, 1852. Residence, Keene, NH. Milk dealer.

Children of Charles Clarence Worcester

X-1 George Leon.
X-2 Clarence Gerould
, b Walpole, NH, Oct. 5, 1882. Residence, Keene, NH. Milk dealer.
X-3 Florence Gertrude, b Marlboro, NH, Sept. 13, 1892. Residence, Keene, NH. Stenographer.

No. IX-4
(Sylvender8, John7, Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b June 20, 1867; m1st Helen C. dau of Jacob Bauer of Geneva, Switzerland, and Christina Von Weckede of Berlin, Germany, b Chicago, Ill., June 6, 1870; m 2d Helen Craddock, Chicago, Ill. Residence, El Reno, Okla. Railroad conductor.

Children of William Henry Worcester by first m

X-4 Edith Inez, b Jan. 16, 1898, Chicago, Ill, d Oklahoma City, July 26, 1988; m1st Timothy Jack Tellegren (born John Leo Bell, b Rockport, Tx., July 23, 1895, d May, 1960; m2d ___ Silver. Residence, San Francisco.

Children of Edith Tellegren

(a) Alidee Beaulah, b Oklahoma City, Ok., Nov. 1, 1922; m Peter Lee Ehlers, d Oklahoma City, Ok., Feb. 24, 1999. They had 2 children.
(b) Marilyn Virginia, b Oklahoma City, Ok., Apr. 23, 1921;d Oklahoma City, Ok., Aug. 19, 2001 (Fairlawn Cemetery); m Wiley Denton Woods, b Feb. 15, 1918, d Jan. 23, 1982, Oklahoma City, Ok. Two sons b, 1940 and 1941.

Children of William Henry Worcester by second m

X-5  Helen.

No. IX-5
(Sylvender8, John7, Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Dover, Kansas, July 14, 1868; m Thyra Anna Wennerblom, b Boras, Sweden, Feb. 14, 1868. Residence, Chicago, Ill. Cement Construction Contractor.

Children of John DeWitt Worcester

X-6 John DeWitt, b Chicago, Ill., Feb. 19, 1911.

No. IX-6
(Sylvender8, John7, Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Apr. 20, 1871; m Anna Shain(?), Topeka, Kansas, Dec. 24, 1892.

Children of Vincent K. Worcester

X-7 Arlie J., b June 20, 1894, Topeka, Kansas.
X-8 Irma L., b Jan. 23, 1898, Kansas City, Kansas.

No. IX-10
(Lysander8, John7, Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b ____; m Apr. 30, 1895, Grace Darling Burch, b Adrian, Mich., Jan. 17, 1872.

 Children of Allen Burr Worcester

X-9 Thelma Elizabeth, b Oct. 27, 1898, Montpelier, Oh.
X-10 Aratas William, b Nov. 11, 1900, Montpelier, Oh., d Apr. 15, 1905, at Detroit, Mich.

No. IX-20
(Mathew Lang8, Jesse7, Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b May 27, 1869, Kingston, Ill.; m June 1, 1890, Mrs. Mary (Bell) Sheley, Kingston, Ill., b Mar. 6, 1862. Residence, Seattle, Wash. Carpenter.

Children of Benjamin Worcester

X-11 Joy Manard, b June 5, 1891, Kingston, Ill.
X-12 Etta Ida Ethel, b Jan., 1893, d Feb., 1893, Kingston, Ill.

No. IX-32
(Benjamin Franklin8, George7, Samuel6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Mar. 10, 1877, d Feb. 5, 1849; m Mar. 8, 1910, Laura Marie dau of Henry Imsande, b Middletown, Oh., June 17, 1883, d Apr. 12, 1947. He moved with his family to Middletown, Oh., before school age. After completing the eighth grade he went to work in his father’s livery stable. Cincinnati Veterinary College, 1907.

Children of Harry Worcester

X-13 Benjamin Donner.

No. IX-42
(Charles Henry8, Joseph W.7, Leonard6, William5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Middletown, NY, June 10, 1881 d Middletown, NY, Mar. 6, 1954 (Wall Kell Cemetery, Phillipsburgh, NY); m Middletown, Sept., 18, 1907, Christine Gray, b Dunferline, Scotland, Apr. 24, 1881, d Valatie, NY, Feb. 12, 1959. Sporting goods store proprietor.

Children of Joseph Alfred Worcester

X-14 Joseph Alfred, b Middletown, NY, Apr. 6, 1909, d Frankfort, NY, 1995. Electrical Engineer. Inventor of radio trigger that explodes ground to ground missiles just before they hit.
X-15 Jean, b Middletown, NY, Oct. 15, 1911.
X-16 Helen Gray, b Middletown, NY, Feb. 13, 1913.
X-17 Christine Louise, b Middltown, NY, Dec. 9, 1918.
X-18 Mary Emma, b Middletown, NY, Dec. 17, 1921, d Ft. Collins, Co., Feb. 10, 1986; m Sept. 3, 1964, Dr. Carl Jacob Witkop, Jr., b Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 27, 1917, d Hopkins, Mn., Mar. 11, 1993 (cardiopulmonary arrest y myocardial infraction.) He worked at Genetic Research NIH. Divorced.

Children of Mary Emma and Dr. Carl Witkop, Jr.

(a) Carl Gray, b Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 18, 1947.
(b) Mary Margaret, b Ann Arbor, Mich., Jan. 10, 1949.
(c) Martha Frances, b Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 19, 1951.

No. IX-44
(Edwin Dean8, Eldad7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Albany, NY, Feb. 25, 1856. He prepared for college at Albany Boys’ Academy, and was graduated at Yale College in the class of 1876; was salutatorian of his class, the winner of the DeForest Medal, and was a member of the Skull and Bones Society. Graduated Yale Law School, June, 1878. He returned to Albany where he was admitted to the bar in 1879. He was at first in the law office of Hand & Hale, Albany, and afterwards was chief clerk in the office of Samuel Hand, of that city. In December, 1883, he removed to New York with his parents, and in May, 1884, became a member of the law firm of Saunders, Webb & Worcester. This firm continued without change for 23 years. On May 1st, 1907, he formed the new firm of Worcester, Williams & Lehman. Jan. 1, 1909, the junior partner, Irving Lehman, became a Justice of the N.Y. Supreme Court, and the firm then became Worcester & Williams. Residence, New York City. Member of the Century Club, the University Club, and the Yale Club of New York, and of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. He was never married.

No. IX-45
(Edwin Dean8, Eldad7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Albany, NY, June 6, 1857; m Oct. 17, 1888, Detroit, Mich., Lydia Dearborn, dau James Freeman and Alice Aldrich (Dearborn) Kimball, originally of N. Woodstock, NH, b N. Woodstock, NH, Nov. 13, 1860, d New York City, June 16, 1905 (Albany Rural Cemetery). He was educated at the Albany Boys’ Academy, but left that school in 1871, and entered the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and was graduated there, in 1875. He remained in the Navy till 1884, at which time he attained the rank of Lieutenant. In 1884, he resigned from the Navy and entered the service of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company. He was made division superintendent of various divisions, in succession, of that railroad, residing in Cleveland, Elkhart and Detroit, and at the close of 1887 was made superintendent of the Harlem Division of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad, with headquarters and residence in White Plains, NY. In 1891, in consequence of some impairments of health, he resigned his position, and spent some years in travel.

No. IX-47
(Edwin Dean8, Eldad7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Albany, NY, Sept. 13, 1860, d of pneumonia, Helena, Montana, Mar. 3, 1891, burial at Albany Rural Cemetery. He was prepared for college at the Albany Boys’ Academy and was graduated from Yale in the class of 1882; he was a member of the Skull and Bones Society. He then entered the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale, and in 1884 was graduated with the degree of Ph.D.; afterwards, in 1886, received from the same school the degree of Mechanical Engineer, and studied the practical side of that profession at the Jackson Car Shops, of the Michigan Central Railroad at Jackson, Mich., and afterwards was employed and resided at Marquette, Mich., and Helena, Montana.

No. IX-48
(Edwin Dean8, Eldad7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Albany, NY, Nov. 18, 1862, d ____; m Oct. 18, 1905, Detroit, Mich., Elizabeth Howard, dau John Talman and Sophia Hill Whiting, b Detroit, Aug. 12, 1867. He prepared for college at the Albany Boys’ Academy and was graduated at Yale with the class of 1884. After a trip to Europe he took to railroading and was for a time night depot master of the Grand Central Station, NY. In 1891 he entered the service of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company. He became superintendent of the Lansing Division and later the superintendent of the Detroit Division, where he remained six years. Nov. 1, 1902 he was made superintendent of Eastern Division of the Lake Shore, with headquarters at Buffalo; and Feb. 1, 1905, superintendent of the Chicago division. Also employed by the Michigan Central and Cleveland, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railway Company. Resided in Cincinnati in 1914.

No. IX-49
(Edwin Dean8, Eldad7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Albany, NY, July 28, 1864, d Jan. 10, 1953; m London, Eng., July 17, 1897, Susan Baldwin, dau of Augustus and Clarinda (Dunham) Kirkham of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, b Oct. 5, 1873, New York, d Feb. 10, 1958. He prepared for college at the Albany Boys’ Academy, and was graduated at Yale in the class of 1885. He was a member of the Skull and Bones Society. On Jan. 1, 1899, he became a member of the firm Flagg & Worcester, dealers in investment securities, and continued in this association until Dec. 31, 1905. On Dec. 1, 1906, he became Asst. Sec. of U.S. Trust Co., and in 1912, was made secretary of that company. Residence, New York City and summer residence at Black Point, Conn.

Children of Wilfred James Worcester

X-19 Dean Kirkham.
X-20 Winifred
, b New York, Sept. 11, 1899; m May 18, 1925, Harvey Stevenson, b Croton-on-Hudson, Nov. 29, 1894. She graduated Bryn Marr College, 1921, B.A. Residences, Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Lyme, Conn.

Children of Winifred Stevenson

(a) Eric VanCortlandt, b Croton-on-Hudson, NY, June 27, 1926; m Nov. 13, 1955, Judith Herrick, b Hartford, Conn., Aug. 5, 1931. Millbrook School, Yale, 1946, Yale Law School, 1950. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and Korean War. Lawyer. Residences, Stonington, Conn., Washington, D.C.

Children of Eric VanCortland Stevenson

    (i)   Jonathan, b 1956.
    (ii)  Kirkham, b 1957.
    (iii) Anne, b 1959.
    (iv) Margaret, b 1962.
    (v)  Philip, b 1965.

(b) James, b Croton-on-Hudson, NY, July 11, 1929; m Oct. 10, 1953, Jane Walker, b May 11, 1932. Yale, 1951. First Lieutenant, U.S. Marines, 1951-53. Cartoonist, artist, author. Residences, Greenwich, Conn., Tarrytown, NY, Niautic, Conn.

Children of James Stevenson

(1) – (9) Charles, Susan, James, Walker, Harvey, Peter, Jane, Edwina, Emily

No. IX-58
(Henry Edwin8, Horatio7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b New Philadelphia, Oh., Dec. 29, 1881; m Los Angeles, Oct. 31, 1906, Adelaide Pierrepont Rea, b Boston, Jan. 20, 1881. Residence, Pasadena. Banker.

Children of Herbert Moore Worcester

X-21 Margaret Dows, b Pasadena, Cal., Sept. 10, 1908.
X-22 John Rea, b Pasadena, Cal., Jan. 13, 1911.

No. IX-60
(Albert Augustus8, Horatio7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b W. Campton, NH, Aug. 30, 1876; m Oct. 9, 1907, Naomi A., dau of Charles A. Bailey, Port Huron, Mich. Mich. Tech. College, mining engineer. Moved to Superior, Arizona to become the Superintendent of Superior Copper Mine. Justice of the Peace. Naomi was a school teacher in Pt. Huron, Mich.. He served as a St. Clair County (Mich.) Road Commissioner. As such, he supervised teh construcvtion of the Blue Water Bridge ov er teh St. Clair river between Mich. and Canada.

Children of David Dows Worcester

X-23 David Bailey, b Aug. 6, ___, d Sept. 14, 1908.
X-24 Margaret Elizabeth, b Feb. 7, 1912, d Oct. 7, 1912.

IX-60-1  Helen Elcta, b Pt, Huron, Mich. Recived a Nursing degree fromt eh Univ. of Michigan; Gomer Jones, b Cardiff, Wales.

Children of Helen Electa Jones

(a) Susan Enid, m Charles Julian

(b) Beth Ellen m Jim Woodard. Residence, Gilbert, Ariz.

(c) David Dylan, m Tami Dodd.

Children of DAvid Dylan Jones

i. Jennifer, residence, Flaggstaff, Ariz.

ii. Joshua, m Vicky ___, Residence,m Hazlett, Mich.

No. IX-63
(Albert Augustus8, Horatio7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b W. Campton, July 28, 1881; m Ely, Nev., Nov. 19, 1905, Charlotte V. Barker, b San Diego, Cal., Oct. 30, 1884.

Children of Richard Hoe Worcester

X-25 Richard Hoe, b Apr. 10, 1910.
X-26 Mary Alice, b Dawson, NM, May 9, 1914.
X-27 Douglas John.

No. IX-65
(Horatio Elwynne8, Henry Elwynne7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Tewksbury, Sept. 30, 1875, d Sept. 1952 (heart attack)(buried at Annisquam, Mass.); m Apr. 10, 1905, Alice Gerry Duncan, b Bloomfield, NJ, May 19, 1879. Mass. Inst. Tech, 1897. Sugar refiner. Residence, Cambridge, Mass.

Children of Henry Elwynne Worcester

X-28 Mary Jarvie, b Brooklyn, NY, Mar. 8, 1906.
X-29 Henry Elwynne.
John Duncan.

No. IX-67
(Horatio Elwynne8, Henry E.7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Tewksbury, July 28, 1885, d Jan. 10, 1936; m Gertrude, dau Robert Morton and Jane (Whitthorne) Fullerton, b Sheboygan, Mich. A.B., Amherst College, 1906, M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, NY, 1910. Residence, New York City.

Children of James Newbegin Worcester

X-31 James Newbegin.

No. IX-79
(Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Brownsville, Pa., Mar. 18, 1837; m July 11, 1858, Elizabeth, dau of Conrad Hartranft, b Mar. 13, 1840. Residence, Pittsburgh, Pa. Carpenter and steamboat builder.

Children of John Francis Worcester

X-32 Laura Ann, b W. Brownsville, Pa., July 29, 1959, d Feb. 7, 1863.
X-33 Clara Belle, b W. Brownsville, Pa., Oct. 15, 1861; m July 1, 1880, Semons E. Dresser.

Children of Clara Belle Dresser

  1. Wilbur Ezra, b Sept. 7, 1890.
  2. Laura Alice, b Aug. 19, 1892.
  3. Alvin Dwight, b Nov. 10, 1894, d Mar. 14, 1905, Rochester, Minn. His family returned to Pittsburgh, Pa. He also resided in Troy Mills, Ia, and Coggon, Ia.

X-34 Ella May, b Brownsville, Pa., Jan. 24, 1864; m Nov. 11, 1891, Lauren Argalus Thomas, who d Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 10, 1901.

Children of Ella May Thomas

  1. Francis Worcester, b May 25, 1893.
  2. Elizabeth May, b May 26, 1897.
  3. Clara Olive, b Jan. 5, 1899.
  4. Julia Cecil, b Feb. 7, 1901.

X-35 William Saeger.
X-36 Lizzie Maria,
b Brownsville, Pa., Nov. 8, 1867, d Dec. 23, 1867.
X-37 Frank Edgar.
X-38 Jesse Everett.

X-39 Ira Dwight, b Brownsville, Pa., Mar. 23, 1875. Residence Pittsburgh, Pa., Real estate examiner.
X-40 Edith Byard, b Mar. 6, 1882; m Aug. 12, 1909. George E. Townsend. Residence, Lincoln Place, Allegheny Co., Pa.

No. IX-81
(Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b S. Brownsville, Pa., Feb. 8, 1841, d Nov. 3, 1886; m Apr. 4, 1869, Marild Severson, at Center Point, Iowa. He was engaged in the Civil War from Aug., 1861 to Feb., 1864. Enlisted first in a company from Washington Co., Pa. Was promoted to Corporal and then Sergeant. Residence, Groveton, Allegheny Co., Pa.

Children of William Henry Worcester

X-41 Lydia J., b Linn Co., Ia., Mar. 8, 1870; m Nov. 25, 1891, John Reed Hadley of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Children of Lydia Hadley

(a)  Ernest Lee, b Oct. 29, 1892; m Winnifred McClaren, b Picto, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 1, 1860, d Chicago, Il., May, 1987.

Children of Ernest Lee McClaren

(i)  Ellen Lee, b Toledo, Oh., Oct. 23, 1918, d Miami, Fla., Sept. 4, 1996; m Joseph Rufing Crowden, b Goodland, Ind., June 29, 1906, d June 26, 1925.

Children of Ellen Lee Crowden

(A)  Jane Ellen, Indianapolis, Apr. 6, 1953; m Peter Coll Townsend, b Miami, Fla., Aug. 31, 1946.

Children of Jane Ellen Townsend

(1)  Henry Joseph Crowden, b Miami, Fla., May 31, 1983.
(2)  Katherine Irene, b Miami, Fla., June 5, 1986.

(B)  Elizabeth Jean, b Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 16, 1954; m Michael Vores, b Miami, Fla., Mar. 3, 1956.
(C)  Susan Lee, b Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 7, 1956; m Jerome Kloo, b Miami, Fla., Oct. 10, 1965.

Children of Susan Lee Kloo

(1)  Joseph Wesley, b Miami, Fla., Aug. 29, 1966.

(D)  Marilyn Kay, b Indianapolis, Ind.; m David Slesinger, b Ann Arbor, Mich., Mar. 8, 1957.

Children of Marilyn Kay Slesinger

(1)  Timothy Harold, b Charleston, SC, July 30, 1992.
(2)   Christina Hadley, b Charleston, SC, Apr. 11, 1994.

(ii)  Martha Jean, June 26, 1925.

(b)  Milo Cordell, b Jan. 15, 1897.
(c)  Carol Virginia, b Jan. 10, 1899.
(d)  John Reed, b July 4, 1902, d Sept. 25, 1906.
(e)  Ruth Isabelle, b July 13, 1907.

X-42 Ida Bell, b Linn Co., Ia., Apr. 2, 1872, d Dec. 20, 1878.
X-43 Arrilla, b Linn Co., Ia., Feb. 13, 1876, d Jan. 19, 1879.
X-44 Cardilla, b Linn Co., Ia., Feb. 13, 1876, d Jan. 27 (?), Homestead, Pa.
X-45 William F., b Linn Co., Ia., Sept. 2, 1878. Residence, Washington, Pa. Salesman in furnishing store, Brownsville, Pa.

No. IX-86
(Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b S. Brownsville, Pa., Jan. 7, 1851; m June 30, 1873, Henrietta Potts. Residence, Brownsville, Pa.

Children of Samuel Troth Worcester

X-46 Charles Walton.
X-47 Thomas Clyde
, b Mar. 9, 1878. Residence, S. Brownsville, Pa.
X-48 Clarence, b Feb. 10, 1880, d Feb. 10, 1880.
X-49 Harvey Gaskill.
X-50 Robert Potts
, b Aug. 26, 1889; m Dec. 12, 1912, Alice Edna, dau J. Allen Neil, Belle Vernon, PA. Residence, Monessen, PA. Bookkeeper.
X-51 Margaret, b Dec. 14, 1890, m Harvey Horner Jacob, Waynesburg, Pa.

Children of Margaret Jacob

(a) Samuel Worcester
(b) Margaret.
(c) Henrietta.

No. IX-87
(Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Penna., Jan. 28, 1853; m Apr. 12, 1894, Rhoda A. Black, b Penna., May 18, 1862. Residence, S. Brownsville, Pa. Engineer.

Children of James Thomas Worcester

X-52 Walter Franklin.
X-53 Melvin Root

No. IX-90
(Thomas L.8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b N.J., Sept. 3, 1847; m Millerstown, Butler Co., Pa., July 12, 1879, Annie Zimmerman, who d Oct. 2, 1910. Residence, Marion, Ind. Window glass worker.

Children of Winfield Scott Worcester

X-54 Stella E., b July 7, 1882.
X-55 Bertha L., b Mar. 1, 1885, d Apr. 17, 1889.
X-56 W. Pearl, b Aug. 31, 1889.

No. IX-93
(Thomas L.8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Pittsburgh, Pa., May 10, 1861; m Oct. 29, 1891, Julia S. Altenburg, b Watsonville, Mich., Oct. 3, 1868. Residence, Elkton, Va. Farmer.

Children of James Tannehill Worcester

X-57 Francis Lloyd.
X-58 Winfield Clyde, b Dec. 14, 1897, d Baltimore, Md., Nov. 28, 1902.
X-59 Robert Marion, b Sept. 24, 1899.
X-60 Katherine Marie, b July 1, 1903.
X-61 Jesse Arline, b Apr. 20, 1906.
X-62 Dorothy Corine, b Sept. 3, 1908.

No. IX-96
(Leonard8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis54, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boston, Mass., Sept. 26, 1836; m Dec. 22, 1855, Nancy Tarr, b Rockport, Mass., July 15, 1838, d Lancaster, Mass., Feb. 27, 1883. Residence, Lancaster, Mass. Constable and Sealer of Weights and Measures.

Children of George L. Worcester

X-63 Sarah J., b Rockport, Mass., Mar. 3, 1857, d Lancaster, Jan. 21, 1892; m Oct. 29, 1879, Willis E. Wright.

Children of Sarah J. Wright

    1. Raymond E., b Feb. 6, 1881; m June 29, 1908, Ethel A. Ryan. Janitor.

X-64 George E., b Rockport, Mass., Sept. 15, 1861; m June 28, 1887, Mary E. Warren. Residence, Lancaster, Mass.

No. IX-103
(Noah8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Chelsea, Mass., Mar. 3, 1846, d Sept. 12, 19__; m 1st Jan. 12 1871, Annie C. Smith, Cincinnati, Oh., b Berlin, Germany, 1846, d Chicago, Apr. 22, 1895; m 2nd June 17, 1897, Elizabeth T. Whitley, b Plainsfield, Ill., Aug. 6, 1859. Residence, Chicago, Ill.

Children of Nathaniel Worcester

X-65 Nina B., b Aug. 25, 1872, d Jan. 3, 1885.
X-66 Horace Noah, b Jan. 5, 1876, d Jan. 7, 1885.

No. IX-105
(Samuel8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Mar. 1, 1839, d of paralysis, Newton, Mass., Apr. 15, 1895; m Boston, Mass., Jan. 14, 1864, Rachel Leishman. He was named George Samuel Franklin David, but on coming of age he dropped the Franklin David. He served in the Civil War for four years. Enlisted as a private in the 13th Mass. Volunteers. Promoted to Major of 3d Heavy Artillery, serving until close of the war. Residence, Newton Highlands, Mass. Woolen business.

Children of George Samuel Worcester

X-67 George Lincoln, b Apr. 5, 1866, d 1868.
X-68 Alice Gertrude, b Sept., 1868, d 1871.
X-69 Edith Cary, b Feb. 17, 1871; m 1893, Frederic Farley Cutler.

Children of Edith Cary Cutler

    1. Catherine Worcester, b Sept. 16, 1895.
    2. Margaret Morse, b Sept. 5, 1896.

X-70 Florence Bingham, b Sept., 1873, d 1880.
X-71 Mabel Carolyn, b June 29, 1876, d Oct., 1901.

No. IX-120
(Austin8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b St. Anthony, Minn., June 9, 1862; m Dec. 15, 1885, Minneapolis, Minn., Susan L. Christie, b Brooklyn Centre, Minn., Feb. 27, 1868.

Children of William Austin Worcester

X-72 Ethel May, b Mar. 20, 1887.
X-73 Harold Austin.
X-74 Florence Elizabeth
, b Sept. 14, 1891; m July 3, 1913, John Wayland Hernlund, b Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 14, 1890. Draftsman.
X-75 William Everett, b Aug. 1, 1894, Minneapolis, Minn.; m Loretta ___. Four children: Jack, Jennifer, Mary Jane.

No. IX-121
(Franklin8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Millbury, Mass., Oct. 4, 1860; m June 26, 1884, Isabel Capitola Cook, b Mendon, Mass., July 12, 1859. Teacher. A.B., A.M., Colby College. Residence, W. Springfield, Mass.

Children of John Capron Worcester

X-76 Vera Elma, b W. Springfield, Nov. 4, 1903, d at birth.

No. IX-122
(Franklin8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Grafton, Mass., Apr. 10, 1865, d Saco, Me., June 20, 1949; m Apr. 12, 1887, Myra Gertrude Dennis, b Hopkinton, Mass., Feb. 12, 1866, d Saco, Me., Sept. 23, 1953; music teacher. Hillman Business College, Worcester, Mass. He was a member of the Old Orchard, Me., school board; prominent in I.O.O.F. & Encampment, Nat’l. Representative. Residence, Old Orchard, Me., Grafton, Mass., Isleboro, Me., and Saco, Me. Building contractor, farmer and storekeeper.

Children of William Franklin Worcester

X-77 Mabel Adelaide, b Grafton, Mass., Apr. 18, 1888. Old Orchard, Me., H.S. Cashier. Unmarried
X-78 Henry Franklin.
Gertrude, b Old Orchard, Me., July 14, 1901, d Saco, Me., Mar. 5, 1973; m Apr. 17, 1918, Roger Sawyer Merrill, b Saco, Me., Apr. 29, 1902. Residences, Old Orchard, Me., Saco, Me., Easley, SC.

Children of Gertrude Merrill

    1. Gertrude Sawyer, b Biddeford, Me., Nov. 27, 1918; m Theodore Sawyer, b Sept. 17, 1918. He was a production engineer with the Raytheon Corp. She was a doctor’s assistant. Residences, Saco, Me., Salem, NH

Children of Gertrude Sawyer

(1) David Merrill, b Biddeford, Me., Feb. 15, 1948. Member of the Army Reserves. Residences, Saco, Me., Salem, NH.

No. IX-126
wpeA.jpg (13933 bytes)
Elwood Worcester

(David Freeman8, David7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Massilon, Oh., May 16, 1862; m Aug. 7, 1894, s. Bethlehem, Pa., Blanche Stanley, dau Bishop Rulison. Episcopal clergyman, Boston, Mass. Prepared for college, Rochester, NY; Columbia College, A.B., 1886; General Theological College, NY, 1887; University of Leipsic (A.M., Ph.D.), 1889; S.T.D., Hobart College, D.D., (?) Professor of Philosophy and Chaplain of Lehigh University, 1890-96; Rector of St. Stephen’s Church, Phila., Pa., 1896-1904; since then Rector of Emmanuel Church, Boston, and founder of the so-called "Emmanuel Movement" the motive of which is to bring into effective cooperation the physician and the psychologically trained clergyman with their special knowledge and aptitudes in recognizing the effects of mental states on physical states, and in an effort to improve the conditions of human life generally, a large part of the work being devoted to the sick. In conjunction with Dr. McComb he held health conferences every Wednesday evening besides giving much of his time during the week to interest those in need of moral and spiritual uplift. Author, Religious Opinions of John Locke; The Book of Genesis in the Light of Modern Knowledge; Religion and Medicine; The Living Word; The Christian Religion as a Healing Power; and Religion and Life.

Children of Elwood Worcester

X-80 Constance Rullison, b Bethlehem, Pa., July 25, 1896. Bryn Marr, 1915-17; Radcliff – Harvard, A.B., 1921. Army Nurse, then continued to run father’s rectory.
X-81 Gurden Slatonstall Rulison, b Dec. 7, 1897.
X-82 Blandina, b Geneva, NY, July 17, 1902; m Apr. 13, 1935, Carroll Harwood Brewster, b New Rochelle, NY, Aug. 15, 1888, d Mar. 26, 1952. Education: Radcliff, A.B., 1923; Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1935. Pediatrician in New York City. Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, New York University; Director of Pediatrics, New York Infirmary. Residence, New York City.
X-83 David Rulison.

No. IX-131
(Louis8, David7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Charlottesville, Va., June 18, 1863, d 1912; m Laura Davenport, Catchings, Miss., Apr. 8, 1891.

Children of Louis Harold Worcester

X-84 Mamie, b Catchings, Miss., Dec. 19, 1892; m Nov. 26, 1908, Henry Johnson.
X-85 Raymond Louis, b Catchings, Miss., June 18, 1894.
X-86 Louisiana, b Catchings, Miss., Oct. 6, 1895.

No. IX-133
(John Robinson8, David7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Covington, Ky., Mar. 26, 1873; m Walker Co., Tex., Aug. 3, 1897, Millie Olla Wiggins, d Trinity, Tex., Jan. 20, 1908.

Children of Roy Greene Worcester

X-87 Ellen May Violet, b Sept. 23, 1898, Houston Co., Tex.
X-88 Bernice Verylie, b Dec. 2, 1900, Trinity, Tex.
X-89 Bessie May, b Apr. 29, 1906, Trinity, Tex.
X-90 Bertrand William.

No. IX-134
(John Robinson8, David7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Covington, Ky., May 16, 1876; m Crocket, Houston Co., Tex., Feb. 25, 1896, Rosa Violet High.

Children of Bertrand William Worcester

X-91 Lawrence High, b Houston, Tex., Oct. 25, 1897.
X-92 Marshall Sherwood, b Trinity, Tex., Dec. 28, 1899.
X-93 Edna Gertrude, b Houston, Tex., Mar. 6, 1903.
X-94 Raymond, b Trinity, Tex., Feb. 21, 1905.
X-95 Edgar Fenton, b Mineral, Bee Co., Tex., Jan. 15, 1907.
X-96 Herbert Randolph, b Mineral, Bee Co. Tex., Sept. 5, 1908.
X-97 Harold Irwin.
X-98 Lymon Curtis, b Mineral, Bee Co., Tex., June 8, 1912.
Denver Howard.

No. IX-138
wpe9.jpg (14351 bytes)
Samuel Worcester

(Samuel H.8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Epping, NH, Feb. 5, 1847; m May 4, 1871, Martha Washington, dau Henry Adams and Dolly (Kendall) Wheeler, b Concord, Mass., Feb. 22, 1849. Physician and minister. Medical Cadet U.S.A., 1865, Harvard Medical School, 1868; Assistant Physician, Butler Hospital for the Insane, Providence, RI, 1867-69. Lecturer on Mental and Nervous Disease, Boston University, 8 years. Author of following text books: Insanity and its Treatment, Modalities. Assistant Physician, Dr. Givens Sanatorium, Stamford, Conn. Associate Superintendent, Woodscourt Sanatorium, S. Norwalk, Conn. Minister, New Church Spc. Los Angeles two and one-half years; Portland, Me., Soc. 8 years. President Conn. New Church Ass’n, 6 years, besides being active in Masonic and other circles. Noted as homeopathic alienist and specialist in nervous diseases. Fourth minister in direct line.

Children of Samuel Worcester

X-100 Samuel Howard.
X-101 Edith May
, b Burlington, Vt., Feb. 28, 1876; m 1st Feb. 14, 1897, Harry Edwards, b Liverpool, Eng., d Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 28, 1897; m 2nd Sept. 14, 1899, Guy T. Johnson of Los Angeles, b Columbus, Ind., Feb 14, 1880.
X-102 Herbert Wheeler, b Salem, Mass., Oct. 20, 1883. Residence Phoenix, Arizona.

No. IX-140
(Samuel H.8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Framingham, Mass., Apr. 1, 1851, d Peabody, Dec. 8, 1913; m Oct. 14, 1875, Nellie Augusta, dau Dr. Benjamin Franklin and Hanna Elizabeth (Merrill) Green. He grad. From Harvard Medical School, 1873; practiced medicine in Peabody, Mass. for forty years.

Children of Fitzwilliam Sargent Worcester

X-103 Howard Sargent, b Sept. 24, 1876, d Oct. 26, 1894.
X-104 Elizabeth Merrill, b Dec. 11, 1880, d Jan. 10, 1889.
X-105 Florence Washburn, b June 11, 1882.
X-106 Mildred, b May 12, 1886, d Dec. 26, 1888.
X-107 George Franklin, b Apr. 28, 1891. Graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, 1914.

No. IX-141
(Samuel H.8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Baltimore, Me., July 8, 1852, d Bridgewater, Mass., of diabetes, Aug. 15, 1911; m Lancaster, NH, Nov. 1, 1877, Emma dau of David and Mary A. Young. Dentist and farmer. Residence, Lancaster and Bridgewater.

Children of Henry Foster Worcester

X-108 Ella, b Lancaster, NH, July 16, 1878; m Dec. 25, 1902, Elmer Reed Cook of Taunton, Mass., b 1879, d 1969.

Children of Ella Cook

a. Edith, b 1915.
b. Ernest Reed Cook, b 1919; d 1985.

X-109 Mary Melcher, b Jan. 5, 1880, d Jan. 5, 1883.
X-110 Sarah Sargent, b Brifgewater, Mass., Nov. 2, 1881; m Providence, RI, Aug. 1, 1900, George William Hearn, b 1882, Foxboro, Mass., son of William H. Hearn and Florence Topliff.

Children of Sarah Sargent Hearn

a. Mary Emma, b Bridgewater, Mass., Jun 26, 1902; m Greenfield, Mass, Oct. 14, 1937, Harold Schwarz, Sr, son of Jacob and Sophia (Hess), b Mass., Nov. 21, 1902, d 1969; She d Greenfield, Mass., Oct. 23, 1983; bur. Green River Cemetery.

Children of Mary Schwarz

i. Harold, b Greenfield, MAss., Nov. 21, 1941; m Cindy Wright.

Children of Harold Schwaz

a). Kristian, b July 10, 1969.

b). Piper, b Dec. 15, 1970.


ii. Sally Ann, b Greenfield, Mass., Aug. 19, 1943; m Edward Lewis Baker on Mar. 9, 1969. He is son of Brownell Everett Baker Sr. and Lena Hamilton, b Chatham, Mass., Mar. 5, 1927; d Greenfield, Mass., Mar. 9, 1975.


Children of Sally Ann Baker


a). Jeffrey Lee, b Greenfield, Mass., Aug. 6, 1962; m Athol, Mass., JoAnn Dodge, Apr. 1989.

b). Melvin Douglas, b Mar. 25, 1965.

c). Kathleen Mary, b Aug. 18, 1966m 1st Allen Gamouche; m 2nd Michael Robbins.


Children of Katheleen Mary by 1st m.


1). Allen, b Apr.4, 1988.

2). Kritopher Edward, b Mar. 15, 1989.


Children of Katheleen Mary by 2nd m.


1). Carrisa Jo, b Nov. 9, 1997.


d). Tammy Jean, b Greenfield, Mass., Jan. 20, 1970; m Mathew King son of Rose Bennett and Larry King on Jan. 7, 1995 in Batavia, N.Y. He was b Dec. 2, 1968.


Children of Tammy Jean King


1.) Dalton Mathew, b May 17, 1997.

2.) Amber Rose, b Nov. 17, 1998.

3.) Dylan Larry, b Dec. 1, 1999.


e). Dorothy Mae, b Greenfield, Mass., Oct. 4, 1971; m Scott Raymond Bennett, son of William Raymond Bennett and Patricia Ann Hessler, b Oct. 1`, 1963, Buffalo, NY.


Children of  Dorothy Mae Bennett


1.) Korey Raymond, b Dec. 7, 1993.

2.) Kassandra Lee, b Feb. 14, 1995.


f). Debra June, b Jan. 13, 1973; m1st Aaron McKinsey; m2d Scott Simpson.


Children of  Debra June by 1st m


1.) Joshua Edward, b Apr. 30, 1992.

2.) Justin McKinsey, b May 5, 1995.

3.) Jordon Robert, b Nov. 29, 1997.


Children of  Debra June by 2d m


4.) Sky Mae, b Oct. 22, 2003.


g). Brownell Edward, b Mar. 14, 1974.


b. George, Jr., b Bridgewater, Mass., Jun. 28, 1906; d Springfield, Mass., Nov. 1969; m Margaret K. Stierle, dau of Margaret Schwarz and Carl Stierle.


 Children of George Hearn

i. Nancy Jean.

ii. Carole L.


c. Ruth, b Bridgewater, Mass., Feb. 23, 1919; d Plainfield, Mass., Dec. 28, 2006;  m Dec. 1, 1943, Newell Stimson, b May 7, 1920, d Jan. 26, 206


 Children of Ruth Stimson.


i. Judy, b Plainfield, Mass., Dec. 4, 1947m Dec. 30, 1971 to Dennis Gould in Charlemont, Mass.


 Children of Judy Gould.


a).  Philip, m Belinda Roberts, on May 11, 1991, in Haydenville, Mass.
b).  Heather, m Michael Palmer, Sept. 16, 2006 in Plainfield, Mass.


d. Florence, b Foxborough, Mass., Sep. 27, 1923, d Mar. 10, 2005, m Robert O. Underwood, son of William H. Underwood and Edith ___. He d Dec. 1, 1943.


 Children of Florence Underwood.

i. Robert C.

ii. Warren W.

iii Benjamin A.

iv. Sarah E., m Auguslynidk.

v. Krystal M., m Fitzgerald.

vi Elizabeth J., d at young age.


e. Shirley, b Bridgewater, Mass., Apr. 19, 1925; d Norman, OK., Jan. 12, 2011; m John Robert Dymtryk.


Children of Shirley Dymtryk.

i. John.

ii. Peter.

X-111 Jennie Washburn, b Dec. 11, 1883; m Bridgewater, Dec. 17, 1904, Clifford Warren White Davis of Middleboro, Mass.

Children of Jennie Washburn Davis

    1. George Everett, b Bridgewater, Mass.
    2. Emmas Frances, b Bridgewater, Mass.
    3. Clifford Stanley, b Middleboro, Mass.
    4. Charles Herbert, b Middleboro, Mass.
    5. Rodney Frederick, b Bridgewater, Mass.
X-112 Henry Foster Oct. 30, 1885; m Bridgewater, Dec. 4, 1910, Christine McGilory of Roxbury, Mass.
X-113 David.
X-114 Emma, b Mar. 7, 1889, May 26, 1898.
X-115 Elizabeth Howard, b Mar. 9, 1892, d Aug. 5, 1893.
X-116 Ernest Ellsworth, b Mar. 17, 1894, d Apr. 7, 1894.
X-117 Mildred Adelaide, b Dec. 15, 1898.

No. IX-148
(Samuel H8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Gloucester, Mass., May 3, 1864; m Nov. 14, 1889, Anna Jackson Lowe, dau Lewis G. and Joanna Jackson Lowe of Boston, Mass. Homeopathic Physician. Residence, Portland, Oregon.

Children of John Fonerden Worcester

X-118 John Fonerden, b Dec. 6, 1890, Clinton, Mass.
X-119 Dorothy, b Aug. 18, 1895, Clinton, Mass.
X-120 Howard Gates, b Jan. 24, 1899, d Mar. 9, 1900, Clinton, Mass.

No. IX-171
(Francis8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b E. Bridgewater, Mass., Mar. 10, 1852, d Kirkwood, Mo., June 28, 1901; m Oct. 20, 1873, Ada K. Bailey, d Kirkwood, Mo., Oct. 14, 1908. Merchant.

Children of Francis Worcester

X-121 Ada Gertrude, b Oct. 11, 1874, Boston, Mass.; m 1st Jan. 10, 1874, James Henry Thomas of St. Louis, Mo.; m 2nd James Bradford.

Children of Ada Gertrude Thomas

(a) Francis Leonard, b St. Louis, Mo., Mar. 17, 1895.

No. IX-172
(Francis8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Jan. 29, 1855, Bridgewater, Mass., d Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 29, 1929; m 1st Wollaston, Mass., Apr. 24, 1878, Jane Tunis, dau Dr. Winthrop & Elizabeth (Browne) Sargent, b Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 28, 1856, d Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 14, 1913; m 2nd Sebring, Oh., Nov. 27, 1914, Anna Josephine Jones, b July 4, 1878, d California. In 1870 he began working for the Chapman Valve Company in Boston as a salesman. In 1875, he started work as a salesman with the National Tube Works Company. He was first Vice-President of the National Tube Company, one of the subsidiary companies of the National Steel Corp. He was a generous and public spirited citizen. Manufacturer. Residence, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Children of Edward Worcester

X-122 Edward.
X-123 Abby Keith, b Newton, Mass., Aug. 12, 1881, d Sept. 5, 1967 in Cohasset, Mass.; m Apr. 2, 1907, Dr. John Birchard May of Newton, Mass., b Aug. 8, 1876, d Dec. 1, 1963 in Cohasset, Mass. She graduated Vassar College, 1903. Residence, Waban, Mass.

Children of Abby Keith May

(a)     John Bichard, b Feb. 27, 1908, Duxbury , Mass.; m 1st Brockton, Mass., Feb. 3, 1941, Thalia Keith, b Brockton, Mass., July 3, 1917; m 2nd Portsmouth, NH, Nov. 7, 1959, Susan Norton-Taylor, b June 27, 1930, Orange, NJ.

Children of John Richard May by first marriage

    (1)    Abigail Keith, b Nov. 14, 1943, North Conway, NH
    (2)    Hastings Keith, b June 26, 1943, Brockton, Mass.
    (3)    Fitzwilliam Hastings, b Jan. 2, 1945, Brockton, Mass.
    (4)    Carolyn Worcester, b Sept. 1, 1948, North Conway, NH; m May 2, 1970, George Stanley Parker, b May 14, 1944.

Children of Carolyn Worcester Parker

    a-    Andrea Parker, b Brunswick, Me., Nov. 3, 1972.
    b-    Melissa Parker, b Brunswick, Me., Jan. 30, 1976

(5)    Samuel Sears, b North Conway, NH, Aug. 8, 1952.

      Children of John Richard May by second marriage

    (6)    Scott Duncan, b Portsmouth, NH, Oct. 18, 1960, d Little Compton, RI, Apr. 19, 1968.
    (7)    Joan Andrea, b Fall River, Mass., July 30, 1962.
    (8)    Nathaniel Sears, b Fall River, Mass., Oct. 9, 1964.
    (9)    John Bichard, b Fall River, Mass., Oct. 17, 1966.
    (10)    Edward Scott, b Fall River, Mass., July 10, 1969.

(b)    Edward Worcester, b Duxbury, Mass., Jan. 12, 1910, d Corrales, NM, Jan. 6 2000; m 1st Mary Lott, Atlanta, Georgia; m2d Mary Ethel Jennings, b Mar. 17, 1934

Children of Edward Worcester May and Mary Lott

    (1)    Edward Worcester.

    Children of Edward Worcester May and Mary Jennings

    (2)     John May, stillborn.
    (3)    Robert Nichard May, b Aug. 23, 1960; m1st Albuquerque, NM, 1982, Karen Fisk, divorced; m2d Corvallis, OR., July, 2000, Carolee Clark.
    (4)    Jeannie Sears May, b Albuquerque, NM, Sept. 28, 1963; m Robert James Vesely, Jr., Alamagordo, NM, Nov. 1988.

    Children of Jeannie Sears May Vesely

    (A)    Amber Lynn, b Santa Barbara, Calif., Aug. 15, 1989.
    (B)    Adam Michael Vesely, b Santa Barbara, Calif., Sept. 30, 1994.

(c)    Willard Rogers, b Waban, Mass., Aug. 5, 1912; m Brookline, Mass., May 5, 1942, Eleanor Hyland O’Brien, b Boston, Mass., Feb. 16, 1911, d Cohasset, Mass., Mar. 20, 1979

Children of Willard Rogers May

(1)    Madeline Hyland, b McKinney, Tex., July 11, 1944; m Scituate, Mass., June 19, 1971, Robert Gibson Eakin, b Shaker Heights, NY.

Children of Madeline Hyland Eakin

a-    Geoffrey Gibson, b New York City, Oct. 1, 1975.

(d)    Richard Tunis, b Ashland, NH, June 24, 1915; m Collingswood, NJ, June 10, 1946, Mae Francis Fowler, b Washington, DC, Dec. 14, 1919.

Children of Richard Tunis May

(1)    Susan Virginia, b North Conway, NH, May 25, 1947; m Jackson, NH, May 10, 1969, James B. Sumrall, b Glade Water, Tex., Apr. 19, 1946.

Children of Susan Virginia Sumrall

a-    Kristin, b Boston, Mass., Mar. 26, 1972.
b-    Mischa, b Boston, Mass., June 9, 1975.

(2)    Mariane Rose, b Conway, NH, June 3, 1953; m Marblehead, Mass., Sept. 18, 1976, Laurence Bates Willard, b Salem, Mass., Dec. 31, 1950.

Children of Mariane Rose Willard

a- Ashley Lauren, b Salem, Mass., July 16, 1978.

X-124 Winthrop Sargent.
X-125 Katherine Browne
, b Evanston, Ill., Aug. 26, 1885, d Pittsburgh, Pa., May 28, 1972; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 5, 1911, Joseph Walker Kennedy, b Latrobe, Pa., Dec. 16, 1884, d Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 28, 1950. She graduated from Vassar College, 1907. He graduated Yale University, 1905.

Children of Katherine Browne Kennedy

(a)    Joseph Walker, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 14, 1912; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 4, 1935, Flora Jane dau Albert Mills and Florence Nusser Harper, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 21, 1913. Yale University, 1932. Steel Company President.

Children of Joseph Walker Kennedy

(1)    Elizabeth Page, b Pittsburgh, Pa., July 9, 1938; m 1st July, 1958, Robert Thompson, (divorced); m 2nd Warren, Oh., Sept. 16, 1967, James Mackin Nesbit (divorced). Education, Sarah Lawrence College, B.A., 1960; Connecticut Wesleyan College, M.A.T., 1962; Ohio State University, Ph.D., 1964; University of Washington, Seattle, J.D. Assistant Attorney General of the State of Alaska.

(2)    Joseph Walker, b Pittsburgh, Pa., May 8, 1940; m Pittsburgh, Pa., July 10, 1965, Elizabeth Kaye Jones, b Monaca, Pa., Apr. 9, 1943. Education, Ashland College, B.S., 1965.

Children of Joseph Walker Kennedy

    1. Joseph Walker, b Hinsdale, Ill., Apr. 30, 1969

(3)    Thomas Harper, Youngstown, Oh., June 2, 1946; m 1st Alexandria, Ky., June 29, 1968, Susan Claire Braun; m 2nd Portland Ore., Nov. 24, 1973, Karla Jean Schaber. Education, Ashland College, B.S. 1968. Naval Flight Instructor during Vietnam War at Pensacola and Corpus Christie, Tex. Vice-President, Distribution and Sales, Mangelsen and Sons, Omaha, Neb.

Children of Thomas Harper Kennedy by first marriage

a-    Amy Lynne, b Corpus Christi, Tex., Jan. 8, 1971, BME, University of Kentucky, MM, MA, University of Kentucky, PhD in music theory from University of Indiana; m July 13, 1996, Timothy Carl Engelsdorfer, b July 25, 1965, Dearborn, Mich, Truman State University. He is a radio research analyst. .

Children of Thomas Harper Kennedy by second marriage

b- Ashley Page, b Omaha, Neb., Sept. 30, 1979.

(b)    Jane, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 1, 1914; m Pittsburgh, Pa., July 27, 1935, John Charles Ferguson, b Oakmont, Pa., Feb. 29, 1912.

Children of Jane Ferguson

    (1)    John Charles, b Charlottesville, Va., Apr. 25, 1938; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 7, 1967, Carol Eve Skarda, b Dec. 24, 1940, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Children of John Charles Ferguson

    a-    Elizabeth Katherine, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 11, 1968
    b-    Courtney Worcester, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 26, 1971
    c-    John Charles, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 19, 1972.
    d-    Andrew William, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 17, 1977.

    (2)    Edward Worcester, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 30, 1939; m Roxbury, NY, Sept. 28, 1968, Carol Ann Cartwright, b Margaretville, NY, Nov. 27, 1945.

Children of Edward Worcester Ferguson

    a-    Lynn Carol, b Albany, NY, Feb. 14, 1971.
    b-    Mark Worcester, b Albany, NY, July 4, 1973.

    (3)    Penelope Jane, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 19, 1941; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 18, 1965, William O’Neil Hunt.

Children of Penelope Jane Hunt

    a-    Jane O’Neil, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 16, 1996.
    b-    Joshua O’Neil, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 20, 1972.       

    (4)    David Bruce, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 1, 1947.
    (5)    Judith Anne, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 16, 1948; m Chicago, Ill., Mar. 24, 1979, James Steele Mahan, b Oct. 18, 1950, Helena, Ark.

(c)    Worcester, b Oct. 2, 1915, d Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 28, 1916.
(d)    Winthrop Sargent, b Oct. 2, 1915, Pittsburgh, Pa. Attended University of Missouri. Salesman and repairman at Toro Lawn Center, Kansas City, Mo.
(e)    Taylor Linn, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 1, 1920; m Boston, Mass., June 23, 1943, Jane Scamell Cloud, b Chicago, Ill., Aug. 5, 1920.

Children of Taylor Linn Cloud

    (1)    Catherine Kennedy, b Boston, Mass., May 18, 1947.
    (2)    Taylor Linn, b Chicago, Ill., Jan. 27, 1955.

(f)    Katherine Worcester, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 28, 1921; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 14, 1945, George William Williams, b Bridgeport, Conn., Nov. 3, 1917. She graduated Wheaton College, B.A., 1943. He graduated Brown University, 1940. Captain in Coast Artillery in Hawaii during World War II. Discharged with rank of Captain at wars end.

Children of Katherine Worcester Williams

    (1)    Leslie Hand, b Pittsburgh, Pa., June 18, 1947. University of Missouri, B.A., 1970; M.A., 1986. Elementary school teacher.
    (2)    Robert George Hand, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. 10, 1950; m St. Joseph, Mo., Oct. 14, 1977, Meleea Sue Stockton, b Maysville, Mo., Nov. 16, 1953.

Children of Robert George Hand Williams

    a-    Kindsey Sue, b North Platte, Neb., May 24, 1953.
    b-    Joseph Thompson, b North Platte, Neb., Aug. 21, 1981.
    c-    Whitney Lee, Flourissant, Mo., Jan. 21, 1987.

(3)     George William, b Kansas City, Mo., Apr. 5, 1963; m Kansas City, Mo., May 17, 1985, Lisa Marie dau Richard & Roberta Jean (Moad) Walter, b Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 12, 1960. Graduated Rockhurst College Research Hospital School of Nursing, B.S. 1984. Registered nurse.

(g)    Abigail Worcester, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 3, 1923; m 1st Pittburgh, Pa., June 17, 1950, Charles Kenneth Bryant, b Newton, Mass, Jan. 20, 1921; m 2nd Warwick, RI, Sept. 2, 1967, Robert John Merrill, b Brighton, Mass, Apr. 28, 1926.

Children of Abigail Worcester by first marriage

    (1)    Richard Keith, b Needham, Mass., Oct. 5, 1954.

      Children of Abigail Worcester by second marriage

    (2)    David Alan, b Providence, RI, Apr. 16, 1968.

X-126 Francis.
X-127 Elizabeth Byrd
, b Sept. 28, 1891, Kewanee, Ill., d Ormond Beach, Fla., Dec. 17, 1974, Graduated Vassar College, 1913; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 12, 1915, Dale Robert Mason, b Oct. 14, 1886, Allegheny, Pa., d Gary, Ind., Aug. 27, 1953.

Children of Elizabeth Byrd Mason

(a)    Katherine Worcester, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 9, 1917; m Beaver Falls, Pa., Sept. 19, 1939, Charles Eugene Blandford, b New Albany, Ind., Sept. 5, 1916.

Children of Katherine Worcester Blandford

    (1)    Charles Mason, Los Angeles, Calif., May 1, 1941; m Los Angeles, Aug. 4, 1968, Eileen Carol Laub, b Los Angeles, Oct. 16, 1946.

Children of Charles Mason Blandford

    a-    Amy Rebecca, b Newport Beach, Cal., Dec. 10, 1971.
    b-    Jason Alan, b Newport Beach, Cal., Jan. 23, 1974

    (2)    John Richard, b Los Angeles, Apr. 26, 1944; m Pensacola, Fla., Feb. 23, 1968, Silvia Jinny Ioppa, b Torrance, Cal., Aug. 12, 1946.

      Children of John Richard Blandford

a-    Christopher David, b Redondo Beach, Cal., Mar. 13, 1975.

(3)    Elizabeth, b Arlington, Va., Sept. 19, 1952; m Occidental, Cal., June 14, 1980, Larry Richard Borgo, b Sept. 23, 1953. Divorced August, 1981.

(b)    Ella McCargo, g Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 11, 1918; m Elwood City, Pa., Oct. 18, 1941, Frank Hayes Hickman, b Blackheath, Kent, England, Mar. 8, 1909,d Dec. 29, 1983 (bur. Near Durango, Colo.). She graduated Vassar College, B.A., 1940. He graduated University of Cambridge, B.A., 1930; M.A., 1949. University professor of economics and business courses. Became a U.S. citizen while serving with U.S. Air Corps in El Paso, Tex., 1944. Taught at University of Idaho before retiring in 1965.

Children of Ella McCargo Hickman

    (1)    Prudence, b Denver, Colo., Sept. 19, 1942; m 1st Ormond Beach, Fla., Jan. 2, 1967, Peter Beckh, b Calif., Oct. 24, 1942; m 2nd Albuquerque, NM, July 19, 1986, Walter Brooke Bergland, b May 27, 1953. She graduated Pomona College, B.A., 1964; Our Lady of the Lake College, M.A., Library Sciences, 1971; University of New Mexico, M.A., 1980. Counselor in family and children’s services, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    (2)    Mark Hayes, b New Castle, Pa.; m Denver, Colo., Jan. 16, 1972, Karen Gross, b Sept. 9, 1946. He graduated University of Wyoming, B.A., 1968. Self employed builder, carpenter, ski instructor.

(c)    Elizabeth Sargent, b Pittsburgh, Pa., May 6, 1921; m 1st Washington, DC, Aug. 14, 1945, Merton Grubbs; m 2nd Chicago, Ill., May 16, 1949, Sheldon Garber, b Minneapolis, Minn., July 21, 1920; divorced May 12, 1983. Vassar College, B.A., 1943. Editor McDougal, Little & Co. (textbook company).

Children of Elizabeth Sergent by first marriage

(1) Robert Michael, b New Castle, Pa., May 13, 1946. Librarian, National Press Club, Washington, DC.

Children of Elizabeth Sergent by second marriage

(2) Daniel Mason, b Chicago, Ill., Mar. 26, 1957. Architect. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
(3) Sarah Sargent, b Chicago, Ill., May 12, 1958. Biochemist at Stanford University.

X-128 Malcolm Keith, b Dec. 28, 1893, Chicago, Ill., d Rockland, Me., July 6, 1935.

No. IX-173
(Francis8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b E. Bridgewater, Mass., Mar. 15, 1859, d Aurora, Ill., Jan. 23, 1934; m 1st Jan. 15, 1890, Elizabeth Browne Sargent, dau of Dr. Winthrop and Elizabeth Browne Sargent of Philadelphia, Pa., b Oct. 6, 1863, d Apr. 10, 1890, St. Louis, Mo.; m 2nd Aug. 11, 1895, in Yorkville, Minn., Minnie Goddard, b Apr. 20, 1867, Yorkville, Minn., dau of James A. and Phoebe Wilber Goddard. Studied law as a special student at Harvard College, 1878-79 and with Judge Andrew P. Wiswell, later Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Court. Admitted to Maine Bar in October, 1880.

No. IX-183
(Benjamin8, Thomas7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Waltham, Mass., June 22, 1855; m Portland, Ore., Oct. 19, 1886, Elizabeth Joy, dau Rev. Thomas Hill, D.D., ex-President of Harvard College and Anne (Bellows) Hill. Harvard Univ., A.B., 1878; A.M., 1881; M.D., 1883; founder in 1885 and President of Waltham Training School for Nurses; Physician to Elliot City Hospital, Keene, NH, staring in 1898. In 1883 he became fellow of the Mass. Med. Society, of which he was the censor, 1887-1890; Orator in 1895; Councilor since 1890. He was Pres. of the Obstetrical Soc. of Boston, 1899-1900, and President of the Harvard Medical Alumni Ass’n, 1906-1909; Chairman of the Waltham Board of Health, 1885, 1886, and 1894; member of the School Committee, 1891; Trustee of the Mass. Hospital for Consumptives, 1895-1899. Publications: Monthly Nursing; Training Schools for Nurses in Small Cities; Small Hospitals; besides various articles in medical journals. Physician. Residence, Waltham, Mass.

No. IX-185
(Benjamin8, Thomas7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Waltham, Mass., May 9, 1860, d May 9, 1943; m Jan. 2, 1889, Alice Jeannette Wheeler, b Lincoln, Mass., Jan. 3, 1859. A.B., Harvard, 1882. He was an engineer for Boston Bridge Works from 1882 to 1894. Afterwards he was in private practice in Boston making a specialty of the design of bridges and other steel structures and masonry. He designed the train shed, South Station, Boston, a large part of the elevated structure of Boston Elevated Railway, including the concrete arch bridge over Charles River, and the second longest arch bridge in America, over the Connecticut River at Bellows Falls, Vt. He served as an expert witness in numerous important legal cases. He was a member of many societies of engineers, of a visiting committee of the Board of Overseers of Harvard University, and the New Church Institute of Education; a Trustee of Waltham Hospital and Waltham Savings Bank; connected with various business and educational organizations in Waltham and vicinity. Civil Engineer. Residence, Waltham.

Children of Joseph Ruggles Worcester

X-129 Alice Martha, b Waltham, Mass., Nov. 28, 1889; m Sept. 16, 1916, Clarence Decatur Howe, b Waltham, Mass., Jan. 15, 1885, d Dec. 31, 1959. She graduated Smith College, B.A., 1912. He was Minister of the Crown in Canada for 20 years. Residences, Waltham, Mass., Port Arthur, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Children of Alice Martha Howe

(a)    Williams Hastings, b Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 26, 1922; m 1st Aug. 20, 1944, Susan Ann Kenny; m 2nd Oct. 14, 1972, Joan Warlow Wall, b London, Eng., Feb. 9, 1923. Attended (1 yr.) Bishop’s College School, Kings College, Halifax, NS. Business consultant. Royal Canadian Navy, 1940-64. Retired with the rank of Commander.

Children of William Hastings Howe

(1)    Susan Alice, b June 14, 1944.
(2)    Jayne Kenny, b Apr. 14, 1947.
(3)    Clarence Decatur, b June 1, 1951.
(4)    Gordon William, b June 12, 1957.

(b)    Elisabeth, b Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 7, 1923; m June 8, 1946, Robert William Stedman, b Ottawa, Ontario, Sept. 24, 1922. McGill University, B.S., 1945. Residences, Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Children of Elisabeth Stedman

(1)    Robin Mary, b May 31, 1947.
(2)    Charles Ernest, b Mar. 26, 1949.
(3)    William Richard, b Dec. 30, 1951.
(4)    George Frederick, b July 27, 1955.

(c)    John Worcester, b Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 11, 1925; m May 1, 1948, Kathleen Cornell, b Montreal, Canada, Dec. 17, 1924. McGill University, B. Eng., 1947; M. Eng., 1955. Residences, Ottawa, Port Arthur, Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. Engineer.

Children of John Worcester Howe

(1)    Marguerite, June 1, 1949.
(2)    Patricia, b Nov. 27, 1950.
(3)    Thomas Cornell, b Dec. 22, 1953.

(d)    Barbara, b Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, May 2, 1927; m 1st Dec. 23, 1946, John Marshall Stewart, b Regina, Sas., Mar. 24, 1924; m 2nd Apr. 13, 1968, Kenric Rudolphus Marshall, b Mar. 21, 1915, Winipeg, Manitoba. Residences, Ottawa, Victoria, B.C., Halifax, N.S., Calgary, and Toronto.

Children of Barbara Stewart

(1)    Robert Gordon, b Oct. 1, 1947.
(2)    John Marshall, b July 10, 1949.

(e)    Mary Jeannette, b Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 20, 1928; m Sept. 18, 1928, James Dane Dodge, b Newburyport, Mass., Oct. 15, 1921. She attended Radcliff College.

Children of Mary Jeannette Dodge

(1)    Barbara Ellen.
(2)    James Howe
(3)    Peter Bryan
(4)    John Worcester
(5)    William Dane
(6)    Nancy Elizabeth
(7)    Martha Alice

X-130 John David, b Waltham, Mass, May 24, 1891, d Jan. 4, 1892.
X-131 Barbara, b Waltham, Mass., Apr. 25, 1893, m Apr. 4, 1916, Charles Terrel Porter, d Apr. 19, 1945. He graduated University of Alabama,, 1909; University of Virginia, M.D., 1912. He was a Lt. in the Medical Corp., British Army and Major in the U.S. Medical Corp. during the First World War.

Children of Barbara Porter

(a)    Terrel, b Waltham, Mass., Nov. 30, 1922, m Mar. 11, 1944, Henry Ernest Cooper III, b Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 19, 1922. Waltham School for Girls, 1939; Ashley Hill H.S., 1940; Radcliff College, A.B., 1944.

Children of Terrel Cooper III

(1)    Henry Ernest, b Waltham, Mass., May 18, 1945. Belmont H.S., 1964; Lake Forest College, 1968. U.S. Navy, 1965-68.
(2)    Charles Terrell, b Waltham, Mass., May 31, 1950. Belmont H.S., Hobart College, Geneva, NY, B.A., 1972.

X-132 Thomas.
X-133 Ruth Hunt
, b Waltham, Mass., July 2, 1898. Smith College, A.B., 1920

No. IX-191
(Francis8, Thomas7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Waltham, Mass., Aug. 16, 1859; m Jan. 1, 1900, Ethel, dau of William and Emma (Warren) Burnham, Philadelphia, Sept. 28, 1872, d Intervale, NH, Nov. 18, 1912. A.B., Harvard, 1881; grad. N. Ch. Theol. Sch., 1885; Ass’t. Pastor of Philadelphia N. Ch. Soc., 1885-1894; Pastor, 1894-1911; Pres. N. Ch. Theol. Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1908; Minister of Cambridge Soc. of the New Church, 1911; President of the New Church Theological School, Cambridge, Mass., 1908; General Pastor of the Pa. Association, 1899-1911; General Pastor of the Mass. Ass’n.; President of the General Convention of the Church of New Jerusalem. Rev. W.L. Worcester was the fourth minister in direct line. He accompanied his father on a journey to Egypt and Palestine, 1881-2. In 1904 he published On Holy Ground, Bible Stories with Pictures of the Holy Lands. He has also published several books entitled, Sower Notes together with sermons in the Helper and religious papers in the New Church Review.
wpe5.jpg (22027 bytes)
William Loring Worcester

Children of William Loring Worcester

X-134 Margaret, b Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 24, 1901; m Sept. 9, 1926, Horace Wilkinson Briggs, b Sept. 29, 1899, Providence, RI. Vassar College, A.B., 1923. He was a minister of the Church of the New Jerusalem. Residences, Philadelphia, Pa., Cambridge, Mass., Lakewood, Oh., Washington, DC, Newtonville, Mass., Fryberg, Me.

Children of Margaret Briggs

(a)    Jean Louise, b Washington, DC, May 28, 1929. Pierce School, W. Waltham, Mass., Chapel Hill School, Waltham, Mass.; Beaver Country Day School, Chestnut Hill, Mass.; Vassar College, A.B., 1951; Boston University, M.A., 1960; Howard University, Ph.D., 1967. Has spent a number of years living with Eskimos in western, central, and eastern Arctic (Alaska and Canada). Author of Never in Anger: Portrait of an Eskimo Family. Author of a number of articles on Eskimo psychology and related topics.
(b)    William Worcester, b Washington, DC, Dec. 8, 1930; m Feb. 7, 1953, Jean Webster, b N. Conway, NH, Feb. 5, 1935. Pierce Schools, W. Waltham, Mass., Rivers Country Day School, Chestnut Hill, Mass, University of Maine, 1953. Draftsman.

Children of William Worcester Briggs

(1)    William David, b Dec. 11, 1953.
(2)    Rebecca Jean, b Oct. 4, 1955.

(c)    Horace Wilkinson, b Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 5, 1933; m June 10, 1955, Mary Ann Thiergartner, b Milford Center, Oh., Mar. 4, 1933. Oberlin College, A.B., 1955; Yale University, M.A., 1961; Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, M.A., 1962; M.A.L.D., 1963, Ph.D., 1964. College professor. Residences, Washington, Conn., Newtonville, Mass., Freyberg, Me., Taiwan, Oberlin, Oh., New Haven, Conn., Cambridge, Mass., Burlington, Vt., Hayward, Calif., Los Angeles, Calif.
(d)    Margaret Ethel, b W. Newton, Mass., June 10, 1938; m Aug. 28, 1957, Charles William Heffernan, b E. Waterboro, Mass., Jan. 11, 1929. Oberlin College; University of Michigan School of Music, Mus.B. 1960.Piano and flute teacher, professor of music, church organist and choir director. Residences, Newtonville, Mass, Freyberg, Me.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Bothell, Wash.; Seattle, Wash.; Rochester, Mich.; Tempe, Ariz.; Phoenix, Ariz.

X-135 Elizabeth, b Philadelphia, Pa., May 22, 1903, d Sept. 15, 1971; m May 22, 1928, George Burnham Beaman, Jr., b Waltham, Mass., Aug. 13, 1905. Buckingham School, Cambridge, Mass.; Radcliff College, A.B., 1924. Concert singer, manager at consignment shop. He graduated Harvard College, S.B., 1927; Harvard Medical School, M.D., 1933. He was a Major in the AS Air Force Medical Corp. Residences, Newton, Mass., Stamford, Conn., Wellesley Hills, Mass., Cohasset, Mass., New London, NH.

Children of Elisabeth Beaman

(a)    George Burnham, b Boston, Mass., Apr. 9, 1929; m Dec. 15, 1951, Meredith Ackerman, b Aug. 23, 1929; Darien, Conn., H.S., New York College of Music. She was a professional singer. She was President of Women’s Fellowship, North Hampton United Church of Christ, Congregational. He attended Colorado College and Columbia University. Professional Senior Outside Salesman, Harvey Hubbell Comp., Bridgeport, Conn.

Children of George Burnham Beaman

(1)    Peter Demarest, graduated from Philips-Exeter Academy, 1972; Mass. Inst. of Technology, B.S. Electrical Engineering.
(2)    Richard Bancroft, b Waltham, Mass., June 28, 1909; m Mar. 12, 1944, Jeanne Hays, b Oct. 7, 1919, San Francisco, Calif. Exeter, 1928; Harvard university, S.B., Union Theological Seminary, B.D., 1935; Graduate studies at University of California at Berkeley and MIT, 1949. Artist, professor of painting and sculpture, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa.

(b)    Constance, b Boston, Mass., Apr. 8, 1931; m June 20, 1953, Robert Bannon Dugan, b Apr. 21, 1931, Rochester, Pa. Westminster College, B.Mus.Ed., 1953. He graduated Westminster College, B.Ad., 1953; Syracuse University, L.L.B., 1958; Boston University, M. in Taxation, 1961. He was an attorney with the U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service.

Children of Constance Dugan

(1)    Carol Elizabeth.
(2)    Amy Lorraine.
(3)    Jennifer Ann.

(c)    Barbara Elizabeth, b Boston, Mass., May 18, 1941; m Apr. 4, 1970, Michael George Manoogian, b Milford, Mass., Nov. 5, 1940. Boston University, B.FA, 1963. Theater, music and stage productions. Minister in Church of Scientology. Singer with New York Opera, Carnegie Hall, New York Philharmonic. Has been on professional tour with Paul Mauriot throughout the United States.

X-136 Persis, b Philadelphia, Pa., October 16, 1905, d Sept. 13, 1950; m Oct. 17, 1931, William Llew son Amos Leslie and Eva (Ballinger) Rogers, b Plain City, Oh., July 27, 1904. Mt. Holyoke, B.A., 1927. He graduated Ohio Wesleyan, B.A., 1926; Boston University, S.T.B., and S.T.M., 1931. They traveled extensively in 1932-33 in the near east and India during which time they produced Padre Sahib, believed to be the first dramatic motion picture on foreign missions. This led to Mr. Rogers career as a specialist in visual education for churches and church schools.

Children of Persis Rogers

(a)    William Leslie, b Mar. 27, 1934. Ohio Wesleyan, B.A., 1955; Case Western University, Ph.D. in nuclear physics, 1968. Professor in nuclear medicine at the University of Michigan.

Children of William Leslie Rogers

(1)    Virginia Ellen.
(2)    Helen Elizabeth
(3)    Katherine

(b)    John Worcester, b June 24, 1937. Residence , Madeira Beach, Fla.
(c)    Nancy Ballinger, b Nov. 2, 1940. Graduated from Westminster College, 1962. Residence, Largo, Fla.
(d)    Persis Helen, b White Plains, N.Y., Aug. 7, 1944; m Richard Dodge Granger, Sept. 1, 1966, b New Rochelle, N.Y., Mar. 22, 1942. He grad. Alfred State Tech, AAS, 1964. She grad., University of Mass., 1967; SUNY, Plattsburgh, MST, 1992. She is the author of Adirondack Gold (Beaver Meadow Plublishing, 2003); editor, Shared Stories from Daughters of Alzheimer's, Universe, 2004.

Children of Persis Helen Granger

(1)    Robin Elizabeth, b Northampton, Mass., Apr. 1, 1966.
(2)    Laurel Ann, b Northampton, Mass., Apr. 29, 1970

X-137 Warren Burnham.
X-138 John.

No. IX-205
(Samuel Augustus8, John Newton7, Jesse6, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, NH, Sept. 6, 1872; m Hollis, NH, Nov. 16, 1899, Florence May Tenney, b June 28, 1877, at the Tenney Homestead. Residence, Hollis, NH. Farmer and miller.

Children of Charles Frederick Worcester

X-139 Elizabeth Tenney, b Sept. 18, 1900, Hollis, NH., d Sept. 6, 1872; m Mar. 15, 1934, Albert Freeman Parker, b Oct. 28, 1910, Pepperell, Mass. He graduated from the University of Maine, B.A., 1932.

Children of Elizabeth Tenney Parker

(a)    Susan Cutter, b June 25, 1936, Hollis, NH; m Dec. 17, 1960, Peter Fleming Cobleigh, b Melrose, Mass., Nov. 28, 1936. She graduated from the University of Michigan, B.A., 1958. He graduated Northeatern University, B.A., 1958. He was a Major in the U.S. Army Signal Corp.

Children of Susan Cutter Cobleigh

(1)    Deborah Ann, b Aug. 31, 1961, Monmouth, NJ
(2)    Mark Fleming Christian, b July 7, 1964, Chinon, France.

X-140 Helen Day, b Hollis, NH, Sept. 2, 1902, Hollis, NH; m Feb. 22, 1921, Harry Howe Bell, b Sept. 10, 1896; Colby Junior College; automobile dealer. She was a Representative in the NH legislature; would have run for the Senate but poor health prevented it.

Children of Helen Day Bell

(a)    Nancy, b June 19, 1925; m Mar. 30, 1945, William Bliden. He was a Major in the U.S. Army during World War II; also a member of the OSS

Children of Nancy Bliden

(1)    Fredericka, b Nashua, NH, Sept. 2, 1946; m June 6, 1970, Kurt Nathaniel Olson, b Nov. 27, 1939, Nashua, NH. She graduated from Leland Powers School of Theater. She was a TV and radio copywriter. He graduated with B.S. in hydrology; M.S.F. in forestry. Director of the Beaver Brook Association.

Children of Fredericka Olson

a-    Hans Fletcher, b Aug. 16, 1972.

(b)    Martha, b Nashua, NH, Aug. 17, 1931; m Samuel Rogers, Nov. 30, 1963, b Newton, Mass., Jan. 7, 1932. She graduated Jackson College, University of New Hampshire, B.A. He graduated Choate School; Tufts University.

Children of Martha Rogers

(1)    Joseph Howe, b June 26, 1967

X-141 Franklin Augustus.

No. IX-211
(Henry Parker8, Henry Aiken7, Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Norfolk, Va., June 23, 1879; m NY City, Nov. 2, 1912, Mabel Leighton Hunter. He was two years at Mass. Inst. of Tech. Graduated West Point, M.A., 1904. Honor graduate Coast Artillery School, 1908. Graduate advanced course Coast Artillery School, 1909. Captain Coast Artillery Corp., U.S. Army.

No. IX-226
Samuel Austin Worcester Hattie Alice Moheing
Samuel Austin Worcester Hattie Alice Mohring

(Leonard8, Samuel Austin7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Cincinnati, Oh., Oct. 16, 1861; m July 26, 1890, Hattie Alice Mohring, b Oct. 26, 1872. Residence, Victor, Colo. Consulting mechanical engineer. Family Pictures

Children of Samuel Austin Worcester

X-142 Harold Sidney.
X-143 Mabel Estelle
, b Mar. 5, 1893, d June 5, 1904.
X-144 Samuel Austin, b May 19, 1894.
X-145 Carrie Anita, b May 17, 1896.
X-146 Leonard Fisher.

No. IX-227
(Leonard8, Samuel Austin7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Dayton, Ky., Aug. 26, 1863; m Mar. 2, 1889, Bernice Gertrude Beede, b June 14, 1868. Residence, Chihuahua, Mexico. Assayer and chemist.

Children of Leonard Worcester

X-147 Herbert Frankland, b Oct. 7, 1889; m El Paso, Tex., Sept. 4, 1913, Phoebe Marie Sheridan. Residence, Mogollon, NM. Electrical engineer.
X-148 Arthur Worthington, b July 19, 1891.
X-149 Amy, b May 31, 1893, d Oct. 9, 1896.
X-150 Richard, b Apr. 25, 1897.
X-151 Barbara, b Sept. 18, 1900.

No. IX-232
(John Hopkins8, John Hopkins7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b S. Orange, NJ, Apr. 14, 1876; m Oct. 12, 1909, Norwich, Conn., Mary, dau George and Lucy (Loring) Greenman. A.B., Princeton, 1896; B.D., Hartford Theo. Sem., 1901; Berlin University, 1901-2; taught at Princeton Preparatory School and Princeton University, 1896-98; Ass’t Pastor Broadway Congregational Church, Norwich, Conn., 1903-6; Pastor of same, 1906. He is the fourth minister in direct line. Residence, Norwich, Conn.

Children of Edward Strong Worcester

X-152 Richard Lyman.

No. IX-234
(John Hopkins8, John Hopkins7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b S. Orange, NJ, Dec. 29, 1879; m Merrimac, NH, Nov. 29, 1905, Grace Worthington Bushee.

Children of Leonard Worcester

X-153 Leonard Worthington, b E. Orange, NJ, May 20, 1909.
X-154 Donald Clark, b Aug. 26, 1912, A.B., Princeton, 1902. Statistician. Residence, Arlington, NJ.

No. IX-236
(George Steele8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thetford, Vt., July 10, 1882, d Longmont, Colo., Jan. 13, 1968; m Apr. 12, 1905, Carolyn Louise Cleveland, b Chalotte, Vt., Dec. 8, 1885, d Longmont, Colo., Jan. 26, 1968. He was for one year in the University of Vermont. Residence, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Phil. Isl., for about 10 years, then removed to Colorado, thence to Milwaukee, Wisc. for approximately 30 years, and finally to Longmont, Colorado. Salesman for the Fulton Comp. In Milwaukee, Wisc.

Children of George Evarts Worcester

X-155 George Edson.
X-156 William Leonard.
X-157 Ida Louise, b Cabanayuan, Phil. Isl., Sept. 9, 1912; m Aug. 17, 1940, Fred Leroy Johnston, b Nov. 22, 1913. She graduated From the National College of Education, B.E. She taught for approximately 20 years mostly with physically handicapped children. He graduated from George Williams College, 1937. He was a sales supervisor for R.L. Polk and Comp. Residence, Longmont, Colorado.

Children of Ida Louise Johnston

(a)    Elizabeth Louise, b Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 26, 1941; m Feb. 17, 1973, Gary Maurice Ball, b Denver, Colo., Dec. 15, 1948. She graduated from George Williams College, Chicago, Ill. Social worker. He graduated from the University of Colorado. Denver General Hospital, researcher.

X-158 Paul Fulton.

No. IX-237
(George Steele8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thetford, Vt., May 5, 1884; m Aug. 29, 1911, Mollie Brown, b Friendship, NY, Apr/ 4, 1887, d Boukder, Co., Aug. 14, 1975; d Boulder, Co., May 26, 1970. He graduated from University of Colorado, PhD and University of Chicacgo. Professor of Geology, Dean of the Graduate School, University of Denver, Boulder, Co. Phi Beta Kappa, Signa Xi,; awarded first Norlin Medal for Distinguished Service, University of Colorado. Who's Who in America, author of TRextbook of Geomorphology.

Children of Philip George Worcester 

X-158a  Philip George, b Boulder, Co., Dec. 19, 1914.

X-158b  Robert Dean, b Boulder, Co., Jun. 20, 1916.

X-158c  Willis George, b Boulder, Co., June 26, 1918.

X-158d  John Byron, Boulder, Co., Dec. 5, 1923.

X-158e  Mary Ellen, b Boulder, Co., Nov. 29, 1925.

No. IX-238
(George Steele8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thetford, Vt., Feb. 24, 1887; m Dec. 30, 1911, Mabel Ruth Bullis, b Medina Township, Mich., July 26, 1889. She graduated Ann Arbor H.S. Librarian. He graduated University of Michigan, B.A. He was Vice-President in charge of sales, Kinney Mfg. Co. (vacuum pumps). He was a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers; member of the Pan American Engineering Congress in Brazil, 1949; member and president of the Thetford Board of Trustees, Thetford Academy. Mr. Worcester developed a method for pumping asphalt in liquid form which revolutionized the asphalt refining and paving industries thus saving taxpayers millions of dollars to resurface roads. Residences, Media, Pa.; Newton, Mass.; and Thetford, Vt.

Children of William Ezra Worcester

X-159 William Ezra.
X-160 Elizabeth
, b Media, Pa., Dec. 19, 1915; m Aug. 20, 1943, Robert Howard Josiah Deily, b Aug. 20, 1909, Bethlehem, Pa., B.A., Muhlenberg; M.A., Lehigh University; B.S., Columbia University; M.S. Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. He was a librarian. She graduated with B.S., Simmons College, Has received graduate credit from Columbia University and S.U.N.Y. at Albany, New York. She was children’s librarian. She was 21 years coordinator of student theatre in school district; 5 years as board member, Region 14 Children’s Theater Section of the American Theatre Association. She is listed in Who’s Who of American Women.

Children of Elizabeth Deily

(a)    Robert Howard Josiah, b Santa Fe, NM, May 18, 1945. B.A., Cornell University; J.D., Albany Law School. Residence,, Albany, NY.
(b)    William Edward, b Lexington, Ky., Oct. 21, 1947; m Aug. 13, 1972, Ann Beth Sarachan, b Oct. 16, 1948. She graduated University of Rochester, B.A., M.A., M.S., Vanderbuilt University; Ph.D. S.U.N.Y. at Albany. He graduated with a B.A., Drew University; J.D., Duke University Law School. Residence, Hudson, NY
(c)    Jonathan David, Albany, NY, Apr. 22, 1950; m June 9, 1973, Pamela Chris Wilber, b Chatham, NY, Nov. 27, 1951. She graduated with B.S. from State College at Fredonia, NY, clinical speech therapist. He graduated Albany Law School, J.D. He was vice-chairman of the ABA Nat’l Committee on Law Office Management. Practicing attorney in Delmar, NY.

X-161 Ruth Mabel, b Media, Pa., Jan. 25, 1918; m Feb. 22, 1944, Paul Leslie Johnson, b Oct. 22, 1916, Jackson, Me., B.S., University of Maine, farmer. She graduated from University of Maine, B.S. Teacher. Residence, Gorham, Me.

Children of Ruth Mabel Johnson

(a)    Margaret Ellen, b Bangor, Me., Dec. 8, 1946; m June 8, 1968, Richard Ward Stubbs, b Waterbury, Conn., July 26, 1946, B.A., University of Connecticut. He was a Captain in the US Army. She graduated University of Connecticut, B.S. Physical therapist. Residence, Fort Dix, NJ.

(b)    Nancy Eleanor, b Portland, Me., Feb. 15, 1951. Graduate of University of Maine, B.S. Intern at St. Mary Hospital, Rochester, Minn. Residence, Gorham, Me.

(c)    Kenneth Leigh, b Portland, Me., Aug. 5, 1952; m Apr. 28, 1973, Bonnie Marie Libby, b June 26, 1953, Westbrook, Me. He attended Southern Methodist Vocational Technical School. US Army

X-162 Philip Leigh.

No. IX-239
(George Steele8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thetford, Vt., Mar. 21, 1889; m May 29, 1917, Elsie Rohwer, b Feb. 10, 1892, Telluride, Colo., d Boulder, Colo., Jan. 21, 1965; B.A., University of Colorado. He died Seattle, Was., Apr. 12, 1982. He graduated University of Colorado, B.A., 1911, M.A., 1921, Ohio State University, Ph.D., 1926. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Phi Delta Kappa. President Sigma Xi at Univ. of Nebraska. Member, American Psychological Association, College of Teachers of Educ; American Educ. Research Association; American Ass’n. University Professors; American Ass’n for the Advancement of Science. Professor of Supplemental Education, Philippine Islands. Principal, Cheyenne H.S., Wyoming. Professor and Chairman of the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Nebraska for nearly 30 years. Also taught at various colleges and universities, including, University of Wisconsin, University of Arizona, Kansas State University, Ohio State University, University of New Mexico, Army University in France, and Ohio University. College professor. Residences, Thetford, Vt.; Boulder, Colo.; Philippines; Albuquerque, NM; Cheyenne, Wyo.; Emporia, Kansas; Lincoln, Neb.; Tucson, Ariz.

Children of Dean Amory Worcester

X-163 Dean Amory.
X-164 Evarts James.
X-165 Catherine Elsie
, b Lincoln, Neb., July 19, 1929; m June 5, 1950, Lynn Dewey Hutton, b May 8, 1927. She graduated from the University of Nebraska Law School. Attorney. He graduated from the University of Nebraska, B.S. He received annual Oscar of the University Players for a lead performance in Faust. Residences, Lincoln, and Norfolk, Nebraska.

Children of Catherine Elsie Hutton

(a)    Ann Catherine, b Norfolk, Neb., Oct. 23, 1956
(b)    Laura Lynne, b Norfolk, Neb., Mar 30, 1964.

No. IX-241
(Dean Conant8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Ann Arbor, Mich., May 19, 1898, d N. Thetford, Vt., Dec. 31, 1959; m Dec. 20, 1937, Elizabeth MacPherran, b Feb. 4, 1904, Marquette, Mich., grad. Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass. 2 years at Smith College. He graduated University of Michigan, B.A., Business Administration. Manager of the Philippine Desiccated Coconut Corporation in Zamboanga, Philippines from 1922 to 1941. He entered the United States Naval Reserve on Dec. 19, 1934 as a Lieutenant. At the start of the Second World War he was called into active duty. He worked on censorship in Manila. He was one of the last to make it to Corregidor and thereafter sent south on a special mission before it fell and did intelligence work with the guerrilla forces in Mindonao and Negros, during which time he was listed as missing in action. He was evacuated by submarine in 1944, hospitalized in Brisbane, Australia, then had six months with the Navy Department in Washington, DC, and then returned overseas with the Philippine Sea Frontier for another year. Towards the end of the war, he reverted to civilian status and went to work with the staff of the High Commissioner of the Philippines. In 1946 when the Philippines were granted independence, he went back into business, as Vice-President and General Manager of the Philippine Refining Co. in Manila. In 1949 ill health forced him to retire and went to live in Montego Bay, Jamaica, until his death. Military honors: Philippine Defense, two stars; Philippine Liberation, three stars; American Defense Service Ribbon, one star; Silver Star Medal; Distinguished Service Medal of the Philippines; Presidential Unit Citation with one palm (Army). Residences, Philippines; Washington, DC; Jamaica, West Indies; Asheville, NC (summer residence).

Children of Frederick Leas Worcester

X-166 Cynthia Leas, b Duluth, Minn., Apr. 24, 1941, graduated Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass., Mt. Holyoke College, B.A.; m Sept. 1, 1962, David Carey Shanks, b Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 2, 1939, B.A., Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, MBA, University of Delaware; executive with Eastern Air Lines. Residences, Wilmington, Del., Huntington Station, NY.

Children of Cynthia Leas Shanks

(a)    Nanon Clarke, b Sept. 20, 1965.
(b)    Kirsten Conant, b Mar. 2, 1971.
(c)    Andrew MacPherran, b Nov. 12, 1971.

X-167 Elizabeth MacPherran, b Duluth, Minn., Mar. 18, 1945, graduated Abbot Academy, Andover, NH, B.A., University of Illinois; m Sept. 3, 1966, Robert William Numrich, b Aurora, Ill., Jan. 30, 1943, Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Minnesota. Following their marriage, they spent two years with the Peace Corp in Ghana, West Africa. Residences, Minneapolis, Minn., and St. Paul.

Children of Elizabeth MacPherran Numrich

(a) Philip Wixom, b Feb. 22, 1972.

No. IX-250
(Leonard Beecher8, David7, Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b, Tabot, Idaho, Oct. 14, 1903, d Auburn, Ca., May 10, 1996, (buried in Sedona, Ariz.); m Mar. 28, 1939, Norma ____, b Pratt, Ks., Nov. 9, 1906, d San Rafael, Calif., June 28, 1995 (buried in Topanga, Calif.). He was an electrical engineer; she was a school teacher.

Children of Benjamin Frederick Worcester

X-168 Lee.
X-169 Grant, b Los Angeles, Calif., June 20, 1943.
X-170 Ann, b Los Angeles, Calif., Aug. 24, 1945; m ____ Johnson.

No. IX-259
(Ebenezer Carpenter8, Leonard7, Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Lowell, Mass., Apr. 13, 1881, d 1955; m Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 25, 1906, Nella S. Pousland, b Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 4, 1882, d May 25, 1955. Employed at the Four River Shipyard in Lowell, Mass. Upon retirement, he operated a gasoline station at the corner of Vine and Broad Street in Lowell until his death.

Children of Paul J. Worcester

X-171 Paul J., Residence Weymouth, Mass.
X-172 Beverly H., m ____ Pratt, Residence, Weymouth, Mass.
X-173 Virginia E., m ____ Magee, Residence, Accord, Mass.
X-174 Willa G., m ____ Parnaby, Mass.

No. IX-264a
8, Arad7, John6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Detroit, Mich., Mar. 21, 1856, m Mabel Bucker, b Rochester, NY, 1870, d Apr. 8, 1902. Residence Alamosa, Cal.

Children of Fred Cooper Worcester

X-174a George B., b Jan. 17, 1887. Houghton Mining School.

No. IX-264b
Ira8, Arad7, John6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Detroit, Mich., July 17, 1857, m 1st Mabel Clarke, Aug. 19, 1884, b Coldwater, Mich., June 6, 1864, d Coldwater, Mich., Nov. 17, 1885, m 2d July 21, 1888, Kate Frances Seeley, b Coldwater, Mich., Oct. 2, 1863.

Children of William Newell Worcester by first marriage

IX-174b Sarah Caroline, b Coldwater, Mich., May 26, 1885.

Children of William Newell Worcester by second marriage

IX-174c  Willard Seely, b Jan. 6, 1890. Wellesely College.
Mabel, b May 2, 1891. Wellesley College.
  Philip Ira
, b Dec. 5, 1893.

No. IX-264c
(Ira8, Arad7, John6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Detroit, Mich., July 25, 1862, m ___.

Children of John Albert Worcester

IX-174f  Helen, b Dec. 21, 1894.

No. IX-286
(Henry Luin8, William7, William6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Mar. 29, 1854; m Dec. 25, 1889, Josephine Carleton Thorndike, b Rockport, Me., May 28, 1868. Master mariner.

Children of Charles Henry Wooster

X-175 Kenneth Thorndike, b Rockport, Me., Nov. 7, 1895.
X-176 Henry Hollis, b Rockport, Me., Dec. 29, 1904.

No. IX-291
(Isaac Richmond8, Leonard7, Summers6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Feb. 7, 1883; m Ethel, dau Bliss C. Kinnear, Everett, Mass., b June 2, 1886. Residence, Everett, Mass. Salesman.

Children of Carl Richmond Wooster

X-177 Traverse Fulton, b Apr. 9, 1907.
X-178 Leslie Richmond, b May 28, 1910.

No. IX-297
(George Elliott8, Marshall7, Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Aug. 31, 1872, Emporia, Kansas; m Sept. 27, 1887, Elizabeth Rowan.

Children of Carlos W. Worcester

X-179 Ruth Elizabeth, b Oct. 16, 1889, New Haven, Conn.
X-180 Marshall Rowen, b Dec. 26, 1906, New Haven, Conn.
X-181 Stuart Gordon.
X-182 Carlos Walton, b Oct. 6, 1909, East Orange, NJ.

No. IX-298
(George Elliot8, Marshall7, Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Emporia, Kansas, Jan. 25, 1874, d July 22, 1955, Belmont, Mass.; m Josephine Bennett, b Sept. 28, 1877, Glenville, Conn., d Belmont, Mass., Mar., 1928. Wool merchant.

Children of Edwin George Worcester

X-183 Dorothea, b Feb. 14, 1905, E. Glastonbury, Conn., d Oct., 1925, Belmont, Mass. Unmarried.
X-184 Gordon Bennett.
X-185 George Elliott, b June 29, 1908, Belmont, Mass., d Oct. 18, 1919, Belmont, Mass. Unmarried.
X-186 Edwina, b July 28, 1910, Belmont, Mass. New Hampshire Library School. Librarian. Unmarried.

No. IX-299
(Carlos Tewksbury8, Marshall7, Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Mystic, Conn., Mar. 18, 1869, d Vernon, Conn., Oct. 20, 1930; m Vernon, Conn., Sept. 21, 1918, Ethel M., dau George Nelson an Della M. (Hayes) Skinner, b Vernon, Conn., June 3, 1887. She married 2nd July 1, 1937, John Robert MacGregor who d Aug. 1, 1943. He was a member of the Vernon Grange, No. 62. Member of the Union Congregational Church in Vernon, Conn. Graduated Conn. Business College, 1906. Tobacco and dairy farmer. Residences, Vernon, Conn.

Children of Edwin Lawrence Worcester

X-187 Della Josephine, b Feb. 25, 1922. Attended Rockville H.S. Worked in defense during WWII; m Sept. 2, 1942, Everett O. Gardner of Houlton, Me.

Children of Della Josephine Gardner

(a)    Wayne, b 1945.
(b)    Richard, b 1950.
(c)    Joan, b 1951, d Oct. 1, 1961.

X-188 Irene Ethel, b Feb. 23, 1925; m Aug. 24, 1947, Joseph H. Giles of Dallas, Tex. She grad. Rockville H.S. and Springfield General Hospital Nursing School. She worked at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Tex.

Children of Irene Ethel Giles

(a)    Grady L., b Nov. 8, 1954.
(b)    Peggy E., Apr., 1956.
(c)    Carol L., b June, 1958.

X-189 Marion Francis, b May 17, 1926; m Apr. 10, 1948, Earl F. Johnston. Grad. Rockville H.S., 2 Yrs. Attended Westbrooke Junior College, Portland, Me. Medical secretary.

Children of Marion Francis Johnston

(a)    Timothy, b Mar. 12, 1949.
(b)    Gary W., b July 7, 1950.
(c)    William E., b Apr. 2, 1952.
(d)    Steven, b Apr. 18, 1961.

No. IX-311
(Frederick Augustus8, Alfred7, Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b White Hall, Ill., Oct. 27, 1870, d Oct. 27, 1870; m White Hall, Apr. 28, 1892, Eldora Ebey. Residence, Muskogee, Okla. Lumberman.

Children of Alfred F. Worcester

X-190 Mildred May, b White Hall, Ill., Jan. 15, 1894.
X-191 Beatrice McKinley, b
White Hall, Ill., Sept. 27, 1896.

No. IX-316
wpe4.jpg (4733 bytes)
Howard  W. Worcester

(Alfred Jackson8, Linus Ely7, Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Milton, Ill., Sept. 23, 1870, d Chicago, Ill.; m Sept. 10, 1904, Clara Thirsk, b Sept. 16, 1876. Residence, Chicago, Ill. Dentist.

Children of Howard Wentworth Worcester

X-192 Donald Howard, b May 27, 1907, d Des Plaines, Ill., May, 1987.
X-193 Ralph George, b Maine, Aug. 11, 1912, d Sanford, Me., July 1975.

No. IX-317
"Mark" (Alfred Jackson8, Linus Ely7, Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b  Milton, Ill., Aug. 5, 1872, d San Haven, Minn., Apr. 26, 1951; m Apr. 20, 1897, Harriet Amanda dau of John and Margaret (Peters) Fritz, b Montrose, Wisc., Dec. 7, 1874, d Lidgerwood, ND, June 22, 1937. (Both buried at Pleasant View Cemetery, Lidgerwood, ND). Merchant of jewelry and owner of a stationary store. This store was later converted to become the Fountain Inn and Lidgerwood Cafe. Played sports and cornet on the Lidgerwood band. Chief of the volunteer Fire Department. Family picture.

Children of Marcus Alfred Worcester

X-194  Mina Cala, b Lidgerwood, ND, Dec. 21, 1898, d Los Angeles, Sept. 16, 1991; m June 18, 1927, Arthur H. Wirtenberger, b Lidgerwood, ND, June 2, 1900, d Lidgerwood, ND, July 5, 1972.

Children of Mina Cala Wirtenberger

(a)  Ann Harriet, b Lidgerwood, ND, June 3, 1928; m Feb. 22, 1947, Arthur H. Tiegs, b Hankinson, ND, Feb. 7, 1926.

Children of Ann Harriet Tiegs

(1)  Alan Howard, b Wahpeton, ND, Nov. 3, 1949; m May 15, 1976, Debby Robin Williams, b Feb. 28, 1954.

Children of Alan Howard Tiegs

(A)  Ryan Charles, b Aug. 24, 1979.
(B)  Amanda Christine, b July 28, 1982.

(2)  Virginia Carol, b Van Nuys, Calif., Dec. 31, 1953; m Apr. 23, 1977, Steven Glay Snyder, b Oct. 30, 1949.

Children of Virginia Carol Snyder

(A)  Jonathan Paul, b June 4, 1978.

(3)  Barbara Jean, b Van Nuys, Calif., June 18, 1956; m Mar. 30, 1985, Sam Brown, b Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 13, 1953.

(b)  Robert Arthur, b Fargo, ND, Jan. 30, 1935; m Aug. 25, 1956, Marlene Carison, b Wahpeton, ND, Aug. 14, 1934.

Children of Robert Arthur Wirtenberger

(1)  Susan Kay, b Northbridge, Calif., June 23, 1959; Chris Carroll.

Children of Susan Kay Carroll

(A)  Kevin Christian, b May 22, 1992.

(2)  Mark Robert, b Northbridge, Calif., June 27, 1963; m May 4, 1985, Irene Sanders, b Pasadena, Calif., Oct. 18, 1939.

X-195 Elsie Elaine, b Lidgerwood, ND, Aug. 31, 1901, d Urbana, Ill., 1999; Sept. 3, 1921, Leonard Goff, b Lidgerwood, ND, Sept. 18, 1900, d Wahpeton, ND, Dec. 4, 1966.

Children of Elsie Elaine Goff

(a)  Ronald, b Lidgerwood, ND, Mar. 22, 1922, d ca. 1922.
(b)  Donald Leonard, b Lidgerwood, ND, Mar. 12, 1922; Feb. 1, 1947, Bernice Petterson, b Minnewauken, ND, Feb. 1, 1926.

Children of Donald Leonard Goff

(1)  Ronald Mark, b Sept. 25, 1947; m1st Sept. 7, 1976, Ruth ___; m2d Linda ___.

Children of Ronald Mark Goff

(A)  Joseph, b Dec. 13, 1977.
(B)  David, b Oct. 28, 1979.
(C)  Steven, b Oct. 7, 1985.

(2)  Elaine, b Sept. 3, 1951; m1st ___ Wynn; m2d Tim Hietz.

Children of Elaine Wynn

(A)  Kari Anne, b Sept. 13, 1978.
(B)  Amber, b Sept. 13, 1978.
(C)  Richard.

(3)  Andrea, b Oct.3, 1957; m1st Willie Bell Ross; m2d John Little.

Children of Andrea Little

(A)  Jeffrey, b Mar. 24, 1978.
(B)  Dawn Adele, b Oct. 10, 1979.
(C)  Karen Louise, b Apr. 4, 1982.

X-196  Ada McCollister, b Lidgerwood, ND, Apr. 28, 1904, d San Diego, Calif., Nov., 1992; m 1927, Hugh Fowler Hay, b Aberdeen, SD, Oct. 9, 1903, d San Diego, Calif., May 1, 1992.

Children of Ada McCollister Hay

(a)  Hugh W., b Lidgerwood, ND, Aug. 13, 1930, d Lidgerwood, ND, Feb. 22, 1940.
(b)  Bruce Douglas, b Waterloo, Iowa, July 28, 1937; 1960, Carolyn Brizendine, b Stockton, Calif., Nov. 29, 1939.

Children of Brucxe Douglas Hay

(1)  Ellen McCollister, b San Diego, Calif., Nov. 14, 1963.
(2)  Margot Lynn, b Mar. 4, 1966; m Sept. 16, 1989, Jeffrey Leidy, b Santa Paula, Calif., Jan. 27, 1964.

Children of Margot Lynn Leidy

(A)  Elle Alisa, b Feb. 2, 1991.
(B)   Adrien Hugh, b Nov. 5, 1992.

X-197  Lora Harriet, b Lidgerwood, ND, Dec. 31, 1907, d July 9, 1994; m Oviedo, Fla., Apr. 14, 1936, Raymond Bladow, b Hankinson, ND, Aug., 20, 1966.
X-198 Mark Duaine.
X-199 Jean Fay, b Lidgerwood, ND, Nov. 19, 1987, d Nov. 19, 1987 (Ft. Snelling Nat'l Cemetery, St. Paul, Minn.; m Nov. 23, 1939, Donald Carl Fauss, b Hooper, ND, MAr. 10, 1912, d Nov. 8, 1990.

Children of Jean Fay Fauss

(a)  Sandra Jean, b Mar. 25, 1948 (adopted); m1st Aug. 18, 1967, Eugene Bogenrief, b Breckenridge, Minn., Nov. 6, 1948; m2d Feb. 7, 1976, David John Lamb, b Dilworth, Minn., Feb. 19, 1952; m3d July 13, 1984, Kenneth Jaeger, b Fargo, ND, Sept. 9, 1947.

Children of Sandra Jean Lamb

(1)  Richard William, b Dec. 18, 1971.
(2)  Jeannie Marie, b Sept. 2, 1974.
(3)  Michael John, b June 22, 1977.

(b)  Donald Mark, b July 19, 1951 (adopted); m Feb. 1, 1975, Marguerite Arth, b Gwinner, ND, Nov. 13, 1951.

Children of Donald Mark Fauss

(1)  Aaron Michael, b Aug. 20, 1976.
(2)  Paul Alan, b Nov. 17, 1977.
(3)  Robert Scott, b Apr. 22, 1980.

No. IX-323
(Henry Clay
8, Linus Ely7, Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Roodhouse, Ill., July 17, 1897, d Wood River, Madison, Ill., Oct., 1983; m Gladys Virginia Sullivan.

Children of Paul Condit Worcester

X-200 Patricia Ann.

No. IX-328
(Hartwell8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Roxbury, Vt., Aug. 27,1866, d South Barre, Vt., Oct. 20, 1945.

Children of John Hubert Worcester

IX-328-1 Marjorie, b South Barre, Vt., Mar.31, 1900, d South Barre, Vt., Apr. 22, 1970; m Charles Leon Woodbury, b Saint Albans, Vt., Dec. 14, 1883, d South Barre, Vt., Dec. 14, 1965.

Children of Marjorie Woodbury

(a)    Harold Leon, b Barnard, Vt., d Berlin, Vt., Jul. 1, 1995; m 1st Ola Braman, m 2d Jennie Ada Badger, m3d Hilda Marcelene Jock.

No. IX-335
No.1808.bmp (738382 bytes)
John Almond Worcester

(James Barney.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Warren, Vt., Nov. 10, 1875, d __ of heart attack; m Maude Penfield, dau William Frederick and Mary Elizabeth (Parsons) Harmon, b Aug. 8, 1879. Residence, Sommersville, Mass, New Orleans, La., Brooklyn, NY. Plumber. She graduated from Pratt Institute. She was an accomplished water colorist.   Newspaper wedding announcement

Children of John Almond Worcester

X-201 John.
X-202 Paul Harmon.

No. IX-337
(James Barney.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Charlestown, Mass., June 6, 1886, d Mar. 29, 1954 (buried, Milton, Mass.); m Sept. 21, 1910, Eleanor Jane Sabean, b Newtusket, Nova Scotia, Feb. 3, 1888, d June 7, 1972. He was a packing house engineer and architect. Residences, Medford, Quincy and Milton, Mass.

Children of Daniel Worcester

X-203 Eleanor Jane, b Medford, Mass., Feb. 28, 1913; m June 14, 1938, Murray N. Mansfield, b Malden, Mass., Feb. 29 ____. She grad. Colby Junior College, Assoc. in Arts, 1933; Boston University College of Music,, 1935. Residences, Quincy and Milton, Mass.

Children of Eleanor Jane Mansfield

(a)    Dean Worcester, b Feb. 2, 1948

X-204 Pauline Ada, b Medford, Mass., Dec. 16, ____; m Apr. 2, 1935, Gordon W. Sanders, b Boston, Mass., Feb. 27, 1909. Residence, Arlington, Mass.

Children of Pauline Ada Sanders

(a)    Daniel Gordon, b Sept. 20, ____; m Dec. 4 1955, Franya Lewis.

Children of Daniel Gordon Sanders

(1)    David Lewis, b Aug. 21, 1956.
(2)    Amy Katherine, b July 24, 1960.

(b)    Sherrill Beverly, m Aug. 29, 1959, Elliot Theodore Fair, Jr.

Children of Sherrill Beverly Fair

(1)    Elliott Theodore, b Jan. 4, 1963.
(2)    William Gordon, b June 26, 1966

X-205 Lorraine June, b Quincy, Mass, Aug. 27, 1928; m Ralph W. Thomas. She grad. Gordon College, B.A., 1948.

Children of Lorraine June Thomas

(a)    Wesley, b Apr. 11, 1950.
(b)    Stephen, b Mar. 11, 1951.
(c)    Peter Roscoe, b Oct. 23, 1952.
(d)    Ruth Lorraine, b Feb. 17, 1954.

No. IX-339
(James Barney.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Somerville, Mass, May 9, 1896; d Apr. 27, 1990, Quincy, Mass., bur Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plains, Mass.; m Dec. 23, 1913, Ethel Henrietta Cox, b County Haven Ireland, Oct. 6, 1894, d Aug. 2, 1085, bur Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plains, Mass. Salesman. Residences, Somerville and Quincy, Mass.

Children of Wayne James Worcester

X-206 Elliott Wayne.
X-207 John Alden.
X-208 James Cox.

No. IX-347
8, Marsina7, Jonathan6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Port Rains, Txas, July 8, 1888, d May 21. 1954, Cash, Hunt, Texas, (heart attack), bur. Memoryland, Greenville, Texas; m1st June 26, 1910, Laura Lee Archer, b July, 1890, Kaufman, Texas, d Kaufman, Nov. 17, 1916 (died in childbirth); m 2nd  Sally Weimer, d 1926 (in childbirth); m 3rd Bertha Ussery, b Oct. 16, 1902, d Waco, Texas, Aug. 12, 2001. Charles was a farmer and postmaster in Cash, Hunt, Texas.

Children of Charles Alfred. Worcester

X-208a Alfred Lee, b 1912, Hiram, Texas.
X-208b James William.

X-208c Margarit Ruth, b Hiram, Texas, 1926.

X-208d Clifford Arnols, b Hiram, Texas, Mar. 13, 1928.

X-208e Lottie May, b Greenville, Hunt, Texas.

No. IX-351
(David B.8, Seneca W.7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b May 25, 1877, Malta, Ill.; m Apr, 1903, Anna Marie Duncan, b Apr. 3, 1877. Residence, Merno, Minn.

Children of Willard G. Worcester

X-209 Daughter, b and d May 28, 1905.
X-210 Arthur Merle.

No. IX-356
(Edward Darius
8, Dennis Warner7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Waterloo, Iowa, Apr. 17, 1886; m Eva Irene Peterson, Aug. 4, 1906  in Saint Joseph, Mich., He d Jan. 2, 1914 in Chicago, Ill., She was b in Chicago, Ill., Feb. 8, 1890; d Oct. 14, 1918 in Chicago, Ill., Her parents were Darius Harold Peterson and Catherine M. Casselman.

Children of Clifton Darius Worcester

X-210a Evelyn Pearl, b Chicago, Ill., July 12, 1908. She was adopted by her aunt, Lilian M. Peterson upon teh death of her mother. She had already been living with her aunt and her maternal grandmother, Catherine M. Casselman Peterson. She m Hans Martin Fredrickson, July 28, 1927 in Crown Point, In. She died Chicago, Ill., Mar. 1, 1986. He was b Chicago, Ill., Oct. 5, 1908. His parents werre Hans Martin Fredericksen and Helga Marie Haakanse, both b in Norway. Hans d Park Ridge, Ill., Jan. 27, 1988.

X-210b Marvin W. Peterson, b Chicago, Ill., Aug. 12, 1911; m Eleanor L.; d Jan. 28, 2003 in Downers Grove, Ill. Only child: Marvin W. Peterson, born  in 1937.

X-210c Ralph N. Peterson, b Chicago, Ill., m Margaret L. Fritxe, Cook County, Ill., in 1912. One son: Norman, b in Cook County, Ill. Removed to Buffalo, N.Y. between 1935 and 1940. Marvin and Ralph are believed to have changed their last name to Peeterson following their adoption by theri aunt and uncle, Irving and Ida Peterson

No. IX-368
(Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Aug. 5, 1895, d Feb. 6, 1987; m1st June 10, 1916, Mamie Spanaugle, b July 27, 1900 (divorced 8/93); m2d Oct. 20, 1942, Ethel Rhudy, b June 15, 1896, d May 30, 1976. Roofing business in Park Hill, Kansas.

Children of Ray Bird Worcester by 1st m

X-211 Ralph Raymond.

No. IX-369
(Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Nov. 21, 1896, d July 12, 1984; m Norton, Ks, Apr. 17, 1917, Oakie Bell Washburn, b Kansas, Aug. 31, 1897, dau of Frank Eugene Washburn and Rosella Thornton, d Aug. 1988, bur. Hill City Cemetery. Farmer, stockman, and oil well driller. Member of the Hill City Christian Church in Hill City, Kansas.

Children of Adelbert Downs Worcester

X-212 Geraldine Jeannette, b Apr. 1, 1918, d Sept. 7, 1923.
X-213 Esther Irene, b Hill City, Ks., Nov. 14, 1921, Hill City, Kansas, d Sacramento, Calif., Jan. 14, 1989; m June 15, 1947, Bud Pershing Henderson, b Mar. 2, 1919 (divorced).

Children of Esther Irene Henderson

(a) Jill Ann, b Mar. 17, 1948; m Dec. 31, 1967 Steven Lawrence Vorhees, (divorced).

Children of Jill Ann Vorhees

(1) Bryan Nathan, b Jan. 7, 1969.

(b)  Phillip Gordon, b June 19, 1948; m1st June, 1969, Christine Ann ___, b June 1, 1949, (divorced); m2d Mar. 20, 1985, Cindy Chelsky (divorced); m 3d Aug. 19, 1994, Denise Harnage.

Children of Phillip Gordon Henderson by 1st m

(1)  Heather Lynn, b Nov. 18, 1971.
(2)  Patrick Gordon, b MAr. 6, 1974.

Children of Phillip Gordon Henderson by 2d m

(3)  Amia Marie, b Mar. 11, 1982.
(4)  Anthony Kyle, b Feb. 20, 1983.
(5)  Michele Nicole, Dec. 19, 1985.

(c)  Susan Neva, b Dec. 12, 1952; m Mar. 20, 1978, Mark Edward Proctor, b Dec. 13, 1952.

Children of Susan Neva Proctor

(1)  Tina Marie, b Oct. 27, 1980.
(2)  Angela Dee, b Feb. 13, 1983.
(3)  Mark Nicholas, b Apr. 10, 1984.

X-214 Ava June, b Illinois, July 22, 1924; d Hill City, Ks., June 23, 2018; m Sept. 9, 1942, Alvin Scranton, b July 27, 1923, d July 25, 1990.

Children of Ava June Scranton

(a)  Sonja Kay, b Nov. 29, 1943; m Sept. 6, 1962, Jerry Kobler, b Jan. 3, 1943.

Children of Sonja Kay Kobler

(1)  Kobie Carl, b Nov. 29, 1966; m July 6, 1991, Angelique Lynette Jackson, b Feb. 29, 1968.
(2)  Corey Tyler, b Dec. 12, 1969; m June 12, 1993, Brenda Kay Newell, b Dec. 22, 1970.
(3)  Ronald Fay, b Sept. 8, 1945; m Apr. 8, 1967, Martha Ann Deason, b Apr. 26, 1945.

Children of Ronald Fay Deason

(A)  Kimberly Sue, b Dec. 16, 1970.

X-215 William Joseph "Billy Joe".
X-216 Darlene, b Sept. 4, 1932; m June 17, 1951, Charles Elmer Wilson, b Jan. 26, 1932.

Children of Darlene Wilson

(a)  Charles Eugene, b Apr. 24, 1952; m June 10, 1978, Melonie Buller, b Aug. 29, 1953.

Children of Charles Eugene Wilson

(1)  Richard Daniel, b May 27, 1984.
(2)  Geoffrey Allen, b Jan. 25, 1987.

(b)  Gladys Darlene, b Nov. 30, 1953; m Sept. 2, 1973, Peter Ronsee, , July 8, 1951.

Children of Gladys Darlene Ronsee

(1)  Luke Wilson, Mar. 31, 1978.
(2)  Brittany Dawn, b Dec. 30, 1981.
(3)  Lauren Michelle, b MAr. 20, 1983.
(4)  Chelsea Ann, b July 25, 1988.
(5)  Devin Andrew, b Dec. 21, 1995.

(c)  Richard Gregory, b Apr. 23, 1955; m Dec. 23, 1977, Kolean Pitner, b Aug. 8, 1954.

Children of Richard Gregory Pitner

(1)  Christopher John, b Mar. 6, 1989.
(2)  Corey Joseph, b June 4, 1992.

X-217 Oakie Yevonne, b Jan. 17, 1937; m Sept. 1, 1954, John Carrol Ginther, b Feb. 18, 1935.

Children of Oakie Yevonne Ginther

(a)  Lucille Ann, b May 31, 1957; m 1st June 18, 1978, Tim Feldkamp, (divorced 1985); m2d June 24, 1986, Victor W. Firlie, b Nov. 5, 1952.

Children of Lucille Ann Firlie

(1)  Dylan Curtis, b Mar. 29, 1993.
(2)  Alena Yvonne, b Apr. 23, 1995.

(b)  Loren Lee, b Dec. 3, 1958; m July 30, 1983, Sharon Disney, b Jan. 19, 1960, (divorced 1983); m2d June 16, 2001, Cheryl A. Oberle, b Sept. 29, 1963.

Children of Loren Lee Ginther

(1)  Cole Michael, b Aug. 29, 1987.
(2)  Tyler Lee, b Aug. 29, 1987.

(c)  Carmen Loree, b Nov. 26, 1959; m Dec. 16, 1983, Charles B. Ring, b Sept. 26, 1955.

Children of Carmen Loree Ring

(1)  Dustin Quentin, b Oct. 7, 1985.
(2)  Megan Nicole, b July 10, 1987.
(3)  Charles Bratton, b May 14, 1989.

(d)  Carrie Lynn, b Oct. 30, 1962; m July 28, 1984, David Lynn Sparkman.

Children of Carrie Lynn Sparkman

(1)  Nicole Marie, b Apr. 5, 1962; m July 28, 1984.
(2)  David Taylor, Sept. 16, 1991.
(3)  Rebecca Lynn, b Oct. 11, 1994.
(4)  Austin Michael, b Jan. 28, 1996.

(e)  Clay Lester, b Sept. 24, 1964; m Nov. 21, 1986, Rebecca Flax, b Sept. 30, 1964.

Children of Clay Lester Ginther

(1)  Nicholas Wayne, b Dec. 18, 1987.
(2)  Elizabeth Ann, b Oct. 3, 1989.
(3)  Joshua Michael, b Oct. 1, 1992.

(f)  Leslie Alvin, b Mar. 27, 1970.

X-218 Oaklie Leonne.

No. IX-371
(Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Sept. 5, 1899, d Apr. 13, 1961; m Oct. 10, 1921, Ina Irene Clark, b Oct. 29, 1903, d Oct. 10, 1925;  m2d Sept. 30, 1928, Nellie Mildred Johnson, b Apr. 13, 1910. Farmer in Park Hill, Kansas. 

Children of Milo Eugene Worcester by 1st m

X-219 Infant. b May 6, 1923, d May 7, 1923.
X-220 Eugene Milo.

Children of Milo Eugene Worcester by 2d m

X-221 Charles.
X-222 Donald Oliver.
X-223 Katherine Fae, b Mar. 25, 1940; m June 20, 1958, Barton Morse, b Aug. 16, 1936.

Children of Katherine Fay Morse

(a)  Lynn Eugene, b May 30, 1959; m Dec. 26, 1981, Shannon Zenor, b July 31, 1963.

Children of Lynn Eugene Morse

(1)  Briana Rayanne, b Apr. 28, 1989.
(2)  Kaitlyn Marie, b Nov. 24, 1994.

(b)  Catharina Darlene, b Sept. 16, 1961; m Dec. 30, 1978, Blas J. Flores, (divorced); m2d Aug. 5, 1989, Rudy M. Chavez.

Children of Catharina Darlene Flores

(1)  Kevin James, b Oct. 12, 1979.
(2)  Christopher Ray, b Mar. 2, 1982.

Children of Catharina Darlene Chavez

(3)  Crystal Marie, b Feb. 4, 1993.
(4)  Rafael Manuel, b Mar. 30, 1994.

No. IX-374
(Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b July 22, 1905; m1st Apr. 19, 1924, Olga Riggs, b Mar. 10, 1905, d June 11, 1992; m2d Oct. 26, 1992, Mary Cummins, b May 13, 1929. Postal employee.

Children of Price La Rue Worcester

X-224 Price Lawrence.
X-225 Thomas Neil.
X-226 Frances Lea
, b Mar. 9, 1930, d Nov. 28, 1990; m Feb. 19, 1955, Robert La Badie, b Feb. 1, 1930.

Children of Frances Lea La Badie

(a)  David Lee, b Apr. 28, 1956; m June 13, 1981, Patrice Delanty.

Children of David Lee La Badie

(1)  Timothy David, Apr. 11, 1982.
(2)  Erin Joy, July 4, 1983.
(3)  Benjamin James, b June 8, 1987.

(b)  Jeffrey Lynn, b July 5, 1957; m Jan. 26, 1979, Esther Sandoval, b June 29, 1959.

Children of Jeffrey Lynn La Badie

(1)  Tirzah Beth, b Feb. 17, 1984.

(c)  Deborah Kay, b Aug. 14, 1959; m Sept. 5, 1980, Edward Whelan, b Dec. 21, 1953.

Children of Deboarah Kay Whelan

(1)  Joanie Maria, b June 25, 1984.
(2)  Colby Michael, b Jan. 21, 1988.

(d)  Stephen Louis, b May 27, 1962.
(e)  Veronica Banaire, b May 22, 1964; m Apr. 24, 1987, Mark Edmiston, b Aug. 30, 1964.

Children of Veronica Banaire Edmiston

(1)  Kathryn Rose, b Sept. 4, 1990.
(2)  Louis Charles, b Jan. 31, 1994.
(3)  John Robert Thomas, b June 7, 1995.

(f)  Patricia Ann, b Nov. 21, 1966, m Feb. 19, 1995, Fred Joe Ellis.

Children of Patricia Ann Ellis

(1)  Amber Lee, b Mar. 13, 1995.

(g)  Robert Francis, b Nov. 14, 1969.

X-227 Jo Ann, b Mar. 9, 1930; m July 28, 1956, Harry Jess La Badie, b Sept. 14, 1920.

Children of Jop Ann La Badie

(a)  Cheryl Leann, b Sept. 14, 1950; m June 6, 1970, Robert Lyle Crawford, b Jan. 19, 1951 (divorced 1991); m 2d Feb. 14, 1992, Michael Jay Palm, b July 25, 1951.

Children of Cheryl Leann Crawford

(1)  Mathew Gayle, b Dec. 6, 1970; m Dec. 30, 1994, Angela Sue Beals, b Apr. 2, 1976.

(b)  Cynthia Jo, b May 20, 1957; m Dec. 11, 1976, Larry Cameron, b Apr. 22, 1952.

Children of Cynthia Jo Cameron

(1)  Cambria Shae, b June 20, 1978.
(2)  Sara Christine, b Oct. 30, 1979.
(3)  Leslie Ann, b Aug. 11, 1981.
(4)  Ryan Keith, b Dec. 6, 1983.
(5)  Ashleigh Beth, b Dec. 16, 1985.
(6)  Adam Dean Jess, b July 28, 1987.

(c)  Gregory Louis, b July 3, 1958; m Apr. 7, 1984, Bonnie Jean Rokowski, b July 3, 1966, (divorced 1994); m2d June 23, 1995, Tia Lily Bruce, b May 1, 1971.

Children of Gregory Louis La Badie by 1st m

(1)  Charles Lyle, b Sept. 16, 1981.

Children of Gregory Louis La Badie by 2d m

(2)  Samuel Jess, b Sept. 30, 1995.

(d)  Harry Price, b Sept. 6, 1960; m July 17, 1987, Sonya ___, b Mar. 24, 1959, (divorced 1990); m2d May 20, 1991, Brenda White, b Aug. 6, 1961.
(e)  Melissa Ann, b Dec. 29, 1971; m Jan. 12, 1991, Gene Allen Brownlee, b Sept. 16, 1969.

X-228 Enid Kay, b July 28, 1933; m Jan. 10, 1954, Carl M. Anderson, b Jan. 14, 1930, d MAr. 9, 1985.

Children of Enid Kay Anderson

(a)  Clinton Arnold, b Oct. 21, 1954; m Aug. 30, 1975, Avonne Glodfelty, b Jan. 10, 1955.

Children of Clinton Arnold Anderson

(1)  Amara Marie, b Aug. 26, 1980.
(2)  Alycin Maurice, b May 5, 1987.

(b)  Calvin Price, b Feb. 15, 1959; m June 3, 1989, Brenda Holsman, b Mar. 26, 1962.

Children of Calvin Price Anderson

(1)  Abigail Marie, b Oct. 20, 1989.
(2)  Angela Kay, b Sept. 20, 1991.

(c)  Cheri Dawn, b Feb. 8, 1961; m Feb. 2, 1980, David Diederich.

Children of Cheri Dawn Diederich

(1)  Dawn Marie, b Dec. 27, 1980.

No. IX-375
(Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hill City, KS, Sept. 24, 1907, d Mar. 17, 1965; m Apr. 13, 1928, Pauline Walker, b July 31, 1906, d Feb. 16, 1994. Farmer.

Children of Vernon Thomas Worcester

X-229  Marlyane Orietta, b Aug. 5, 1930; m Dec. 19, 1948, Kenneth Paul Price, b July 15, 1926.

Children of Marlyane Orietta Price

(a)  Dana Lynn, b May 1, 1950, d Apr. 1, 1972.
(b)  Kenneth Kurt, b June 21, 1952; m July 31, 1972, Denise Lynn Stone, b Sept. 10, 1954.

Children of Kenneth Kurt Price

(1)  Jennifer Kathleen, b Aug. 16, 1974; m Feb. 19, 1994, Jeffrey Allen Hicks, b Aug. 28, 1970.

Children of Jennifer Kathleen Hicks

(A)  Kelsey Nicole, b Dec. 27, 1995.
(B)  Susannah Leigh, b July 12, 1997.

(2)  Kelly Michelle, b Dec. 25, 1976.
(3)  Keith Scott, b June 28, 1978.
(4)  Allison Kay, b Apr. 19, 1983.

(c)  Marcia Marlayne, b Oct. 5, 1954; m May 24, 1975, Gregory Eugene Eskew, b Mar. 11, 1954, (divorced 3/98); m2d Dec. 10, 1988, Anthony Ernst, b June 28, 1939.

Children of Marcia Marlyane Eskew

(1)  Justin Eugene, b Mar. 10, 1977.
(2)  Jessica Anne, b July 17, 1979.
(3)  Julie Layne, b June 19, 1981.

(d)  Cynthia Maree, b July 28, 1956.

X-230 Merlyn Wendell.
X-231 Shirley May, b Oct. 26, 1933.
X-232 Allen James.
X-233 Vernon Thomas, Jr.

No. IX-378
(Lester Ray
8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Feb. 11, 1916; m1st Dec. 31, 1934, Velma Brown, b July 19, 1917 (divorced); m2d Mar. 27, 1953, Inez Ethel Hicks (Collins), b Gypsum, Ks., Dec. 16, 1917, d Hill City, Ks., June 4, 1958; m 3d Oct. 25, 1958, Marie Custine, b, June 22, 1924 (divorced); life partner: 1982, Reida Webster Price, b Sept. 1, 1934. Inez was secretary for the Kansas Power & Light Co., PTA President (1956-57). Jessie Lea was in the roofing business.

Children of Jessie Lea Worcester by 1st m

X-234 Gary Dean, b Apr. 15, 1936, d Apr. 16, 1936.
X-235 Sharon Fae, b Mar. 27, 1937; m1st  Dec. 21, 1957, Donald Cassel, b Dec. 21, 1929 (divorced).

Children of Sharon Faye Cassel

(a)  Mark Frederick, b May 21, 1929; m1st Oct. 12, 1984, Deanna Harden, b Dec. 21, 1929; m2d Oct. 15, 1990, Susanne ___.

Children of Mark Frederick

(1)  Mathew Lewis, , Aug. 16, 1991.

(b)  Dawn Danielle, b Charleston, WV, Dec. 6, 1961; BS Nursing, Texas Women's University; m Paul Simon Skalabrin, b Sept. 15, 1961, Bremerton, WA, BS Mechanical Engineering, WSA, Mechanical Engineer. Dawn is a  BSRN Trauma ICU ER, Pediatrics. Residence Sammamish, Wash.

Children of Dawn Danielle Skalabrin

(1)  Tyler Blake, b Bellevue, Wash., Jan. 27, 1993.
(2)  Amanda Blair, b Seattle, Wash., Jan. 1, 1995.
(3)  Laura Blair, b Bellevue, Wash., Apr. 8, 1999.

Children of Jessie Lea Worcester by 2d m

X-236 Larry Royce, b Aug. 15, 1939.
X-237 Janice Lea, b Hill City, Ks., May 4, 1955. Assoc, degree in x-ray, realtors license, cosmetologist; m Oct. 19, 1974, Gary Don Renfro, b McAlister, Okla., Mar. 16, 1947; Mobil pipeline. Gary served in Vietnam as a Sgt.

Children of Lanice Lea and Gary Don Renfro

(a) Aaron Brando, b Hays, Ks., June 28, 1977. Construction business.
(b) Benjamin Don, b Hays., Ks., Apr. 17, 1979. Chiropractic. Benjamin and Amanda Vasquez are partners. She was b Pecos, Tx., Mar. 14, 1973; BA and MA in Child Service Psychology, Social services for geriatrics. Residence, Midland, Tx.

Children of Benjamin Don Renfro and Amanda Vasquez

(i) Alejandra Etay-Enah Renfro, b Feb. 17, 2001, Midland, Tx.

(c) Cristy Leigh, b Hays, Ks., Aug. 4, 1981.

Children of Cristy Leigh Renfro

(i) Kaleb Anthony-Don Renfro, b Midland, Tx., Feb. 9, 2000.

X-238 Jeffrey Lynn, b Hill City, Ks., Nov. 16, 1957.
X-239 Daryl Lee.

No. IX-381
(James F.8, Joseph W.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Pittsfield, Oh., Oct. 4, 1871; m May 11, 1908, Daisy Lee Worthington, Louisville, Ky., b Feb. 5, 1882. Grad. Vassar College, 1905. He graduated from Ohio State University, Columbus, Oh., Ph.B., 1899; B.LL., 1901; M.LL., 1903. He was admitted to the Bar of Ohio and practiced law in Columbus until 1907, when he entered the service of the U.S. Bureau of Labor as special agent for investigating conditions surrounding the employment of women and children. He assisted in making the investigation of cotton mills, north and south. While thus employed he met his wife, who was engaged in the same work. July 1, 1910, they became head residents of the Woods Run Settlement, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sept. 1, 1911, he became secretary and his wife visitor of the Associated Charities, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Residence, Pittsburgh. Social worker.

No. IX-382
(James F.8, Joseph W.7, Samue6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b June 23, 1873; m Dec. 15, 1904, Mada Lowenstein of Sheridan, Wyoming. He graduated from Ohio State University, 1897. D. Veterinary Medicine; was stationed at different points east and west in service of U.S. Bureau of Animal Industry as meat inspector. Inspector-in-Chief at the Union Stock Yards, Pittsburgh, Pa. Transferred Mar. 1, 1991, to Field Service in Mississippi. Residence, Mason, Mississippi.

Children of Warner William Worcester

X-240 Naomi Jane, b May 10, 1909.
X-241 Mada June, b No., 1913.
X-242 William Warner.

No. IX-383
(James F.8, Joseph W.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oct. 9, 1876; m Oct. 24, 1900, Anna Elizabeth McCann, b El Paso, Ill., June 10, 1878. Graduate State Normal School, Normal, Ill. Special primary teacher. Mr. Worcester graduated at Ohio State University, June, 1899, with a degree in Ceramic Engineering; was engaged for several years in constructing and managing roofing tile plants. In 1907 was elected assistant professor of Ceramic Engineering. In the summer of 1908 he made an investigation for the State Geological Survey as to the adaptability of Ohio clays for roofing tile purposes. Feb. 1, 1912, he became manager, Tregellus Clay Products Comp., Calgary, Canada.

Children of Wolsey Garnet Worcester

X-243 Wolsey Douglas, b Winton Place, Oh., Oct. 20, 1901.
X-244 James Cameron, b Parkersburg, W. Va., June 26, 1904.
X-245 Doras Verna, b Apr., 1913.

No. IX-384
(William WIlder
8, Benjamin F.7, Samue66, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b

No. IX-386
(Leonard A.
8, Benjamin F.7, Samue66, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., Apr. 10, 1886, d Garfield Heights, Oh., July 10, 1965, of heart failure; m 1922, Nancy J. Champine, b Mt. Clemens, Mi., Apr. 10, 1886, d Garfield Heights, Oh., of cancer. Residence, Oberlin, Oh. Millwright.

Children of Devillo Leroy Worcester

X-246 Leroy D.

X-246a Marian E., b Garfiedl Heights, Oh., Feb. 13, 1927.

No. IX-388d
(Horace Henry8, John7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Feb. 29, 1872, Pittsfield, Oh., d Apr. 28, 1952, Kansas, bur Dunlap Cemetery, Ks.; m Adella eveluyn Metcalf, d Oct. 10, 1942, Kansas, bur Dunlap Cemetery.

X-246b John Ray.
X-246c  George Alfred.
X-246d  Flossie Virginia,
b July 15, 1902, Dunlap, Ks., d Oct. 16, 1975, Council Grove, Ks.; m Roy Dale Russell, bApr. 20, 1897, d Apr. 5, 1958, bur Dunlap, Ks.

Children of Flossie Virginia Russell

(a)  Kenneth Dale.

(b)  Dorothy E.

(c)  Roy Russell.

(d)  Mary Lou.

(e)  Donald Eugene.

X-246e Alvin Ellis.
X-246f  Earl M.,
b Aug. 3, 1906, Dunlap, Ks., d Dec. 19, 1925, Emporia, Ks., bur Dunlap Cemetery, Dunlop, Ks.; m lizabeth Williams, b Jan. 28, 1906, Council Grove, Ks., d Nov. 2, 1947, Lang, Ks, bur Greenwood Cemetery.
X-246g Iva Virginia
, b Sept. 15, 1908, d May 25, 1993, bur Americus, Cemetery, Americus, Ks.; m William Hicks Miller, b Sept. 7, 1903, d July 6, 1971, Americus, Ks.

Children of Iva Virginia Miller

         (a)  Betty A. Brickell.
         (b)  Willa Mae Pierce.
         (c) Earl Gene

X-246h Ira Lawrence "Buss".

No. IX-388g
(Horace Henry8, John7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Agnes City, Ks., Aug. 29, 1880, d Sept. 26, 1968, Twin Falls, Idaho; m Stella Marie Simmons, Twin Falls, Id.; d Twin Falls, Id., 1966.

Children of Joseph Horace Worcester

X-246b   Harold Arthur, b Dunlap, Ks., July 25, 1919d Aug. 19, 1924, Dunlap, Ks.

X-246c   Orville Horace, b Dunlap, Ks., Jun. 6, 1922, d Dec. 12, 2011, bur Greenwood Cemetery, Councilm Grove, Ks.; m Mary Darlene Belt, b Apr. 16, 1931, Emporia, Ks, d July 15, 2020, Empporia, Ks., bur Greenwood Cemetery.

X-246d   Virgil Wayne.

X-246e  LaVonna Joy, b Dunlap, Ks., Jun. 6, 1930.

No. IX-393
(Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., Dec. 21, 1876; m Clara Ann W
hitney, dau Otis Whitney on Jan. 20, 1906. She was born on 23 Jan., 1884 in Pittsfield, Oh. She died in Lodi, Oh., on Dec. 25, 1954.

Children of Levi Lavern Worcester

X-247 Aletha, b Oberlin, Oh., Aug. 27, 1907; m New CUmberland, West Va., May 1, 1937, Gaylord Doane. Residence, Sun Valley, Calif. No children.
X-248 Otis Lavern.
X-249 Howard Scott.

No. IX-395
(Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., Aug. 30, 1882; d Feb. 23, 1962; m Cleveland, Oh., Aug. 30, 1904, Clara Rose Mayle, b Cleveland, Oh., Oct. 18, 1884, d Cleveland, Oh., Dec. 7, 1961.

Children of Arthur C. Worcester

X-249a Arthur David.

X-249b Evelyn Virginia, b Cleveland, Oh., Mar. 25, 1907; d Feb. 11, 1913.

X-249c Virginia Evelyn, b Cleveland, Oh., Mar. 3, 1917; m1st Covington, Ky., Nov. 27, 1941, John Samuel Thomay, Jr.; m 2nd Lakewood, Oh., May 11, 1963, William A. Callendine.

Children of Virginia Evelyn Thomay

(a) John Samuel III, b Cleveland, Oh., Feb. 1, 1943.

No. IX-397
(Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., Jan. 25, 1886, Oberlin, Oh.; d Wellington, Oh., Mar. 24, 1977; m Nina Estelle Root, dau Frank Root and Mary Alice Rawson, Dec. 26, 1908, b Dec. 31, 1882 in Akron, Oh.; d Oberlin, Oh., Aug. 21, 1966.

Children of Herman Lawrence Worcester

X-249d Max Arol.

X-249e Mary Alice, b Elyria, Oh., Oct. 221, 1920; m 1st Raymond C. Bradley, Pittsfield, Oh., Feb. 14, 1941, He was born in Grafton, Oh., May 30,1916; d Jul. 31, 1994, in Oberlin, Oh., She m2nd Walter Edwin Davis, son of Walter Emerson Davis and Clara Easton on Sep. 19, 1998. He was born on Nov. 6, 1924 in Newcomerstown.

Children of Mary Alice Bradley

(a) Carol Joan Bradley, b Oberlin, Oh., June 17, 1942; m Sept. 21, 1963, Lawrence M. Thatcher, b Mar. 1938.

(b) Jean Kay, b Oberlin, Oh., May 12, 1944; m Pittsfield, Oh., May 6, 1966, James R. Winters, b Elyria, Oh., Dec. 1940; d Toledo, Oh., Feb. 11, 1983.

Children of Jean Kay Winters

(i) Steven Bruce, b Sandy Hook, NJ; m Kathy Tupps in Westerville, Oh., on Aug. 6, 1994. She was born on July 7, 1969 in Westerville, Oh.


Children of Steven Bruce and Kathy Tupps

(A) Elizabeth, b July 7, 1997.

(B) Allison Kay, b May 4, 2000.


(ii) Timothy Allen, b Sandy Hook, NJ, June 24, 1969; m Debra Rowlnad on OIct. 16, 1993.


Children of Timothy Allen and Debra Rowland

(A) Emily Marie.

X-249f Lloyd Root. 

X-249g Kenneth Edward.

No. IX-408
(John Fremont8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Mar. 15, 1883, d 1966; m May 6, 1906, Angeline Mombleau, b Oct. 23, 1883, d 1966. Farmer. Residences, Pittsfield, Brownhelm, Fields Corner, Wakeman, and Norwalk, Ohio.

Children of Howard Delores Worcester

X-250 Rowland Howard.
X-251 Raymond Carl.
X-252 Burton.
X-253 Donald Harvey.
X-554 Helen
, b Feb. 24, 1925.

No. IX-415
(John Fremont8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b 1895; m Jan. 16, 1926, Esther R. Dair. Operated a hatchery in Oberlin, Oh.

Children of John Andrew Worcester

X-255 Delbert, m Shirley ____. They had two sons (Tom and Alan) and a daughter, Eleanor, now deceased. Eleanor had three sons (Barry, Garry, and Douglas Hogue).

No. IX-423
(James R.8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., June 11, 1892, d Lorain, Oh., May 13, 1965 (buried Ridgeville Memorial Park, Lorain, Oh.); m Nov. 7, 1913, Magdalene Saville, b July 18, 1892, South Amherst, Oh.

Children of Daniel Calvert Worcester

X-256 Eleanor Marie, b Oberlin, Oh., Mar. 14, 1915; m July 17, `935, Ivan Emery Coe, b Feb. 14, 1914, Westlake, Oh. She was manager of a May Co. Dept. store.

Children of Eleanor Marie Coe

(a)    Fern Louise Coe, b June 6, 1944; m 1st ____ Hicks, m 2nd Harold Monroe Kinnaird. Residence, Geneva, Fla.

Children of Fern Louise by first marriage

(1)    Julia Anne, b Mar. 11, 1956. Residence, Wakeman, Oh.
(2)    Suzanne Marie, b Nov. 20, 1957. Residence, Wakeman, Oh.

      Children of Fern Louise by second marriage

(3)    Michael Monroe, b July 20, 1960.
(4)    Patrick Emery, b Dec. 12, 1962.
(5)    Shannon LaVille, b Aug. 11, 1970.

(b)     Ralph Earl b Sept. 23, 1942; m Katherine Stonebrook. Residence, Mt. Morris, Mich.

Children of Ralph Earl Worcester

(1)     David Earl, b Feb. 10, 1964.
(2)     Ferrie Jane, b Feb. 2, 1967.

(c) Samuel Thomas, b June 6, 1944; m Maureen Camera.

Children of Samuel Thomas Worcester

(1) Jeffery Todd, b May 23, 1965.
(2) Daniel Thomas, b June 2, 1969.
(3) Sandra Jean, b Nov. 24, 1970.

X-257 James Calvert.
X-258 Philip Howard.

X-259 Maretta, b Apr. 29, 1925, Oberlin, Oh.; m Jan. 15, 1946, Wilbur Eugene Van Ausdale. Oberlin H.S., 1944. Asst. in Office of Registrar, Oberlin College.

Children of Maretta Van Ausdale

(a)    Susan, b Feb. 23, 1952.
(b)    William Alan, b Mar. 2, 1957.

No. IX-460
(Andrew Edwards8, Ai Brown7, Levi6, Joseph5, Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Dec. 13, 1859; m May 1, 1891, Mabel C. Lovering.

Children of Edward LeForest Worcester

X-260 Ralph Edward, b Sept. 10, 1892.
X-261 Roy Wilton, b Sept. 20, 1896.

No. IX-464a
     ROBERT HENRY WORSTER (Eugene Henry8, David Sayles7, Ebenezer6, Moses5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Chautauqua, NY, Sep 16, 1880; m Nov. 11, 1903, Katherine Isabel Love, dau George Nelson Love and Emily L. Peck; d Ripley, NY, Jul. 1964.

Children of Robert Henry Worster

X-261a  Norton Lynn.

X-262b  Lawrence Henry, b Chautauqua, NY, Sep. 4, 1904; m ___ Florence; d Falconer, NY Aug. 1987.

X-261c   David Worster, b Jun. 4, 1912; m Northeast Pa., Jul. 13, 1931, Margaret Frazer Ross, b Inverness, Nova Scotia, Jan. 9, 1909; d Plainview, Minn., Mar. 13, 2006.

No. IX-465
(Henry Brown
8, Anson7, Ebenezer6, Ebenezer5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b North Liberty, Ind., Apr. 15, 1869, d North Liberty, Apr. 8, 1944; m1st Stella Klingerman, b Mar. 25, 1889, d Jan. 29, 1929; m2d North Liberty, Aug. 9, 1904, Chloe Mathewson, b Nortonville, Ks., Jan. 31, 1875, d Kansas, June 14, 1911.

Children of James Bert Worster by 1st m

X-262 Helen, b Jan. 24, 1929; m Robert Reed.
X-263 James, b Apr. 8, 1920.
X-264 Robert Otto, b May 29, 1927.

Children of James Bert Worster by 2d m

X-265 Henry Bert, b June 9, 1905.
X-266 S. Wayne, b Dec. 31, 1906.

No. IX-466
(Henry Brown
8, Anson7, Ebenezer6, Ebenezer5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b North Liberty, Ind., Sept. 19, 1872, d North Liberty, Nov. 30, 1953; m1st Mable Van Winkle, b Michigan, July 12, 1885, d Coshocton, Ohio, Jan. 20, 1979 (divorced Nov. 16, 1906, Ind.); m2d St. Joseph Co., Ind., July 18, 1896, Delpha Ezadie, dau of Samuel and Amanda (Bussert) Swihart, b Poke Twp., Marshal Co., Ind., May 23, 1880, d South bend, Ind., Dec. 27, 1949.

Children of Charles Sidney Worster by 1st m

X-267 Harry Lewis.
X-268 Howard Monroe, b Aug. 17, 1919, d May 12, 1944; m Janet ___. First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces, 548th bomber Group, Heavy. He entered service from New York. He was a B-17 pilot and was killed in a raid over Germany during the Second World War. Burial, Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands.

Children of Charles Sidney Worster by 2d m

X-269 Derwin Wordsworth.

No. IX-502
(Charles H.8, Thomas7, Thomas6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b NY City, Aug. 31, 1898.

Children of Clarence Milton

X-270 Robert Milton, b Kansas City, Ks., Dec. 21, 1933. Residence, Maidstone, Kent, England

No. IX-520
(George A.8, George7, Alexander6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Lebanin, Me., Aug. 12, 1883; m Strafford, Vt., Aug. 12, 1911, Cora Jane Rogers, b Chelsea, Vt., Nov. 3, 1889. Residence, Lebanon, Me. Farmer.

Children of Leslie L. Worcester

X-271 Ralph Waldo, b Lebanon, July 17, 1912.
X-272 Ruth Everlyn, b Sept. 2, 1914.
X-273 Leslie Rogers, b Sept. 2, 1914, d Sept. 2, 1914.
X-274 Cora Muriel, b Apr. 2, 1916.
X-275 Helen Elizabeth, b May 17, 1918.

No. IX-523
(Hiram Clifford8, George7, Alexander6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 2, 1872, drowned Goff’s Falls, NH, Oct. 21, 1903; m N. Haven, Me., June 20, 1899, Mabel C. Snow, b Hyde Park, Mass. Residence, Bradford, Mass. Clerk.

Children of Waldo Thorne Worcester

X-276 Dorothy Elizabeth, b Suncook, NH, May 6, 1900. Residence, Bradford, Mass.
X-277 Calvin Thorne, b Concord, NH, July 15, 1901. Residence, Bradford, Mass.

No. IX-526
(George Albert8, George7, Isaac6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Allenstown, NH., Sep. 11, 1869, d East Jaffrey, NH., Feb. 20, 1944, m Alice Gertrude Emery, b Aug. 16, 1870, d Rockville, CN, Aug. 30, 1935. Owner of Batchelder Worcester & Co. and Smith Box & Lumber Co. Elected to State Legislature in 1901, Chairman Republican State COmmittee, President of  Manchester Rotary Club. Residence, MAnchester, NH.

Children of Benjamin Fesseden Worcester

X-278 Albert Emery.
X-279 Tryphosa Rosalette, b Suncock, NH, June 12, 1896. Simmons College, Boston, Mass., B.S.; University of Michigan, M.D., 1925. Physician (dermatologist). Consulting Dermatologist, Columbia University Health Service, New York City. Consulting Dermatologist at St. Luke’s Hospital, New York City. Residence, Southbury, Conn.

No. IX-527
        GEORGE W. WORSTER (Isaac R.8, Joshua7, George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Levant, Me., Oct. 12, 1853, d Kenduskeag, Me., Feb. 23, 1927; m Helen Weld.

Children of George W.  Worster

X-280 Chester, b Levant, Me., d E. Bangor, Me., Oct. 13, 1904.
X-281 Lucy Mae, b Kenduskeag, Me., Feb. 27, 1881, d Bangor, Me., July 3, 1962; m Herbert Loren Wilson, b Jan. 10, 1881, d July 4, 1960.

Children of Lucy Mae and Herbert Loren Wilson

(a) Carolyn.

X-282 Dora H., b Kenduskeag, Me., Nov. 15, 1887.

No. IX-532
        GEORGE HENRY WORSTER (George Washington8, Lemuel7, George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Bangor, Me., 1871, d Bangor, Me., Feb. 26, 1965, cause: pneumonia; m Sept. 5, 1898, Carrie Emma Rich, b Bangor, Me., Dec. 3, 1875, d Bangor, Me., Apr. 7, 1958, (Mt. Hope Cemetery). He received BA, MA, and LLD from University of Maine. Law professor at the University of Maine. Lawyer and Judge.

Children of George Henry Worster

X-283  Raymond George.

No. IX-536
       WILLIAM BROWN WORSTER (Galen8, Thomas Hilliard7, George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Bangor, Me., Nov. 2, 1873, d Belfast, Me., m1st Aug. 25, 1894, Martha J. Simpson, b Bangor, Me., Jan. 9, 1875, d Searsport, Me., Mar. 27, 1928; m2d Belfast, Me., Oct. 22, 1932, Annie Thompson Moulton.

Children of William Brown Worster

X-284 Cecil, b Apr. 4, 1902, d Oct. 30, 1918.

No. IX-540
       RALPH GALEN WORSTER (Galen8, Thomas Hilliard7, George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Carmel, Me., July 29, 1884, d Mar. 7, 1928; m Apr. 19, 1908, Doritha Norsler, b Denmark.

Children of Ralph Galen Worster

X-285 Robert, b Carmel, Me., Sept. 30, 1914.
X-286 Fred Elmer, b Carmel, Me., Apr. 15, 1918.

No. IX-543
       CHARLES P. WORSTER (William F8., Soloman7, George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Bangor, Me., d Bangor, Me., Oct. 11, 1913; m Bangor, Me., Sept. 27, 1904, Annie Josephine Logan, d Oct. 30, 1913.

Children of Charles P. Worster

X-287 Charles John, b Dec. 19, 1904.
X-288 Anne, b July 12, 1906.
X-289 Doris M., b June 4, 1908.
X-290 Charles William, b Oct. 24, 1910.

No. IX-547
(John Palmer
8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me, Nov. 2, 1848, d Columbia Falls, Me., Sept. 25, 1911; m Columbia, Me., Nov. 15, 1869, Emily Elizabeth Dorr, b May 1, 1853, d Apr. 16, 1886. Farmer, lumberman, and day laborer at Columbia, Me.

Children of Amos Worcester

X-291 Amos Henry.

No. IX-548
(John Palmer
8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., Apr. 8, 1852, d Dec. 20, 1941; m Columbia, Me., Oct. 24, 1874, Julia A. (Dorr) French, b June 1851, d Columbia, Me., Aug. 22, 1911. Farmer and day laborer at Columbia. Me.

Children of Leander Knowles Worcester

X-292 Sarah J.
X-293 Georgia A.
X-294 Bertha A.
X-295 Delila.
Harvey B.

No. IX-552
WORCESTER (John Palmer8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., July 1863, d Nov. 20, 1914; m Sug. 1894, Annie M., dau of George and Julia Lindsey of Harrington, b June 1872, d Bradford, Mass., 1914+. She m2d Hezekiah Norton and moved to Bradford, Mass.

Children of John Palmer Worcester

X-297 George P.

No. IX-553
        CHARLES C.
WORCESTER (John Palmer8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., Sept. 13, 1866, d Columbia, Me., Jan. 28, 1950 (Epping Cemetery, Columbia); m Columbia, Me., Dec. 25, 1888, Della P., dau of Asa Tucker Worcester and Lucinda V. Tibbetts, b Columbia Falls, Me., June 8, 1870, d Jan. 12, 1951.

Children of Charles C. Worcester

X-298 Doris Berle.
X-299 Charles C.

X-300 Ethel, b Sept. 14, 1889, d Oct. 18, 1914..
X-301 Josephine, b Columbia, Me., June 27, 1897, d Columbia, Me., Dec. 26, 1970; m Sept. 27, 1924, Oden W. Rice.
X-302 Rachel, b Sept. 13, 1903; m Calvin Scovil.
X-303 Donald E., b Columbia, Me., Sept 6, 1911, d Columbia, Me., May 14, 1961.

No. IX-560
8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia Falls, Me., Dec. 15, 1883, d Columbia, Me., July 10, 1958; m Columbia Falls, Me., Sept. 24, 1909, Laura Catherine Grant, b Columbia Falls, Me., Jan. 6, 1894, d Sullivan, Me., Aug. 31, 1987. Laborer, wood cutter, pulpwood.

Children of William Wesley Worcester

X-303a Richard Vincent, b Jun. 9, 1910, d Feb. 21, 1979.

X-303b Austin "Crush" Harmon, m HArriet Reed.

X-303c Herbert Shirley, m Isabella Openshaw.

X-303d Wesley.

X-303e Wilbur Wilson, Sr. b Dec. 6, 1918, m Mary Frances Perry.

X-303f Avis, m Raymond Savage.

No. IX-561
(Moses8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia Falls, Me., Jan. 18, 1886, d Oct. 1918; m Aug. 8, 1914, Lettie Lee Grant, b Columbia Falls, Me., cMay 31, 1881, d Dec. 14, 1918. She m2d Apr. 13, 1901, Harvey B. Worcester.

Children of Moses Jefferson Worcester

X-305 Ina G.

No. IX-566
(Daniel Corthell8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., June 8, 1844, d Columbia, Me., June 5 1900; m Oct. 28, 1873 Emma Augusta, dau Benjamin N. and Emma (Worcester) Tucker, b June 27, 1856, d Mar. 9, 1911. She m 2d William Howard Worcester, son of William Bingham Worcester and Frances Campbell Ingersoll on May 18, 1901.

Children of Ferdinand Worcester

X-306 Ralph Eben.
X-307 Albert Daniel,
b Columbia, Me., Dec. 23, 1883, d Bangor, Me., Apr. 21, 1949; m Vera E. dau Edgar and Annie (Allen) Dorr. Auto mechanic.
X-308 Jennie Augusta, b Columbia, Me., Oct. 22, 1890, d Jan. 31 1987; m June 28, 1911, Luther Green son of William Johnson and Amelda Longfellow (Ingersoll) Sawyer.

No. IX-567
Ashiel M. Worcester
Aschiel M. Worcester

(Daniel Corthell8,  Leonard7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me.July 9, 1848, d Columbia Falls, Me., Apr. 27, 1920 (Epping Cemetery); m Harrington, Mass., Oct. 26, 1871, Julia Emma Coffin, b Columbia, Me., d Columbia Falls, Me., Nov. 16, 1913.

Children of Aschiel M. Worcester

X-309 Edward, b 1873, d May 12, 1881.
X-310 Sadie, b 1878, d 1927.

No. IX-570
(Alfred Small
8, Leonard7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)  b Apr. 7, 1870, d Oct. 21, 1954; m Cherryfield, Me., Oct. 9, 1895, Katherin Stanwood Foster, b May 1874, d 1944.

Children of Ralph Waldo G. Worcester

X-311 Homer F., b Columbia, Me., May 16, 1896, d Ellswrorth, Me., Dec. 23, 1972; m Jonesport, Me., June 15, 1927, Francis Victoria Sawyer. He was a Maine State Senator in 1935.

No. IX-572
(Alfred Small8,  Leonard7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., Dec. 2, 1875, d Oct. 10, 1960; m May 23, 1900, Jennie Etta, dau of Leonard Magee and Eliza Emma (Steele) Donovan, b Feb. 23, 1979, d May 22, 1958. Farmer and day laborer at Columbia, Me.

Children of Charles Kimball Worcester

X-312 Orman Charles.
X-313 Roscoe, b Mar. 6, 1914; m Mar. 8, 1941, Virginia B. Kelly, b Jonesport, NY, Nov. 1, 1915, d Apr. 11, 1985.
X-314 Maxine, b Oct. 31, 1917; m Oct. 31, 1917, Lawrence A. Watts, b Jonesport, NY, Jan. 12, 1911, d Machia, Me., Mar. 14, 1988.

No. IX-574
(Alfred Small
8,  Leonard7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., June 19, 1882, d Ellsworth, Me., June 10, 1978; m Columbia, Me., Dec. 31, 1908, Sophie Edna Ramsdell, b Nov. 28, 1887, d Southwest Harbor, Me., Oct. 15, 1966. Lumberman.

Children of Ben Conley Worcester

X-315 Alfred Small, b Machias, Me., May 2, 1913, d Northeast Harbor, Me., Jan. 26, 1978; m Feb. 13, 1940, Vernamae Sutherland.
X-316 Idabelle Conley, b Columbia, Me., Mar. 17, 1910, d 1998; m Lewistown, Me., Feb. 22, 1932, Ralph Hamilton Long, Sr., b Bagdad, New Brunswick, Canada, Nov. 17, 1906, d Bangior, Me., Mar. 4, 1972.

Children of Idabelle Conley and Ralph Hamilton Long, Sr.

(a) Ralph H. Long, Jr., b 1932, d 1992.

No. IX-579
(Algernon8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., May 5, 1865, d Columbia, Me., June 17, 1947; m July 25, 1904, Alameda Tucker Worcester, dau of Moses Worcester and Abigail J. Dorr. Farmer and day laborer at Columbia during early 1900s..

Children of Herbert E. Worcester

X-317 Mabel Lillian, b ___; m Lewis G. Seavey, b Nov. 11, 1897, d Columbia, Me., Oct. 1982.

Children of Mabel Lillian Seavey

(a)  Winona, b Columbia, Me., Jan. 20, 1928, North Carolina, 1992; m Milton Robert Perry, Jr., b Harrington, Me., May 12, 1927, d Harrington, Me., Mar. 9, 1976.

Children of Winona Perry

(1) Roderick, b Jonesport, Me., Mar. 31, 1959.
(2) Patricia, b Jonesport, Me., Apr. 13, 1957.
(3) Joan, b Jonesport, Me., July 26, 1955.
(4) Rebecca Dawn, b Jonesport, Me., May 27, 1951. 

(b)  Raymond.
(c)  Roberta.

No. IX-580
Algernon8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., May 10, 1867, d May 26, 1946; m May 31, 1892, Laura, dau of Henry Franklin and Direxa Jane (Worcester) Foster, b Aug. 18, 1873, d Feb. 6, 1969. Between 1900 and 1920 he was a farmer and owned blueberry fields and raised foxes.

Children of Allison P. Worcester

X-318 Lillian.
X-319 Clifford R., b 1892, d 1963; m Nov. 6, 1920, Mildred Ramsdell Fernald.
X-320 Bertha, b Nov. 6, 1893, d 1981; m Nov. 28, 1917, Ray F. Look.

No. IX-581
(Algernon8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., May 1, 1869, d 1942; m 1900, Georgia Raymond Packard.

Children of Harry Worcester

X-321 Hazel; m Kenneth Blake.

No. IX-583
Algernon8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Aug. 15, 1873, d Apr. 5, 1939; m Oct. 26, 1894, Susie Naomi Clark, b Feb 18, 1879, d Feb. 24, 1917. Farmer at Columbia, Me.

Children of Irving W. Worcester

X-322 Carl E.; m Sept. 12, 1925, Blanche W. Tabbutt.
X-323 Maurice.
X-324 Morton, d young.
X-325 Justin E., b Columbia, Me., Oct. 21, 1911, d Dover-Foxcroft, Me., Apr. 22, 1995 (Columbia Cemetery); m Theresa Galen.

No. IX-585
8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Mar. 22, 1878, d Phillips, Mar. 29, 1926; m Oct. 109, 1903, Lena W., dau of Zimro Drisko and Phidelia (Worcester) Tibbetts, b Columbia Falls, Me., Mar. 31, 1884, d Milbridge, Me., Feb. 27, 1960. Grammar school teacher and superintendent at Columbia, Me.

Children of Eri M. Worcester

X-326 Cecil O.
X-327 Embert; m Oct. 2, 1926, Cora McLaughlin
X-328 Corace; m Merton Hardy.
X-329 Glennis; m Oakley Wallace

No. IX-588
(Theodore Frelinghuysen8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., June 16, 1868, d Bar Harbor, Me., Feb. 11, 1951; m 1st Jan. 19, 1889 (int. Oct. 11, 1888), Alice Emily, dau of Frank L. and Roxanna L. (Grant) Clark, b Jan. 5, 1874, Steuben, d Bar Harbor, Me., Jan. 5, 1931; m 2nd Oct. 30, 1933, Mary (Gray) Batchelder, d Skowhegan, July 25, 1963, 1932. Residences, Columbia, Sullivan, Harrington, Bar Harbor, & Cannan, Me.

Children of Thaddeus Worcester

X-330 Frank C.
X-331 Georgia E.
, b Oct. 27, 1891; m Harold Whitney.
X-332 Blanche E., b Aug. 31, 1894, d Nov. 29, 1961; m Jesse Coffin, b Jan. 27, 1883, d Mar. 7, 1956.
X-333 Sheridan, b Jan. 19, 1896, d Jan. 19, 1911.
X-334 Plumia, b Columbia, Me., Nov. 27, 1898; m June 1, 1919, Leland Jewell.
X-335 Marjorie, b Oct. 23, 1904; m
Nov. 24, 1932, Richmond Paine.

No. IX-595
(Theodore Frelinghuysen8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., Oct. 23, 1883, Harrington, Me., Dec. 27, 1968; m1st Aug. 9, 1905, Laura M. Mawhinney, b Jonesboro, Me., Aug. 26, 1888.; m2d Dec. 6, 1947, Ethel M. Willey, Cherryfield, Me., Apr. 18, 1893, d Ellsworth, Dec. 15, 1990. Alden Moses was a state trooper for the State of Maine in Harrington and Columbia between 1910 and 1920.

Children of Alden Moses Worcester

X-336 Florence Roberta.
X-337 Ida Maud.
X-338 George F.
, b Jonesboro, Me., Mar. 17, 1906.
X-339 Theodore F., b Harrington, Me., Aug 17, 1909, d Harrington, Me., Aug. 2, 1910.
X-340 Fred, b Apr. 26, 1916; m Helen Gibson.
X-341 Lester, b Dec. 7, 1918; m Phyllis Flaney.
X-342 Robert Arnold, b May 12, 1920.
X-343 Alden Moses, b July 22, 1921; m May 30, 1941, Opal Malone.
X-344 Audrey Bernice, b Dec. 6, 1923; m Raymond Senechal.

No. IX-602
(Samuel Cummings
8, Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b June 8, 1852, d California, c1898 (multiple sclerosis); m Columbia, Me., Nov. 16, 1872, Julia E. Worcester, b 1858, d 1945. Removed to Santa Cruz, Calif. in 1889 with Ingersoll family.

Children of Lory S.. Worcester

X-345 Samuel.

No. IX-618
(Francis Cummings8, Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b abt. 1865; m Oct. 11, 1890, Lillian, dau of Dyer and Elvena (Hodgkins) Young. She d Feb. 16, 1903. Teamster in Bar Harbor.

Children of George Francis Worcester

X-346 Dora, b July 26, 1888.
X-347 Bessie, b Apr. 1891, d 1891.
X-348 Frank George.
X-349 Myra, b Mar. 23, 1898, d 1900.
X-350Vena Mae, b June 8, 1900, d Feb. 1984; m Ralph Mason Robert.

No. IX-619
(Francis Cummings
8, Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Sept. 1867, d 1941; m July 2, 1888, Susanna Davis Beal, b May 1870, d 1950. Wilbur is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Jonesport, Me.

Children of Wilbur M. Worcester

X-351 Eliza Emma.
X-352 Josephine Sawyer
; m Fred Church.
X-353 Betsey Sophia
; m Haskell Woodward.
X-354 Lois Adelaide
; m Thurman Alley.
X-355 Emily Beal
; m Milton Beal.
X-356 Winifred Alverna
; Benjamin Beal
X-357 Susanna Musette
; m Albert Alley.
X-358 Thomas Forrester
d in France during World War II.
X-359 Wilber Mariner
, b July 18, 1906, d Machias, Me., Nov. 1, 1992; m Florence Evelyn Alley.
X-360 Winifred Mae, b July 18, 1906, d cJuly 18, 1906.

No. IX-621
(Francis Cummings
8, Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b July 22, 1876, d c1922; m July 3, 1894, Minnie L. Bracy, b Columbia, Me., Kuly 22, 1876, d Southwest Harbor, Me., Aug. 21, 1957.

Children of Forrester R.. Worcester

X-361 Elizabeth.
X-362 Frederick.
X-363 Ella Mae

No. IX-625
(William Augustus8, Clement Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Jan. 28, 1855, d 1937; m Apr. 19, 1879, Rosilla, dau of Eli and Diadema (Smith) Tracy (Eli), b Cherryfield, Me., Jan. 1, 1859, d Harrington, Feb. 18, 1950.

Children of Billings Augustus Worcester

X-364 Frank. Living with his son John in June 1969.

No. IX-629
 (Asa Tucker
8, Clement Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, Willia m1) b Aug. 8, 1855, d Jonesport Apr. 6, 1937; m Addison, Me., Spet 6, 1875, Nancy Ann "Annie" Cummings, b Jonesport, Me., Feb. 1856, d Jonesport, Me., Mar. 19, 1928. Day laborer at Columbia Falls, Me. and Jonesport, Me.

Children of Warren Cleveland  Worcester

X-364a Grace Ann. b Jonesport, Me., May 11, 1880; d Jonesport, Me., Mar. 25, 1946; m Sept. 20, 1902, Charles Augustis Lamson, b 1883, d 1953. Grace and Charles had two daughters.
X-364b Willard M. b 1884, d 1900, Columbia, Me.
X-364c Grover C.
X-364d Ida M. b 1894, d 1963; m __ Kelley.

No. IX-631
(Asa Tucker8, Clement F.7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia Falls, Me., May 20, 1861, d Oct. 14, 1941, at the US Veterans Hospital in Rutland, Mass. (buried at the U.S. National Cemetery, Farmingdale, L.I., NY.) ; m 1890, Mina Mae Aldrich, b Pittsburgh, NH, Jan . 10, 1870, d Mar., 1946. Education, Country School, Columbia Falls, Me., Spanish American War veteran, Private, Co. H, 13th NH Volunteers. Railroad worker.

Children of Asa Tucker Worcester

X-365 William Wallace.
X-366 Pearl

No. IX-632
(Asa Tucker8, Clement F.7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia Falls, Me., Mar. 27, 1863, d May 18, 1925; m July 13, 1904, Lenora E. Norton, b Apr. 4, 1882, d Apr. 16, 1968. Farmer and laborer in Columbia, Me., c 1920. Retired to Florida c 1920.

Children of Everett Vanleason Worcester

X-367 Verrill Roland.

X-367a Asa Tucker.

No. IX-637
(Asa Tucker8, Clement Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b May 23, 1875, d Sept. 1942; Columbia Falls, Apr. 14, 1900, Lenora L. "Nora" Tibbetts, b Columbia Falls, June 4, 1882, d Ellsworth, Me., Mar. 18, 1983. Laborer at Columbia Falls.

Children of Philander Worcester

X-368 Marie L., b c1901; George H., b c1903.
X-369 George H. b c 1903.

No. IX-634
(Joseph W.
8, Clement Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia Falls, Me., June 17, 1872; d Colchester, Vt., Aug. 23, 1941, bur. Lakeview Ce,etery, Burlington, Vt.; m1st  Cora May Bowden,  b 1871, Castine, Me.,d Feb. 12 at Waterville, Me., bur. Castine Cemetery, Me.;  m2d 1913, Georgianna Lauzon, b Winooski, Me., Sept. 18, 1869, d Mar. 20, 1944, Butlers COrners, Vt., dau of Joseph Lauzon and Delia Touchette Lauzon.

Children of Aaron LeRoy Worcester

X-369a Evelyn Louise, b Dark Harbor, Me., June 10, 1903; d Silver Springs, Md., May 20, 1995; m Perley Milo Cross (1928-2010).

X-369b Willard Dolan.
X-369c Milton Everett  (1928-2010)

No. IX-661
(Alfred L.8, Seward Bucknam7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Springfield, Me., July 14, 1866, d Bangor, Me., Jan. 14, 1947; m Mattawamkeag, Me., Apr. 22, 1893, Elizabeth T. Whitney, b Bangor, Me. Seward B. was a well known guide in Maine c1880.

Children of Seward B. Worster

X-370 Isaac C., b Macwahoc, Me., Sept. 11, 1894, d Greenville, Me., June 7, 1916.
X-371 Clara M., b Macwahoc, Me., Aug. 23, 1899.
X-372 Ella Frances, b Macwahoc, Me., Oct. 18, 1901.
X-373 Edith, b Macwahoc, Me.,, Apr. 27, 1904.

No. IX-664
(Alfred L.
8, Seward Bucknam7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Cossuth, Me., Oct. 15, 1874, d Greenville, Me., Oct. 3, 1951; m Bitha Davis, b Springfield, Me.

Children of Allen Walter Worster

X-374 Flora, b Springfield, Me., Sept. 8, 1901.
X-375 Blanche, b Macwahoc, Me., Dec. 4, 1903.
X-376 Ethek Marion, b Macwahoc, Me., b Nov. 27, 1904.
X-377 Frank A., b Aug. 18, 1906; m Dec. 26, 1927, Ollie Etta Cunningham.

No. IX-668
aka "Barney" (Alfred L.8, Seward Bucknam7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Springfield, Me., Sept. 10, 1879, d Webster Plantation, Me., Nov. 1, 1962; m1st Webster Plantation, May 16, 1901, Barbara Worster, dau of Albert Worster and Melvina Davis (divorced c 1914; m2d Rockwood, Me., Nov. 15, 1920, Delvina Beruve.

Children of Alfred Worster by 1st m

X-378 Luddie; m Joseph Worster, dau of William Emery Worster and Lillian B Smith.

Children of Luddie and Joseph Worster

(a) Arlene.
(b) Arnold B., b June 18, 1928, d Feb. 17, 1997.
(c) Harold, b Dec. 31, 1930, d Aug. 18, 2000.

X-379 Lottie M., b Nov. 12, 1901, d Dec. 2, 1968; m Percy Smith.

Children of Lottie M. and Percy Smith

(a) Glenace Althea, b Apr. 16, 1933, d Apr. 1, 2000.

X-380 Warren Wood
X-381 Lloyd Harold.
X-382 Bert Jewett, b Weber Plantation, Me., Aug. 1, 1908.
X-383 Dora M., b June 8, 1911.
X-384 William, b Kingman, Me., Nov. 12, 1913, d Lincoln, Me., Mar. 1987.

Children of Alfred Worster by 2d m

X-385 William, b June 1, 1931, d Lincoln, Me., Mar. 1987.

No. IX-672
(Eli Leighton8, Isaac7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Woodland, Me., Oct. 19, 1884, d Portland, Me., Aug. 11, 1977; m1st c1908, Leota Withee, b Madison, Me., c1893, d Lewiston, Me., May 11, 1910; m2d c1911, Ida May Bean, b Upton, Nh., Mar. 31, 1893, d Searsport, Me., Feb. 12, 1978.

Children of Benjamin O. Worster by second marriage

X-386 Geneva Celestia, b Oct. 6, 1911.
X-387 Edgar B., b Jan. 4, 1913; m Dec. 2, 1934, Madaline G. Barnett.
X-388 Marguerite Ruth, b Sept. 20, 1914.
X-389 Helen May, b July 24, 1916; m Mar. 18, 1934, Elijah White.
X-390 Everett Scott, b Nov. 2, 1920, d Mar. 17, 1987; m Sept. 2, 1939, Enid Cloukia, b 1920, (div. 1967.)

No. IX-673
(Eli Leighton8, Isaac7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Woodland, Me., Apr. 3, 1886, d Lewiston, Me., Mar. 29, 1936; m Madison, Mass., Oct. 23, 1909, Isabella Brown, b Boston.

Children of Ralph Worster

X-391 Daniel Jerome, b Jan. 29, 1912.

No. IX-674
(Eli Leighton8, Isaac7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Woodland, Me., July 28, 1888, d Madison, Me., Apr. 29, 1929; m Oct. 25, 1909, Lucretia May Dinsmore, b Anson, Me., Mar. 16, 1890, d Madison, Me., May 2, 1929.

Children of Linwood Ernest Worster

X-392 Doris Marion, b Nov. 20, 1910, d Jan. 18, 1997.
X-393 Charles Dinsmore, b Oct. 31, 1912, d Jan. 28, 1965; m June 26, 1938, Dorothy Beale, b Madison, Me., Feb. 12, 1915.
X-394 Chester Frederick, b Mar. 3, 1916, d Jan. 27, 1917.
X-395 Arthur Roscoe, b Sept. 16, 1919, d Aug. 15, 1987.

No. IX-679
(Albert B.8, Isaac7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Webster Plantation, Me., Oct. 13, 1887, d Dec. 21, 1968; m Oct. 13, 1910, Gladys M. Davis, b Mattawakeag, Me., July 13, 1894, d Lincoln, Me., Nov. 22, 1988.

Children of Ardie Worster

X-396 Lindy Louis, d bef. 1928.
X-397 Etta, b July 18, 1911, d Jan. 21, 1948; m Horace Johnson.
X-398 Evelyn E., b Sept. 10, 1913, d May 8, 1914.
X-399 Euel Eleanor, b Sept. 20, 1914.
X-400 Glenn Avon, b Dec. 23, 1917, d Aug. 1, 1932.
X-401 Leo Arden, b May 7, 1922, d Aug. 27, 1995. World War II veteran.
X-402 Dale Elwood, b Jan. 7, 1927, d May 17, 1927.
X-403 Ernest, b Oct. 24, 1929, d Oct. 24, 1929.

No. IX-681
(Albert B.8, Isaac7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Webster Plantation, Me., Mar. 31, 1893, d Howland, Me., Feb. 9, 1989; m Prentiss, Me., Mar. 21, 1921, Isabella Thompson Worster, dau of William Emery Worster and Lillian B. Smith, b Prentiss, Me., June 9, 1906, d Jan. 20, 1976.

Children of Ralph Worster

X-404 Raymon E., b Prentiss, Me., May 28, 1922, d May 28, 1922.
X-405 Ralph L., b Springfield, Me., Sept. 22, 1924.
X-406 Albert Emery, b Prentiss, Me., July 23, 1927, d Springfield, Me., June 10, 1928.

No. IX-682
(Albert B.8, Isaac7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Webster Plantation, Feb. 14, 1896, d Sept. 3, 1964 (Kingman Cemetery, Kingman, Me.); m Dec. 10, 1920, Doris A. Davis, b Springfield, Me., Sept. 6, 1904, d Bangor, Me., Apr. 12, 2000..

Children of Roland Worster

X-407 Lucille Edna, b Kingman, Me., Sept. 3, 1922, d Bangor, Me., Sept. 4, 1928.
X-408 Clifford Albert, b Kingmane, Me., Oct. 7, 1924.
X-409 Louis Gordon, b Aug. 29, 1943, d Jan. 21, 1971.

No. IX-684
           EUGENE T. WORSTER
(Mark8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Springfield, Me., June 30, 1864, d Lee, Me., July 16, 1939 (North Cemetery, Lee, Me.); m1st Nellie F. Carver, b Lee, Me., June 10, 1875, d Moro, Me., May 5, 1904; m2d aft May 1904, Polly Dionne (related to famous Dionne quintuplets).

Children of Eugene T. Worster by 1st m

X-410 Ardie C.
X-411 May Martha, b Oct. 13, 1893, d Lincoln, Me., Dec. 23, 1967; m1st Lem A. Barrows; m2d Lee, Me., Nov. 14, 1914, Hardin Rideout.

Children of May Martha and Lem A. Barrows

(a) Florence, b Nov. 3, 1913, d Dec. 9, 1999; m Hollis Priest (divorced)

Children of Florence Barrows and Hollis Priest

(i) Carolyn Althea, b Apr. 25, 1933.

X-412 Raymond.
X-413 Thelma, b Hersey, Me., Sept. 4, 1899, d Mar. 15, 1975; m June 9, 1917, Arthur Rideout, b 1899, d Bangor, Me., 1951.

Children of Thelma and Arthur Rideout

(a) Ernest, b Oct. 14, 1918, d June 10, 1969; m Beryl Goodwin
(b) Arlene, b July 4, 1920, d 1964; m ___ Knights.
(c) Leola M., b Mar. 18, 1922, d Lincoln, Me., May 20, 2000; m Everett Elmer Bryer.
(d) Alice, b Dec. 16, 1924; m Robert Evans, Campton, Ga., Aug. 23, 1921, d Fayetteville, NC, July 18, 1978.
(e) Roger, b Lee, Me., Aug. 12, 1925, d 1966 in a car accident that killed the entire family in Ohio.

Children of Roger Rideout

(1) Rogina, b 1957, d 1966.
(2) LaDonna A., b 1959, d 1966.

(f) Virgil, b Lee, Me., May 6, 1927, d June 6, 1999.

Children of Virgil Rideout

(1) Rory A., b July 29, 1959, d July 29, 1959.
(2) Charles, b Lincoln, Me., Apr. 30, 1961.

X-414 Sylvester.
X-415 Erastus Vinal.
X-416 Adria, b Moro, Me., Apr. 22, 1904, d Apr. 22, 1904.

No. IX-686
           MARK WORSTER
(Mark8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Nov. 15, d July 21, 1929; m Emma Bailey. Child: Virgie E., d Mar. 6, 1913.

Children of Mark Worster

X-417 Virgie E., d Mar. 6, 1913.

No. IX-687
(Robert S.8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Webster Plantation, Me., Aug. 27, 1871, d Prentiss, Me., Feb. 2, 1936; m Pretiss, Me., Oct. 29, 1892, Rose Emma Worster, dau of Joseph Worster and Lorraine Tucker.

Children of Timothy Worster

X-418 Earl Ray.
X-420 Mildred Mae
, b Aug. 30, 1913; m1st Asa Vernon Ogden; m2d Harold Watters.

No. IX-692
          VINAL H. WORSTER
(Howard8, Robert Leighton7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Webster Plantation, Me., Dec. 31, 1905, d Augusta, Me., Jan. 3, 1975; m c1926, Viola Esther Cole, b Springfield, 1910.

Children of Vinal H. Worster

X-421 Jannette Theo, d b Oct. 18, 1927.

No. IX-702
           SEWARD E. WORSTER
(Seward8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)  b Prentiss, Me., Feb. 13, 1881, d Jan. 10, 1966; m1st Sept. 24, 1902, Bertha E. Lathrop, b Prentiss, Me., Oct. 14, 1884, d Carroll, Me., Dec. 6, 1909; m2d July 25, Alda Rae Merrill, b Skowhegan, Me., Apr. 4, 1892, d Dec. 10, 1966. Local blacksmith in the Prentiss area.

Children of Seward E. Worcester by 1st m

X-422 Bernice E., b Mar. 24, 1903, d Carroll, Me..
X-423 Elwood, b Mar. 23, 1904.

Children of Seward E. Worcester by 2d m

X-424 Ollie Odell, d June 22, 1961.
X-425 Artie A., b Prentiss, Me., June 2, 1913, d Dec. 5, 1956; m Hilda Glass.
X-426 Urban K., b Sept. 15, 1919, d Feb. 4, 1943; m Agnes Moore.

No. IX-704
(George Henry8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Prentiss, Me.; m1st Mar. 26 , 1914, Myrtle Tucker, b Webster Plantation, Me., d Lincoln, Me., Dec. 26, 1947; m2d Alice Coffin, d July 16, 1953.

Children of George Milo Worster by 1st m

X-427 Ervin M., b Webster Plantation, Me., Mar. 15, 1917, d Carroll, Me., May 11, 1989.

No. IX-708
(George Henry8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)  b Prentiss, Me., Aug. 31, 1886, d Jan. 22, 1953; m Springfield, Me., Feb. 20, 1907, Elsie Pride Davis, b June 9, 1891, d Oct. 24, 1968.

Children of Benjamin Franklin Worster

X-428 Leslie Arden.
X-429 Mabel Pearl
, b Nov. 3, 1911, d July 16, 1935.
X-430 George Henry, b Mar. 21, 1914, d 1916.
X-431 Louise Amelie, b Jan. 4, 1918; m James Henry McAlpine, son of John Breckenridge McAlpine and Orrie Etta Worster.
X-432 Philip A.

No. IX-710
(George Henry8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)  b May 1, 1896, d Bangor, Me., Aug. 6, 1937; m Springfield, Me., Apr. 4, 1915, Mabel Davis.

Children of Freeman Worster

X-433 Vance Oland, b Apr. 29, 1930.
X-434 Osman Chester, July 5, 1915, d Jan. 27, 1991; m Mar. 1934, Edith Allen.
X-435 Ivan Blake, b June 18, 1921, d Sept. 1, 1979.
X-436 Ruel, b 1923; m Arnie Alice Munson.
X-437 James Henry, b Aug. 3, 1927.

No. IX-712
(George Henry8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)  b Prentiss, Me., Apr. 13, 1902, d Aug. 30, 1975; m Prentiss, Me., June 15, 1924, Lillian H. Stinson.

Children of Arthur L. Worster

X-438 Juanita Mae, b Prentiss, Me., Dec. 27, 1932, d Nov. 26, 1981.
X-439 Robert B., b Aug. 29, 1936, d Nov. 11, 1980.
X-440 Edward T., b Kingman, Me., Apr. 4, 1938, d Oct. 31, 1999.
X-441 Warren E., b Kingman, Me., Apr. 28, 1942, d Sherman, Me., May, 15, 1970.
X-442 Naomi F., b Kingman, Me., July 12, 1943, d Lincoln, Me., Sept. 26, 1985.
X-443 Pansy E., b Mar. 23, 1926, d Aug.  27, 1974.

No. IX-715
(George Henry8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Prentiss, Me., Sept. 5, 1905; m Sarah Hafford.

Children of Herbert E. Worster

X-444 Reginald.
X-445 Freeman.
X-446 Joseph.
X-447 Nancy.

No. IX-716
(William Emery8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) married Luddie, dau of Alfred and Barbara Worster.

Children of Joseph Worster

X-448 Arlene; m Nov. 1, 1941, Philip A. Worster, son of Benj. Franklin Worster and Elise Pride Davis.
X-449 Arnold
, b Kingman, Me., June 18, 1928, d Lincoln, Me., Feb. 17, 1997 (Cole Cemetery).
X-450 Harold
, b Dec. 31, 1930, d New Haven Ct., Aug. 18, 2000. Served in Korean War.

No. IX-724
(William Emery8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Prentiss, Me., Nov. 12, 1913, d Lincoln, Me., Mar. 24,1987; m Mildred Blanche Jipson, b Prentiss, Me., Aug. 21, 1919.

Children of William Edward Worster

X-451 Christine Audrey, b Prentiss, Me., Dec. 9, 1943, d Oct. 12, 1944.

No. IX-736
wpe15.jpg (12996 bytes)
William F. Worcester

(Asa Franklin8, Bradbury7, Aaaron6, Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Omro, Wis., May 16, 1876; m Aug. 15, 1901, Daisy Beulah Brinton, who d Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 9, 1902. At an early age he helped himself through school by selling newspapers and went to the World’s Fair, Chicago, 1893, as the successful competitor in a contest of popular newsboys. After several years’ experience in the office of a wholesale grocery, he accepted a position in Government service, Washington, D.C. When the Department of Commerce and Labor was organized he rose from one position to another till he was made one of the expert field men of the Bureau, in charge of important work in various parts of the United States. In 1910 he was designated as Chief Special Agent for Wisconsin, with headquarters in Milwaukee. Returning to Washington, DC at the conclusion of his work he was placed in charge of the Census of Floriculture. It is said that his experience in this line, his judgement of men, and his executive ability fitted him admirably for his work. He resigned from governmental service, June, 1911, and was appointed District Manager for a prominent Appraisal Co. in his home town. Residence, Milwaukee, Wis.

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