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No. X-1
(Charles Clarence9, Charles8, Nathaniel7, Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Walpole, NH, July 28, 1878; m June 25, 1912, Alice Lydia Sand. Residence, Beverly, Mass. Post Office clerk.

Children of George Leon Worcester

XI-1 Margaret Adeline, b Beverly, June 1, 1913.

No. X-13
(Harry9, Benjamin Franklin8, George7, Samuel6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Dayton, Oh., Mar. 10, 1877, d Middletown, Oh., Feb. 5, 1949 (bur. Woodside Cemetery); m June 6, 1942, Frances Elizabeth dau Harrison L. and Mary D. Dell of Middletown, Oh., b Middletown, Oh., Apr. 21, 1915. Middeltown H.S.; University of Alabama, 1928-29; Ohio State University, 1929-31; University of Cincinnati, J.D., 1934. He practiced law in Cincinnati, Oh. He received a commission with the Judge Advocate General Department, Army Air Corp in World War II; retired with the rank of Lt. Col. Following the war he was an Administrative Law Judge with the United States Government in Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Pa. and Charlotte, NC.

Children of Benjamin Donner Worcester

XI-2 Linda Dell, b Madison, Wis., Aug. 21, 1944; m Jan. 17, 1965, George Robert Dobbs, b Asheville, NC, Apr. 19, 1943. Myers Park H.S, Charlotte, NC; attended Meredith College, Raleigh, NC, 1961-65. Her husband is an executive with Long Libes Division, American Telephone and Telegraph, New York. He received a B.S. from North Carolina State University, and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Children of Linda Dell Dobbs

(a)    Ashley Rae.
(b)    Robin Page
(c)    Robert Blair.

XI-3 Janet L., b Middletown, Oh., Feb. 5, 1951; m May 23, 1970, Gregory James Buffone, b Steubenville, Oh., 1949. Yorktown, Arlington, Va. H.S.; attended Jacksonville University, 1969-70. Her husband received a B.S. degree from the University of Florida, 1971; M.S. in Bio-Chemistry, University of Florida, 1973; Ph.D. in Clinical Chemistry, University of North Carolina School of Medicine.
XI-4 Dean S., b Middletown, Oh., May 5, 1952. St. Stephens School, Alexandria, Va., 1970; Hampden-Sydney College, 1974.

No. X-19
(Wilfred James9, Edwin Dean8, Eldad7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b New York City, May 12, 1898; m Aug. 21, 1920, Lucy Hartwell Train, b Boston, Mass., Oct. 3, 1899. Yale University, B.A., 1919; Mass. Inst. of Tech., B.S., 1922. U.S.N.R.F., 1917-19. Attorney practicing in New York City.

Children of Dean Kirkham Worcester

XI-5 Dean Kirkham.
XI-6 Shirley
, b New York City, Nov. 10, 1925; m July 7, 1967, Edmund M. Braun, b New York City, May 25, 1917. Smith College, B.A., 1947; Columbia University, D.Ed., 1972. Secretarial work at the Rockefeller Institute, New York, and consultant to various organizations in linguistics.
XI-7 Susan, b New York City, June 8, 1928; m Oct. 21, 1949, Justin Light. Bennington College. College librarian. Residence, Suffield, Conn.

Children of Susan Light

(a)    Alan, b June 23, 1951.
(b)    Rachel, b Jan. 30, 1953.
(c)    Christine, b Dec. 10, 1954
(d)    Steven, b Feb. 26, 1956.
(e)    Daniel, b Dec. 1, 1958.

XI-8 Lucy Lawrence, b New York City, May 28, 1930; m July 22, 1954, Henry Chauncey, b Feb. 9, 1905, Brooklyn, NY. Smith College, B.A., 1952. Assistant editor of University magazine.

Children of Lucy Lawrence Chauncey

(a)    Susan T., b Dec. 13, 1955.
(b)    Caroline T., b Aug. 8, 1957.
(c)    Deborah L., b Dec. 19. 1958.
(d)    Sarah K., b June 18, 1966.

No. X-27
(Richard Hoe9, Albert Augustus8, Horatio7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Honolulu, Hi., Aug. 24, 1923, d Monterey, Calif., Mar. 25, 1975 of a heart attack; m Feb. 2, 1957, Caroline Leach Agler, b Youngstown, Oh., Sept. 12, 1926. Douglas was educated at Punahou School in Hawaii, Cornell University and Georgetown University.

Children of Douglas John Worcester

XI-9 Kimball,
XI-10 Alison, b San Francisco, Calif., Mar. 6, 1959.

Children of Alison Worcester

(a) Jade L., b Jiangxt Province, China, July 28, 2001.

XI-11 Charlotte, b San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 1, 1962; m Apr. 14, 1999, div. 2004, Ubirata Chaves Coelho, b Feb. 26, 1974, Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil. She received a Bachelor of Arts, spanish language, Calif. Teaching Credential.

Children of Charlotte Worcester

(a) Beatriz, b Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Oct. 16, 1999.

(a) Lucas Worcester, b San Francisco, Dec. 6, 2002.


No. X-29
(Henry Elwynne9, Horatio Elwynne8, Henry Elwynne7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Washington, DC, Dec. 14, 1939; m Feb. 9, 1970,Rosemary Harriett Baer, b Jan. 10, 1949, Baltimore, MD. Ran in the Preakness horse race. Residence, Laurel, Md.

Children of Henry Elwynne Worcester

XI-12 Henry Elwynne, b Jan. 16, 1961.
XI-13 Bret Lane, b Mar. 7, 1971.
XI-14 Dusty Lee, b Mar. 13, 1973.

No. X-30
(Henry Elwynne9, Horatio Elwynne8, Henry Elwynne7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Winchester, Mass., Apr. 23, 1920; m June 14, 1943, Margaret Ann Herzig, b Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 1, 1921, d Apr. 11, 2006, Naples, Fla.; d Oct. 2, 2009. First Lt., U.S. Army, retired in 1946. President, New England Carbide Tool Company. Residence, Naples, Florida.

Children of John Duncan Worcester

XI-15 Charles Elwynne, b Eglin Air Force Base, Valparaiso, Fla., Aug. 31, 1944; m Mar. 22, 1969, Hideko Tsuchida, b Tokyo, Japan, Apr. 3, 1942. Rhode Island School of Design, 1968. Residence, Boston, Mass.
XI-16 John Duncan, Jr., b Winchester, Mass., Mar. 28, 1946; Wahington & Lee University, 1968. Residence, Naples, Fla.
XI-17 William Turner, b Winchester, Mass., Sept. 15, 1952; University of Mass., 1974, Hospitality Buainess Executive. Residence, Orlando, Florida.
18 Patrice Herzig, b Winchester, Mass., Apr. 28, 1960; Tufts University, 1984. Animal Welfare Executive. Residence, Naples, Florida.

No. X-31
(James Newbegin9, Horatio Elwynne8, Henry E.7, Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b ____; m 1940, Constance Campbell.

Children of James Newbegin Worcester

XI-19 James Newbegin.
XI-20 Terry.
XI-21 Peter.
XI-22 Leigh.
XI-23 Terry
, m John J. Crowley, 1968. (One son John J.)

No. X-35
(John Francis9, Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1)b W. Brownsville, Pa., Oct. 19, 1865; m June 3, 1896, May Dell Kipp, Covington, Ind., Feb. 11, 1872. Residence, Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Accountant and clerk.

Children of William Saeger Worcester

XI-24 James Shields, b Pittsburgh, Pa., June 10, 1897, d Aug. 15, 1892.
XI-25 Howard Emerson, b Pittsburgh, July 29, 1898.
XI-26 Gertrude May, b Pittsburgh, July 15, 1901.
XI-27 William Leland, b Pittsburgh, Sept. 26, 1903.

No. X-37
(John Francis9, Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Brownsville, Pa., Apr. 25, 1869; m 1st Braddock, Pa., June 18, 1891, Emma Elizabeth Starr, b Pike Co., Oh., Jan. 2, 1874, d Apr. 5, 1903; m 2nd Dec. 23, 1903, Sarah Anderson (Dole), b Washington, Co., Ohio, Nov. 8, 1878. Residence, Belpre, Ohio. Farmer.

Children of Frank Edgar Worcester by first marriage

XI-28 Clinton Earl.
XI-29 John Everett.
XI-30 Frank Edgar
, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 24, 1897, d Oakland, Calif., in a violent knifing incident. Mariner
XI-31 George Lee, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 21, 1899. Residence, Gardena, Calif.
XI-32 James Mason, b Elizabeth, Pa., Feb. 20, 1903, d July, 1903.

Children of Frank Edgar Worcester by second marriage

XI-33 Charles Anderson, b Elizabeth, Pa., Mar., 1908. Residence, San Antonio, Tex.
XI-34 Jesse Howard.

No. X-38
(John Francis9, Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Brownsville, Pa., Oct. 30, 1872; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 19, 1898, Anna Marie Schneider, b Marlburg, Germany, Dec. 24, 1875. Residence, Butler, Pa. Accountant.

Children of Jesse Everett Worcester

XI-35 Norman Lewis, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 12, 1900. Obituary
XI-36 Martha Louise, b Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 6, 1905.

No. X-46
(Samuel Troth9, Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Bridgeport, Pa., May 19, 1875; m Anna May McDonough, W. Brownsville, Pa. Residence, S. Brownsville, Pa. Blacksmith.

Children of Charles Walton Worcester

XI-37 Garnet.
XI-38 Myrtle.
XI-39 Margaret.
XI-40 Samuel Carl.

No. X-49
(Samuel Troth9, Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b June 24, 1885; m Anna Brooks, Lucyville, Pa.

Children of Harvey Gaskill Worcester

XI-41 Bethal.

No. X-52
(James Thomas9, Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Brownsville, Pa., Feb. 25, 1895, d Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 10, 1983; m Aug. 26, 1916, Garnett Belle Crabb, b Chaleroi, Pa., Oct. 1895, d May 6, 1976. Accountant and statistician for Monongahela  Railroad and Pennsylvania Railroad. Residence, Crafton, Pa.

Children of Walter Franklin Worcester

XI-42 Virgina Clare, b Brownsville, Pa., Aug. 2, 1917; m Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 12, 1941, Alfred Frederick Boehm, b May 29, 1908, d 1988. Residence, Crafton, Pa.

Children of Virginia Clare and Alfred Frederick Boehm

(a) Alfred Frederick, b May 26, 1946; m Linda Sumner. Residence Connelsville, Pa.
(b) Donald Walter, b June 9, 1952,; m Apr. 24, 1976, Antoinette Politti, b Calaleria, Italy, Aug. 3, 1956. Residence, Pittsburgh, Pa.

XI-43 Glenn Pershing.
XI-44 Dale Vincent.

No. X-53
(James Thomas9, Noah8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b So. Brownsville, Pa., July 7, 1898, d California, Pa., Nov. 8, 1954; m 1920, Alberta Mills, b Nov. 17, 1900, d Feb. 20, 1979. Residence, California, Pa. Engineer.

Children of Melvin Root Worcester

XI-45 Lois Jane, b So. Brownsville, Pa., Sept. 1, 1925,; m Oct. 29, 1948, James Raymond, Casebeer. Residence, California, Pa.

No. X-57
(James9, Thomas L.8, Francis7, Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Sept. 24, 1893, Spotsylvania County, Pennsyslvania, d august 4, 1967, Richmond, Virginia, bur. Forest Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum, m Aug. 26,1921, Lelia Meredith Clarke, b Nov. 17, 1992, Louisa County, Virginia, d July 17, 1992, Richmond Virginia. CPA, founder of  F.L. Worcester & Co. Certified Public Accountants.

Children of Francis Lloyd Worcester

XI-57a Ida Frances, b Nov. 12, 1992, Richmond Virginia, d Mar. 22, 1995, Richmond, Virginia.
XI-57b Frances L.,
b Sept. 24, 1925, Richmond, Virginia, d Sept. 25, 1925, Richmond, Virginia.
XI-57c Jeanne M.,
b Jan. 9, 1927, Richmond, Virginia, d Feb. 13, 1975, Richmond, Virginia.

William Francis.

No. X-73
(William Austin9, Austin8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b June 12, 1888; m July 12, 1910, Hazel Lindman, b Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 28, 1888. Mechanical engineer.

Children of Harold Austin Worcester

XI-46 Harold Lindman, b Jan. 25, 1912, Minneapolis, Minn., d Feb. 10, 1988 of multiple myeloma. No children.
XI-47 Charles L.,
XI-48 Robert William.

No. X-78
(William Franklin9, Franklin8, Noah7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Swansea, Mass., Oct. 22, 1892; m 1st Sept. 14, 1914, Marie Mason, b June 7, 1893, d Saco, Me., Sept. 3, 1956; m 2nd July 9, 1938, Mayme Corrie Blacwell, b Adamsville, Ga., Dec. 18, 1904, d Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 25, 1962; m 3rd Oct. 5, 1963, Mary Kate Walters, b Atlanta, Ga., Mar. 11, 1908. Old Orchard, Me. public schools, 1909; Westbrooke Seminary, 1911; University of Maine, 1915. Claims Department of the Employers’ Liability Assurance Corp. First Sargent in the 9th Anti-Aircraft Sector, France during World War I. Four terms Selectman, Assessor, and Overseer of the Poor; member of the Old Orchard School Board. State of Maine Vice-Commander of the American Legion. Chairman, International Convention of the American Legion, Cleveland, Oh., 1944. Residences, Old Orchard Beach, Me.; Cleveland, Oh.; Lakewood, Oh., Maywood, NJ; Atlanta, Ga., and Jonesboro, Ga.

Children of Henry Franklin Worcester by first marriage

XI-49 Barbara Varrell, b Biddefors, Mass., Apr. 7, 1918; m Dec. 21, 1940, Arthur Loomis (divorced, 1944); m 2nd Nov. 8, 1947, Albert H. Day, b Brewer, Me. Old Orchard, Me., H.S., 1953. Secretary. Residences, Old Orchard, Me.; Saco, Me.; Arundel, Me.; and Kennebunkport, Me.

Children of Barbara Varrell Loomis

(a)    Linda Lee, b Feb. 15, 1942; m Richard K. Powley, b Steubenville, Oh., Nov. 30, 1935. She is a secretary. He is and engineer. Residences, Old Orchard, Me., Saco, Me.; Washington, DC; Charlottesville, Va.; and Union, Va.

Children of Linda Lee Powley

(1)    Richard Todd, b Dec. 11, 1963.
(2)    Deborah Kerr, b Jan. 19, 1966.

XI-50 Henry Franklin.
XI-51 Murray Hall.

No. X-83
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David Rulison Worcester

(Elwood9, David F.8, David7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boston, Mass., Oct. 4, 1907, d June 20, 1947; m 1940, Eloise Bond, dau of William Scott and Eloise Bond Bergland of Quebec. She studies at Concord Academy, Concord, Mass., at Miss Schoff’s School in Paris, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Stuart in Boston, and Radcliff College, cum laude, 1939. He attended Longmont Day School in Boston. Graduated from Groton, 1924. Attended Harvard College where he was a member of the Phoenix, S.K., and Signet Clubs, news editor of the Harvard Crimson. Graduated from Hobart College where he majored in Greek and Latin. Member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Phi. Received A.M. and Ph. D. from Harvard College and remained there as professor in English literature. Wrote The Art of Satire while at Harvard. Served as Harvard’s Committee of Examiners in Ancient and Modern Languages. Studied at Oxford, Cambridge and the British Museum In 1941 he was appointed as chairman of the English Dept. at Michigan State University. At the outbreak of war, he helped set up the Naval Air Combat Intelligence School at Quonset Point, R.I. Appointed President of Hamilton College in 1946.

No. X-97
(Bertrand William9, John Robinson8, David7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Mineral, Bee Co., Tx., Aug. 18, 1910; m Mabel J. Price, b Dec. 25, 1911.

Children of Harold Irwin Worcester

XI-52 Virginia Mae, b Chicago, Ill., Nov. 22, 1937m Apr. 11, 1977, James L. Genschoreck, b Chicago, Ill., May 20, 1940.

Children of Virginia Mae Genschoreck

(a)  Tom Jacobs, b Chicago, Ill., Aug. 21, 1959.
(b)  Terry Jacobs, b Chicago, Ill., June 19, 1962.

No. X-99
(Bertrand William9, John Robinson8, David7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Chicago, Ill., June 26, 1924, d Oak Park, Ill., July 6, 1981, lung cancer, (Memorial Gardens, Northlake, Il.). Machinist. Residence, Palatine, Il.

Children of Denver Howard Worcester

XI-53 Leslie Joan, b Chicago, Il., Feb. 7, 1952.
XI-54 Caryn Elaine, b Chicago, Il., Sept. 11, 1953.

No. X-100
9, Samuel H.8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Burlington, Vt., Mar. 22, 1873; m Jan. 3, 1898, Edith Farley dau of James Haskell Brown of Buffalo, NY, b Jan. 7, 1874. Sup’t. Patterson & Sargent Co., Paint Factory, Cleveland, Oh.

Children of Samuel Howard Worcester

XI-55 Margaret, b Cleveland, Oh., Mar. 31, 1900, d Apr. 22, 1901.
XI-56 Katherine, b Cleveland, Oh., Apr. 30, 1904, d Sept. 5, 1905.
XI-57 James Brown, b Cleveland, Oh., Mar. 19, 1907.

No. X-113
(Henry Foster
9, Samuel H.8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Sept. 23, 1887; m E. Haddon, Conn., Mar. 27, 1909, Etta Gertrude Gates.

Children of David Worcester

XI-58 Harry Allen, b Bridgewater, Mass.

No. X-122
(Edward9, Francis8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Dorchester, Mass., Dec. 12, 1879, d Atlanta, Ga., March 23, 1965; m Dec. 28, 1901, Sarah Louise, dau Charles Stone and Mabel Newton Kilbourne of Aurora, Ill., b July 25, 1882, d California, Mar., 1963. Manager of Sales, National Tube Co., Residence, St. Louis, Mo.

Children of Edward Worcester

XI-59 Marchesa Louise, b Sept. 26, 1910, Atlanta, Ga.; d Chile, Nov. 4, 1992, bur. Middletown, NY; m Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 12, 1933, John Horton Morrison,, Jr., b Apr. 17, 199, Middletown, NY.

Children of Marchesa Louise Morrison

(a)    John Horton, b Providence, RI, Sept. 22, 1934; m Santa Barbara, California, July 2, 1962, Evelyn Jean Jones, b Boston, Mass., July 5, 1930.

Children of John Horton Morrison, III

(a)    John Horton, b Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 24, 1963.
(b)    Dee Herma, b Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 30, 1967.
(c)    Robert Worcester, b Holly Springs, Miss., July 31, 1974.

(b)    Sarah Marchesa, b Middletown, NY, Sept. 10, 1937; m Goshen, NY, Apr. 19, 1958, George Edward Sorensen, b Goshen NY, May 19, 1937.

Children of Sarah Marchesa Sorensen

(i)    Marchesa Louise, b Gainesville, Fla., Apr. 10, 1961.
(ii)    Winthrop Sargent, Middletown, NY, Nov. 5, 1963.
(iii)    Julie, b Middletown, NY, Nov. 27, 1965.
(iv)    Verity Ann, b Gainesville, Fla., May 15, 1968.

(c)     Edward Worcester, b Middletown, NY, May 26, 1940. University of Maryland, 1966. Small business owner. Residence Stowe, Vt.

(d)    Eugene Horton, b Middletown, NY, Nov. 11, 1942; m Circleville, NY, July 1, 1967, Jean Vander Schaaf, b Middletown, NY, Mar. 22, 1947.

Children of Eugene Horton Morrison

(i)    Stephanie Jean, b Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Nov. 8, 1969
(ii)    Jennifer Jean, b Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Nov. 24, 1972.

No. X-124
(Edward9, Francis8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Chicago, Ill., Oct. 15, 1883, d Feb. 5, 1968, Elwood, Pa.; m Hallowell, Me., Oct. 24, 1906, Grace Ella Blake, b Hallowell, Me., June 15, 1882, d Elwood City, Pa., Jan. 14, 1956. Residence, Elwood City, Pa. Shelby Steel Company.

Children of Winthrop Sargent Worcester

XI-60 Mary, b Hallowell, Me., Mar. 22, 1910; m Elwood City, Pa., June 29, 1935, John Ashley King, b Sharpsville, Pa., Feb. 6, 1919, d Elwood City, Pa., May 22, 1980.

Children of Mary King

(a)    John Winthrop, b Elwood City, Pa., Apr. 13, 1936; m 1st June, 1959, Kathleen Louise Bookamer, b Elwood City, Pa., May 10, 1941; m 2nd Metter, Ga., July 8, 1978, Carolyn Lott, b Feb. 2, 1950. Engineering technician in Greenville, SC.

Children of John Winthrop King by first marriage

(i)      John Ellery, b Elwood City, Pa., Nov. 8, 1960.
(ii)     David Winthrop, Elwood City, Pa., June 24, 1962.
(iii)    Patricia Joan, b Wilmington, Del., Mar. 31, 1965.
(iv)    Joyce Elaine, b Wilmington, Del., Oct. 4, 1965.
(v)     Susan Louise, Wilmington, De;., Mar. 30, 1968

      Children of John Winthrop King by second marriage

(vi)    James Ashley, b Greenville, SC, Sept. 25, 1979.

(b)    Fitzwilliam Worcester, b Elwood City, Pa., June 5, 1938; m Chambersburg, Pa., May 19, 1972, Dorothy Gemmill, b Chambersburg, Pa., July 12, 1947. Family doctor in Greenville, SC.

Children of Fitzwilliam Worcester King

(i)       Jennifer Ann, b Hershey, Pa., Sept. 14, 1973.
(ii)     Fitzwilliam Worcester, b Greenville, SC, Mar. 30, 1977.
(iii)    Craig Andrew, b Greenville, SC, July 25, 1979.

XI-61 Winthrop Sargent.

No. X-126
(Edward9, Francis8, Samuel7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Evanston, Ill., Aug. 10, 1887, d Harvard, Ill., (Fontana, Wisc.), Sept. 12, 1965; m Aurora, Ill., Nov. 10, 1912, Alice Dunklin dau Ersnest S. and Mattie Dunklin Hobbs, b Aurora, Ill, Au, 26, 1886, d Ormand Beach, Fla., Mar. 10, 1965. Graduated Dartmouth College, 1910.

Children of Francis Worcester

XI-62 Martha Jane, b Aurora, Ill., Jan. 16, 1914; m 1st Aurora, Ill., July 6, 1940, William Dana Hooper, b Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 6, 1912, d New Canaan, Conn., Jan. 6, 1961; m 2nd Tokyo, Japan, Oct. 22, 1969, John Perry Skinner, b Dec. 25, 1909. Wheaton College, B.A., 1936. Mr. Hooper graduated from Cornell University, B.A., 1934; University of Michigan, LL.B., 1937. Mr. Skinner graduated from Swarthmore, Pa., B.A., 1931. He was Director of Magnetic Recordings at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Children of Martha Jane Hooper

(a)    Abigail Worcester, b Aurora, Ill., July 2, 1941; m New Canaan, Conn., Aug. 12, 1967, Gary Warren Conrad, b Amsterdam, NY, Mar. 24, 1941. Wheaten College, B.A., 1963; Yale University, M.S. Dev. Biology, 1965; Ph.D., Dev. Biology, 1969. Research in Developmental Biology at Kansas State University. He graduated Union College, Schenectady, NY, B.S., 1964; Yale University, M.S., Dev. Biology; Ph.D. Dev. Biology, 1968. He is a professor at Kansas State University.. She was the Principle Investigator at Mt. Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Salisbury Cove, Me.

Children of Abigail Worcester Conrad

(i)     Samantha Hobbs, b Manhattan, Ks., Feb. 15, 1973.
(ii)    Zachary Eliot, b Manhattan, Ks., Jan. 13, 1976.

(b)    Virginia Cook, b Aurora, Ill., July 2, 1941; m New Cannan, Conn., Dec. 28, 1963, Edwin Bickford Hooper, Jr., b Premmerton, Wash., June 18, 1937. Wheaton College, B.A., 1963; Yale University, M.A.T., 1969. He graduated Mass. Inst. of Tech., B.S., 1959; Ph.D., 1965. He is a research physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. She is a chemist.

Children of Virginia Cook Hooper

(i)      Edwin Bickford, b New Haven, Conn., Apr. 18, 1967
(ii)     Sarah Hobbs, b Walnut Creek, Cal., Mar. 27, 1973
(iii)    William Dana, b Walnut Creek, Cal., Apr. 2, 1975

(c)    Rebecca, b Charlotte, NC, Mar. 21, 1945; m Fontana, Wisc., Aug. 24, 1968, Ronald Ellis Solomon, b Miami, Fla., Dec. 28, 1944 (divorced July 30, 1980 – resumed last name of Hooper). George Washington University, B.A., 1967; Nova University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., M.B.A., 1984. Employed at the State of Florida Unemployment Compensation Bureau of the Department of Labor.

XI-63 Francis.
XI-64 William Hobbs.

No. X-132
(Joseph Ruggles9, Benjamin88, Thomas7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Waltham, Mass., June 8, 1896; m Apr. 18, 1928, Elizabeth Bates Liffler, b Roxbury, Mass, Aug. 21, 1890. Harvard University, A.B., 1919. Served as a 2nd Lt., Infantry, 95th Division in World War I. Structural Consulting Engineer. Residence, Waltham, Mass.

Children of Thomas Worcester

XI-65 Rebecca Billings, b Waltham, Mass., Mar. 5, 1932; m 1st Sept. 11, 1954, David E. Long, divorced 1963; m 2nd July 27, 1971, Donald B. Frost, b Mar. 13, 1925, Swampscott, Mass. University of New Hampshire, A.B., 1954.

Children of Rebecca Billings Long

(a)    Elisabeth Bates, b July 2, 1958.
(b)    Roger David, b Jan. 8, 1961.

XI-66 Marcia Bates, b Waltham, Mass., July 1, 1935; m Aug. 19, 1962, Richard Eliot, b New York City, Feb. 25, 1931. Simmons College, S.B., 1958; M.S., 1961. Public health nurse.

Children of Marcia Bates Eliot

(a)    Anner Bates, b Aug. 7, 1966.
(b)    John Frederick, b Apr. 24, 1971.

XI-67 Joseph Ruggles, b Boston, Mass., July 11, 1944. Wentworth Institute, Boston, Mass., 1967. Served as a Sp/5 in the U.S. Army. Self employed.

No. X-137
(William Loring9, John8, Thomas7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Philadelphia, Pa., June 11, 1909, d Oct. 17, 1942; m June, 1933. Wentworth Institute, Cambridge, Mass. Aeronautical engineer and radio station founder – KFMB in San Diego, Calif. Member, American Society of Aeronautical Engineers; Officer, San Diego Symphony Association.

Children of Warren Burnham Worcester

XI-68 Mary, San Diego, Calif., June 25, 1934; m July 25, 1953, John George Zink. Residence, San Diego, Calif., Spring Valley, Calif.; Roseburg, Ore. Computer programmer and owner of an antique car parts store.

Children of Mary Zink

(a)    John Phillip, b San Diego, Calif., May 14, 1954. Auto mechanic in Roseburg, Ore.
(b)    Richard William, b San Diego, Calif., June 2, 1955.
(c)    Beth Ann, b Dec. 9, 1957. Roseburg, Ore. H.S.
(d)    Lee Roy, Mar. 2, 1961.

XI-69 Warren Burnham

No. X-138
            JOHN WORCESTER
(William Loring9, John8, Thomas7, Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Intervale, NH, Oct. 28, 1912; m June 18, 1945, Helen Blossom, b New Bedford, Mass., July 17, 1919. Bowdoin College, A.B., 1935; Tufts College Medical School, M.D., 1939. Lt. Commander, USNR, 1942-45. General practice of medicine. Staff doctor and Ass’t Medical Director, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Comp., Boston, Mass. Residence, Newton, Mass.

Children of John Worcester

XI-70 John, b Boston, Mass., Sept. 30, 1946; m Aug. 8, 1970, Pamela McDevitt, b New York, Oct. 12, 1945. Hawthorne College, 1969. Underwriter. Residence, Brookline, Mass.
XI-71 Clark, b Mar. 9, 1948.
XI-72 Carol Persis, b Mar. 20, 1952.

No. X-141
(Charles Frederick9, Samuel Augustus8, John Newton7, Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b July 27, 1908; m Elsie Caroline Rundquist.

Children of Franklin Augustus Worcester

XI-73 Charles Frederick.
XI-74 Thomas Franklin.
XI-75 John.

No. X-142
(Samuel Austin9, Leonard8, Samuel Austin7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b July 31, 1891; m1st Julie Balir, 1919; m2d Apr. 11, 1941, Margaret Emma Hanna Loebrietz, b Telluride, Colo., Sept. 4, 1902.

Children of Harold Sidney Worcester by 1st m.

XI-76 John Albert.
XI-77 Mariellen
, b 1922; m James Martin, 1943.

Children of Mariellen Martin

(a)    Julie Ann, b 1944. Attorney
(b)    Theresa, b 1945; m Nick Franklin, 1969.

Children of Theresa Franklin

(i)      Tracy.
(ii)     Kristin.
(iii)    Julie Ellen.

(c)    James Patrick, b 1949; m Patricia ___, 1970. Legal Services Attorney. West Virginia Legal Services.
(d)    Rose Marie, b 1951; Brad Peronteau, 1988.
(e)    April Marie, b 1955; m William Betlz.

Children of April Marie Beltz

(i)     William.
(ii)     Rebeka.
(iii)    Zoe.
(iv)    Zack.

(f)    John Harold Cloyd, b 1956.
(g)    Kathleen, b 1959; m Paul Bertoldo, 1981.

Children of Kathleen Bertoldo

(i)     Kelly.
(ii)    Brad.

XI-78 Harold Sidney.
XI-79 Anita Marie
, b Telluride, Colo., Sept. 11, 1943; m1st June 30, 1962, Larry Gene Cooper, b Aug, 5, 1943 (div. May, 1972); m2d Sept. 6, 2003, Leon Earl Ebright, b May 16, 1940. Residence, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She teaches early childhood development at college in Lethbridge.

Children of Anita Marie and Larry Gene Cooper

(a)   Marcia Lee, b July 19, 1963, d Nov. 3, 2002.
(b)  Ned Mathew, b Sept. 24, 1967; m Sylvia Rose Bowie, b Nov. 9, 1973.

Children of Ned Mathew and Sylvia Rose Bowie

(i)  Dylan James Mathew, b Jan. 16, 2002.
(ii) Jaden Rose Lee, b Sept. 26, 2003.

No. X-146
(Samuel Austin9, Leonard8, Samuel Austin7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b July 25, 1912; m Bernadine McDougall.

Children of Leonard Fisher Worcester

XI-80  Leonard John.

No. X-152

             RICHARD LYMAN WORCESTER (Edward Strong9, John Hopkins8, John Hopkins7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b New Brunswick, NJ, MAy 24, 1948; m Agnes Lester Greenman, b 1914, d Burlington, Vt., Sep. 28, 1966. He d Burlington, Vt., Apr. 1, 1994.

Children of Richard Lyman Worcester

XI-80a  John Hopkins,  Plainfield, NJ, Jun. 29, 1948; m Alwayne Ruth Grim.

XI-80b Edward Strong.

XI-80c Anne.

XI-80d Jeanne.

XI-80e Susan.

XI-80f Barbara.

No. X-155
(Evarts Langdon9, George Steele8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Bagio, Benguet Province, Philippine Islands, May 14, 1907, d Wauwatosa, Wisc., Mar. 25, 1971; m July 3, 1932, Sarah May Witt, b Atchison, Tex., Aug. 11, 1905. Monmouth College, Monmouth, Wisc. Sales manager, Fulton Co., Milwaukee, Wisc.

Children of George Edson Worcester

XI-81 Theodore Evarts.

No. X-156
(Evarts Langdon9, George Steele8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Bagio, Province of Benguet, Philippine Islands, May 24, 1909, d June 8, 1963, Longmont, Colo.; m Longmont, Colo., Aug 29, 1934, Letha Janet Lyon, b Athol, Ks., Apr. 24, 1909. University of Colorado. Owner of Lyon Lumber Company in Longmont, Colo. She graduated from the University of Colorado and later became a teacher in Longmont.

Children of William Leonard Worcester

XI-82 George Steele.
XI-83 John Lyon
, b South Bend, Ind., Mar. 15, 1941; m May 1, 1965, Ann Hucke (divorced). Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colo. Owner of restaurant, delicatessen and lounge in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Owner of Mt. Motor Sports in Steamboat Springs.
XI- 84 Piper Ann Louise, b Longmont, Colo., July 11, 1947. Swedish Hospital, Registered radiological technologist.

No. X-158
(Evarts Langdon9, George Steele8, Ezra Carter7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 2, 1917; m Mar. 22, 1941, Leonelle Schue, b Hanover, Pa., Oct. 5, 1918. Purdue University, 1939. She graduated, Gettysburg College. Township manager. Captain, U.S. Army Field Artillery, 1942-46, European theater of operations (Bronze star and Silver Star). Residence, Hanover, Pa.

Children of Paul Fulton Worcester

XI-85 Carolyn Grace, b Hanover, Pa., Sept. 16, 1946; m 1st William Woodall, II, (divorced); m 2nd July 27, 1969, Frank Albert Elfland, b New York City, Aug. 19, 1939. University of South Carolina, Chapel Hill, B.A., Sociology. Administrative Assistant at the University of South Carolina. He is ass’t business manager, WTVD television station.

Children of Carolyn Grace Elfland

(a)    William Marvin, b Oct. 4, 1966.

XI-86 George Clark, b Hanover, Pa., Dec. 22, 1952. Hanover S.H.; Ocala Jr. College, Ocala, Fla. Residence, Daytona Beach, Fla.
XI-87 Christie Ann, b Hanover, Pa., Nov. 23, 1949; m Dec. 18, 1971, Ronald Charles Trotta, b Cincinnati, Oh., Sept. 1, 1948. Purdue University, B.S.; graduate work at Colorado State University. Residence, Ft. Collins, Colo.

No. X-159
(William Ezra9, George Steele8, Ezra C.7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Chester, Pa., Mar. 25, 1914; m July 27, 1943, Evelyn Copeland, b Mar. 6, 1912, Bridgeport, Conn. She graduated Mt. Holyoke College, B.A. He graduated University of Vermont, B.S.; Columbia University, M.S. Captain in US Army during WWII. A.I.D. Foreign Service Officer, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea. Board certified American College of Hospital Administrators. American Hospital Association. Residences, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C.

No. X-162
(William Ezra9, George Steele8, Ezra C.7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Media, Pa., Aug. 29, 1923; m July 19, 1945, Mary Ann Atwood, b Feb. 8, 1920, Olean, NY, B.A., Smith College. He graduated DePauw University, B.A. Vice President, Doyle, Dane, Bernbach Advertising Agency. He was an M.P. during World War II.

Children of Philip Leigh Worcester

XI-88 Stephen Atwood, b Greencastle, Ind., Feb. 27, 1948. B.A., Middlebury College
XI-89 Janet, b Cleveland, Oh., Jan. 14, 1952, d Clayton, NY, July 19, 1954.

No. X-163
(Dean Amory9, George Steele8, Ezra C.7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boulder, Colo., May 1, 1918; m Mar. 27, 1941, Joy Elizabeth Pestal, b Fremont, Neb., Mar. 27, 1941. University of Nebraska, B.A., M.A.; University of Minnesota, Ph.D. University economics professor, University of Washington, University of Louisiana, University of Georgia, University of the Philippines. Has published several books on economics. She graduated University of Nebraska. Residences, Lincoln, Neb.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Baton Rouge, La.; Athens, Ga.; Seattle, Wash.

Children of Dean Amory Worcester

XI-90 Jane Lucetta, b Lincoln, Neb., June 23, 1944; m Seattle, Dec. 21, 1966, Raymond son Karl Dean Anchan, b Seattle, Nov. 12, 1969. University of Washington.
XI-91 Jonathan Dean, Baton Rouge, La., Nov. 17, 1945. Antioch College.
XI-92 Mary Rosalia, b Seattle, Oct. 18, 1947; m Seattle, June 14, 1967, Roger Lewis Anderson, b Seattle, Oct. 27, 1946. He grad. with BS, University of Washington. CEO of GLY Construction in Bellevue, Wash. He retired from the Army Corps of Engineers. She attended 2 years at University of Washington

Children of Mary Rosalia Anderson

(a)    Becky Joy, B Seattle, Dec. 5, 1967.
(b)    Benton William, b Ft. Lewis, Wash., July 19, 1970.

XI-93 David Neal, b Seattle, Dec. 7, 1949. Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.
XI-94 Mark Pestal, b Seattle, Dec. 7, 1949; m Seattle, Aug. 23, 1969, Mary Bullock. Brown University, B.A.

No. X-164
(Dean Amory9, George Steele8, Ezra C.7, Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Athens, Oh., July 8, 1927, d June 3, 1972, Seattle, Wash. (cremated and ashes scattered in the Pacific Ocean); m June 23, 1951, Caroline Sue Jones, b Oklahoma City, Ok., Apr. 25, 1927. University of Nebraska, B.S. Insurance salesman with Monarch Life, Omaha, Neb. Wisconsin Health Underwriters’ Man of the Year Award. Served in World War II. Active in community affairs; chairman of the Shoreline Advisory Council in Seattle, Wash., member of the Code Board. President of the PTA.

Children of Evarts James Worcester

XI-95 James Steven, b Omaha, Neb., June 21, 1952.
XI-96 Diane, b Minneapolis, Minn., Mar. 27, 1954.
XI-97 Adam Carter, b Madison, Wisc., Feb. 28, 1962.

No. X-168
            LEE WORCESTER
(Benjamin F.9, Leonard Beecher8, David7, Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Los Angeles, Calif., Apr. 30, 1941; m Oct. 7, 1967, Connie D. Fry, b Dec. 13, 1946. B.S. Science, Mechanic.

Children of Lee Worcester

XI-98 Casey, b Lawton, OK., July 6, 1968
XI-99 Doyle, b Greenbrae, Calif..

No. X-181
(Carlos Walton9, George Elliott8, Marshall7, Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b New Haven, Ct., Dec. 2, 1904; m Jean Marie Chamberlain, b New Haven, Ct., Mar. 31, 1906.

Children of Stuart Gordon Worcester

XI-99a Stuart Gordon, Jr.

No. X-184
(Edwin George9, George Elliott8, Marshall7, Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Belmont, Mass., Dec. 9, 1906; m Sept. 12, 1942, Elizabeth Key Sothoron, b Baltimore, Md., May 20, 1915; d Hollis, NH, Sept. 21, 1990 (heart failure). Harvard University, A.B., 1931; Episcopal Theological School, , B.D., 1934. Sales Manager. She graduated Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, Md. He served in a Quartermaster Corp. during World War II. Residences, Groton, Mass.; Baltimore, Md.; Royalton, Conn.; and Hollis, NH

Children of Gordon Bennett Worcester

XI-100 Robert Oliver Colt. b Baltimore, Md., June 20, 1942.
XI-101 Josephine Bennett, b Baltimore, Md., Dec. 4, 1947; m July 30, 1967, Richard James MacMillan, b Nashua, NH, Jan. 24, 1947. Grad/ Daniel Wenster College, Nashua, NH. He was a mechanical contratcor and owner of Nashua Plumbing and Heating.

 Children of Josephine Bennet MacMillan

(a) Josephine Bennet, b Nashua, NH, Dec. 20, 1965; m Jul. 2, 1994, Anthony DeMartile, b Aug. 12, 1972, Rodeo, Calif.; grad 1990, University of New Hampshire.

(b) Donald Sutherland, b Nashua, NH, Feb. 14, 1973. Grad., 1995, BS Babson College.

 Children of Donald Sutherland MacMillan

(a) Morgan Adelaide, b Nashua, NH, May 17, 1999.
(b)   Owen Worcester, b Nashua, NH, July 14, 2001.

No.  X-198
wpe3.jpg (2283 bytes)
Mark Duaine Worcester

            MARK DUAINE WORCESTER (Marcus Alfred9, Alfred Jackson8, Linus Ely7, Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Lidgerwood, ND, Jan. 3, 1911, d Bismarck, ND, Mar. 15, 1994 (Memorial Park, ND); m Wibaux, Mont., June 13, 1936, Elizabeth Edna Curran, b Grand Forks, ND, Sept. 11, 1912, d Bismarck, ND, June 1, 1998, bone cancer (Obituary). Employed by the Fish and Wildlife Service. Residences, Leith, ND; Beach, ND; Bismarck, ND; Mitchell, SD; and Rapid City, SD.

Children of Mark Duaine Worcester

XI-102 Vivian Ann, b Bismarck, ND, Sept. 12, 1937; m1st   Oct. 20, 1956, John Gierke, b Bismarck, SD, Nov. 11, 1936; m2d Bismarck, ND, Dec. 16, 1977, Jerome K. Gaschk, b Bismarck, Dec. 21, 1936.

Children of Vivian Ann Gierke

(a)  John, b Bismarck, July 4, 1957.
(b)  Mark Steven, b Bismarck, Apr. 8, 1959; m Bismarck, June 6, 1980, Denise Keator, b Bismarck, Sept. 10, 1960.

Children of Mark Stevens Gierke

(i)    Jennifer Sheri, b Bismarck, ND, Oct. 1, 1981.
(ii)   Christopher John, b Bismarck, ND, Oct. 14, 1982.
(iii)  Elizabeth Virginia, b Bismarck, ND, July 14, 1989.

(c)  Terri Lee, b Bismarck, Apr. 14, 1960; m Aug. 17, 1986, Kirk Russell, b Medford, Oreg., Aug. 16, 1962.

Children of Terri Lee Gierke

(i)  Zachery Bryon, b Springfield, Ore., Sept. 17, 1991.

XI-103  Barbara Jean, b Hankinson, ND, Sept. 16, 1942; m1st Chicago, Ill., Apr. 1961, Robert Nelson, b Roseland, Ill., Feb. 21, 1939; m2d Lockport, Ill., Dec. 30, 1984, Jerry Wojciechowski, b Chicago, Ill., Apr. 21, 1944.

Children of Barbara Jean Nelson

(a)  Steven, b Illinois, Sept. 19, 1971; m Aug. 11, 1997, Michele Annerino, b June 13, 1968.
(b)  Laura, b Nov. 10, 1974. 

XI-104 Mark James.

No. X-201
No.2178a.jpg (432131 bytes) John Worcester
Irma Charlotte Schmid John Worcester

            JOHN WORCESTER
(John Almond9, James B.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Brooklyn, NY, July 22, 1908, d New York City, Mar. 4, 1962, stomach cancer, (buried at Sunset Memorial, Somerset, Pa.); m Oct. 6, 1940, Irmgard Charlotte, dau of Heinrich and Nane (Zilhardt) Schmid, b Apr. 13, 1914, Glasgow, Scotland, d Bethesda, Md., breast cancer, (buried at Sunset Memorial, Somerset, Pa.). Attended U.S. Naval Academy until eye infection required his withdrawal; attended Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute of Technology; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S., Engineering Geology, 1930. Engineer, Admiralty Alaska Gold Mining Company, Funtner, Alaska, 1930-31; Leasor, Newsbury Development Corp, Cleary, Alaska, 1931-32; Engineer, U.S. Smelting Refining & Mining Co, Fairbanks, Alaska, 1932-34; Engineer & geologist, Tintic Standard Mining Comp., Dividend, Utah, 1934-35; Engineer, Park City Consolidated Mining, Park City, Utah, 1935-36; Engineer, Rogers, Mayer & Ball, New York City, 1936-37; Superintendent of Mines, W.R. Grace Co, La Paz, Bolivia, 1937-41; Mineral Attach�, U.S. Dept. of State, Embassy, La Paz, Bolivia, 1941-43; Chief Field Geologist, Union Mines Development Corp., throughout Latin America, 1943-48; General Manager of Cia. Minera y Agricola Oploca de Bolivia and other operations owned by the Simon I. Patino family; Operations Manager; General Manager and President, National Lead Comp., S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1949-62. Mining engineer and geologist. Member of the Am. Inst. of Mining & Metallurgical Engineers, Pan American Inst. of Mining Eng. & Geologists. Family Pictures

Children of John Worcester

XI-105 Anthony Wayne.
XI-106 Robert Henry.
XI-107 John Paul.
XI-108 Patricia Ann
, b Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aug. 15, 1951; m Kenneth Lore. Cheltenham, Pa., H.S., 1969; American University, B.A., History and Spanish, 1973; University of Maryland, MEd., 1979. Residence, Bethesda, Md. Real estate broker. He graduated American University, B.A., 1970; J.D. 1973. Partner in law firm of Swidler, Berlin, Shereff, Friedman, LLP.

Children of Patricia Ann Lore

(a)    Justine Barbara, b Bethesda, Md., May 2, 1980. University of Massachusetts.
(b)    Michael Worcester, b Bethesda, Md., Apr. 1, 1982. University of Colorado.
(c)    Ashley Suzanne, b Bethesda, Md., Apr. 6, 1987.

No.   X-202

No.2179.jpg (214609 bytes)
Paul Worcester

            PAUL HARMON WORCESTER (John Almond9, James B.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Somerville, Mass., Mar. 15, 1912, d Nov. 29, 1944 (buried in Gettysburg Nat’l. Cemetery); m June 19, 1937, Louise DesJardins, b Saxton’s River, Vt., Aug. 27, 1914. Attended Haverford College, Haverford, Pa. Insurance Adjuster. Was killed days before the start of the Battle of the Bulge in the Rhineland. Private, A Company, 773rd Tank Destroyer Battalion. She m 2nd James Henry Ingram. Mr. and Mrs. Ingram had a daughter, Virginia Ingram, b Springfield, Mass., Mar. 31, 1949; m1st  May 17, 1969, Raymond Harold Descheneaux, b Apr. 10, 1949, Holyoke, Mass; m2d Richard Soja. 773rd TD, letter from the front.

Children of Paul Harmon Worcester

XI-109 Michael Merritt, b Malden, Mass., Jan. 15, 1943; m Jan. 9, 1965, Marie Lapenta, b Harford, Conn., Dec. 28, 1942. The Loomis Schools, Windsor, Conn., 1960; Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., A.B., 1972. His name was legally changed to Michael Merritt Worcester Ingram following his adoption by James Henry Ingram. Personnel psychologist with Aetna Insurance Comp., Hartford, Conn.

No.   X-206
(Wayne J.9, James B.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b May 16, 1916; m Betty Norris, b Feb. 28, 1922

Children of Elliott Wayne Worcester

XI-110 Jacquelyn, b Quincy, Mass., Jan. 1, 21, 1950, University of Mass., MA. She married Sept. 13, 1991, Stuart Barry Cohen, b Brooklyn, NY, Oct. 4, 1953, educated at York College, Hofstra Univ., and Long Island Univ., Supervisor with Transportation Security Administration. Jacquelyn is an accountant.

Children of Jacquelyn and Stuart Cohen

(a) Heidi Lynne, b West Palm Beach, Fla., July 16, 1980.
(b) Zachary Pearce,
b Boca Raton, Fla., July 21, 1993.

XI-111 Paul George.
XI-112 Elizabeth, b Quincy, Mass., Oct. 15, 1955, Garland Jr. College, teacher's assistant. She married June 30, 1979, James Kenneth Godino, b Somerville, NJ, Oct. 30, 1954, residential designer. Residence, Boca Raton, Fla., Powder Springs, Ga.

Children of Elizabeth and James Godino

(a) James Elliott, b Boynton Beach, Fla., Apr. 21, 1981.
(b) Julie Elizabeth, b Boynton Beach, Fla., Apr. 6, 1984.

No.  X-207
(Wayne J.9, James B.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Somerville, Mass, Feb. 5, 1920; m Sept. 20, 1941, Cynthia Marie Metzger, b Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 29, 1919. Attended Brown University, 2 years. Vice-President, appliance distribution company.

Children of John Alden Worcester

XI-113 Charles Wayne.
XI-114 Judith,
b Quincy, Mass., July 25, 1944; m Oct. 15, 1966, George Eastman Little, b May 20, 1940. University of Vermont, B.S., Nursing, 1966. Registered nurse.

Children of Judith Little

(a)    Cynthia Ann (twin of George)
(b)    George.

XI-115 John Alden, b Brockton, Mass, Jan. 11, 1948. Attended the University of Vermont, 2 years. Floor salesman for the Boyd Corp., Providence, RI.

XI-116 Carolyn Louise, b Quincy, Mass., Apr. 20, 1951. University of Vermont, 1973.

No. X-208
(Wayne J.9, James B.8, Almond7, Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Somerville, Mass., Jan. 12, 1922; m June 12, 1948, Nancy Rupp Everett, b Boston, Mass., Jan. 22, 1925. Somerville H.S.; Boston University, A.A., 1948; B.S., B.A., 1952. President and General Manager of General Insurance Agency, Braintree, Mass. Served in active duty between 1942-46, one year on active duty during the Berlin Air Crisis, 1961-62. Lt. Col., in the Mass. Air National Guard. President of the Braintree Rotary Club; volunteer, South Shore Hospital, S. Weymouth, Mass.

Children of James Cox Worcester

XI-117 James Cox, b Boston, Mass. Weymouth South H.S., 1969; Museum of Fine Arts. Jeweler.
XI-118 Claudia Rupp, b Boston, Mass., Aug. 9, 1954. Weymouth South H.S., 1972; Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.

No. X-208b
9, William8, Marsina7, Jonathn6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hiram, Kaufman, Texas, Nov. 10, 1913, Hiram, Kaufman, Texas, D Kaufman, Texas, June 26, 2013 (heart failure); m Mar. 14, 1942, Martha Annette Garner Barnett, b Nov. 10, 1918, Tupelo, Mississippi, d Aug. 26, 1995, Greenville, Texas (lung cancer). James was employed with the Texas Highway Department.

Children of James William Worcester

XI-118a Charles Ray.

XI-118b Ricky Nash, b Greenville, Texas, Mar. 2, 1950.

No. X-210
 (Willard Gregg
9, David B.8, Seneca W.7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Shovel Lake, Aitken Co., Mn., May 29, 1909; m Feb. 5, 1936, Hazedl Mathilda Johnson, b Arthyd, Mn., Aug. 10, 1913, d Mille Lacs, Mn., Dec. 25, 1975; d Brainerd, Crow Wing, Mn., Jan. 25, 1983.

Children of Arthur Merle Worcester

XI-118c Irvin Merle.

XI-118c Anna Marie, b Hennepin City, Mn., Sep. 5, 1942, m Mar. 26, 1967, Kjell Solberg, Jr., b Sep. 26, 1942, d Hennepin City, Mn., Oct. 10, 2002, burial at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Divorced Oct. 6, 1988.

No.  X-211
(Ray Bird9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1), b June 5, 1917; m Apr. 29, 1936, Collete Baier, b Mar. 12, 1917. Roofing business.

Children of Ralph Raymond Worcester

XI-119 Barbara Elaine, b Aug. 3, 1927; m Nov. 26, 1955, Rex M. Blood, b Aug. 29, 1931.

Children of Barbara Elaine Blood

(a)  Terrance Rex, b Nov. 22, 1957.
(b)  Teresa Elaine, b Dec. 11, 1959; m David Haase, b July 31, 1959.

Children of Teresa Elaine Haase

(i)   Nicholas David, b Dec. 7, 1983.
(ii)  Lucas Rexford, b Sept. 20, 1985.

XI-120 Richard Warren.
XI-121 Karen Louise
, b July 13, 1946; m Sept. 4, 1965, James Steven Lee, b Aug. 8, 1943 (divorced 9/75); m2d Oct. 13, 1976, Ted Zigan, b Aug. 18, 1946.

Children of Karen Louise Lee-Zigan

(a)  Timothy James, b May 18, 1970.
(b)  Christina Karen, b June 22, 1972.

No.  X-215
aka "Billy Joe" (Adelbert Downs9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1), b Sept. 11, 1930; m Aug. 16, 1950, Esther May Swank, b Hill City, Ks., Dec. 3, 1930; d Hill City, Ks., Apr. 25, 2001. Farmer in Park Hill, Kansas.

Children of William Joseph Worcester

XI-122 Joyce Ann, b May 10, 1952; m Nov. 21, 198, Randall Dean Wilson, b Dec. 1, 1956.

Children of Joyce Ann Wilson

(a)  Ryan David, b July 30, 1984.
(b)  Diedra Renee, b Jan. 5, 1986.
(c)  Erin Rachelle, b Sept. 10, 1988.

XI-123 Jerry Lynn.
XI-124 Connie Fay
, b Jan. 28, 1955; m1st July 20, 1975, Ricky Lee Young, (divorced 1977); m2d Mar. 1, 1980, Darrell David Dorsey, b Mar. 31, 1956

Children of Connie Faye Dorsey

(a)  David Frederick, b Nov. 21, 1985.
(b)  Joshua Dean, b May 31, 1989.

XI-125 Elaine Kay, b Jan. 10, 1958; m1st July 1, 1978, Rocky Dale Dial, (divorced); m2d Aug. 27, 1994, Dale Redfern.

Children of Elaine Kay Dial

(a)  Carly Dee, June 21, 1983.
(b)  Amanda Joe, May 17, 1985.

XI-126 Carol Sue, b Oct. 24, 1960; m Aug. 16, 1981, Robert Andrew Larsson, b May 14, 1960.

Children of Carol Sue Larsson

(a)  Robert Daniel, b Mar. 3, 1987.
(b)  Lisa Marie, b Feb. 21, 1991.
(c)  Jennifer Ann, b Mar. 9, 1994.

XI-127 David Joe.

No.  X-218
(Adelbert Downs9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1), b Jan. 17, 1937; m Dec. 16, 1955, Beaulah Ilean Van Nurden, b Sept. 5, 1935. Minister.

Children of Oaklie Leonne Worcester

XI-128  Becky Bee, b Nov. 11, 1956; m May 19, 1979, Quinn Schipper, b May 5, 1957.

Children of Beck Bee Schipper

(a)  Skyler Jack, b Sept. 9, 1990.

XI-129 Cindy Kay, b July 4, 1958; m May 18, 1979, Darrel Boyd, b Oct. 9, 1955.

Children of Cindy Kay Boyd

(a)  Anna Kay, b Sept. 20, 1981.
(b)  Sarah Del, b June 14, 1983.
(c)  Rachel Lee, b Mar. 29, 1984.

XI-130 Barry Leon.
XI-131 Joseph Jay.

No.  X-220
(Milo Eugene9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oct. 10, 1924; m Dec. 24, 1948, Helen McKim, b Dec. 16, 1930. Hotel management.

Children of Eugene Milo Worcester by 1st m

XI-132 Steven Eugene, July 15, 1950.
XI-133 Gary Dean.
XI-134 Daniel Earl.
XI-135 Deatta Nell
, b July 10, 1959, d Feb. 23, 1960.
XI-136 Jon Patrick.
XI-137 Michael Edward.

No.  X-221
(Milo Eugene9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Aug. 16, 1930; m Aug. 10, 1956, Lola Mearl Lowry, b May, 23, 1932. Farmer.

Children of Eugene Charles Worcester

XI-138 Deborah Jo, b Aug. 29, 1957; m June 9, 1990, Phil Jay Streiff, b Apr. 13, 1954.

Children of Deborah Jo Streiff

(a)  Jakob Patrick, b July 26, 1994.

XI-139 Lester Gregory.
XI-140 Nellene Amanda
, b July 16, 1962; m June 3, 1984, Kurtis Henson, b May 23, 1962.

Children of Nellene Amanda Henson

(a)  Megan Renae, b July 3, 1988.
(b)  Benjamin Wayne, b Apr. 20, 1990.
(c)  Kaitlin Nellene, b Aug. 18, 1993.
(d)  Alecia Roxann, b Nov. 27, 1994.

XI-141 Stanley Charles.

No.  X-222
(Milo Eugene9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Aug. 19, 1935; m Sept. 5, 1954, Marilyn June Maxine Maupin, b Dec. 29, 1936.

Children of Donald Oliver Worcester

XI-142 Sherri Ann, b Dec. 29, 1955;m1st Oct. 25, 1975, Dale Williams (divorced); m2d Oct. 17, 1981, James Switzer, b Aug. 6, 1950.

Children of Sherri Ann Switzer

(a)  Sean Patrick, b June 27, 1982.
(b)  Susan Ann, b Dec. 11, 1984.

XI-143 Terri Curtis.
XI-144 Larry Don.
XI-145 Karri June
, b Jan. 30, 1964; m Oct. 15, 1983, Glenn Campbell.

Children of Karri June Campbell

(a)  Kurtis Lee, b Dec. 19, 1984.
(b)  Sara June, b Feb. 19, 1990.

XI-146 Perry James, b Dec. 20, 1964.

No. X-224
(Price La Rue9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Mar. 22, 1925, d Dec. 11, 1991; m1st June 22, 1946, Shirley May Brown, b Sept. 4, 1927, d Sept. 6, 1980; m2d Dec., 1983, Ann Davis (divorced).

Children of Price Lawrence Worcester

XI-147 Michael, b Mar. 19, 1950.
XI-148 Susan Lee, b July 15, 1954; m Dec. 26, 1981, David Pelly, (divorced); m2d Nov. 14, 1985, Dennis P. Durgin.

No.  X-225
(Price La Rue9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Dec. 2, 1927, d Jan. 26, 1997; m May 30, 1960, Joyce Stanifer Reynolds, b Feb. 9, 1929, d Sept. 8, 1969. US Navy, 1946-1948. US Corps of Engineers.

Children of Thomas Neil Worcester

XI-149 James Edward, b Feb. 28, 1963, d Sept. 15, 1968.
XI-150 Patrick Thomas.
XI-151 Kenneth Eugene.

No.  X-230
(Vernon Thomas9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hill City, KS, Nov. 21, 1931; m July 19, 1958, Josie Etheline Summers, b Walton, WV, May 8, 1934. Merchant and farmer.

Children of Merlyn Thomas Worcester

XI-152 Daris Allan, b Charleston, WV, Nov. 23, 1955; m Aug. 13, 1977, Donna Ann Newell, b July 14, 1958.
XI-153 Denise Ann, b Hill City, KS, May 12, 1959; m Mar. 13, 1982, David Kemple, b July 8, 1958.

Children of Denise Ann Kemple

(a)  Nolan Gregory, b Sept. 9, 1988.
(b)  Aubrey Lyn, b Feb. 7, 1995.

XI-154 Dennis Alvin.
XI-155 Derwin Arnold.
XI-156 Darren Anthony
, b Hill City, KS, June 11, 1971. Industrial arts teacher.

No.  X-232
(Vernon Thomas9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Graham Co., KS, June 30, 1936; m Sept. 14, 1957, Dorothy Lee Withington, b Nov. 4, 1939. Farmer.

Children of Allen James Worcester

XI-157 Rhonda Lee, b Hill City, KS, Sept. 20, 1958; m Aug. 8, 1981, Galen Francis Atkinson, b Meade, KS, Sept. 16, 1960. She received BS in nursing from Pittsburgh State Univ., MS in nursing. He received BS in Engi. Tech. She is a nurse; he is an aerospace engineer.

Children of Rhonda Lee Atkinson

(a)  William Allen, b Fort Worth, Tex., Apr. 22, 1986.
(b)  Jennifer Lee, b Fort Worth, Tex.,July 2, 1989.
(c)  Phillip Craig, b Fort Worth, Tex.,Nov. 8, 1991.

XI-158 Lewis Allen.
XI-159 Mark Edward.
XI-160 Paul James.
XI-161 Amy Jo
, b Mar. 5, 1967; m July 23, 1988, Craig Rodney Karst, b Aug. 11, 1963

Children of Amy Jo Karst

(a)  Amber Leigh, b June 21, 1994.

No.   X-233
(Vernon Thomas9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1)
b Sept. 15, 1937; m Apr. 13, 1957, Thelma Anderson, b Jan. 20, 1936. Real estate investor.

Children of Vernon Thomas Worcester, Jr.

XI-162  Mara Lea, b Apr. 6, 1960; m May 22, 1982, Kenneth Martin Sours, b Jan. 11, 1958.

Children of Mara Lea Sours

(a)  Logan Daniel, b May 7, 1987.
(b)  Michael Alexander, b June 5, 1992.
(c)  Christopher Samuel, b Nov. 16, 1994.

XI-163 Brenda Dee, b July 17, 1961; m Dec. 12, 1991, Jack McHugh, b June 220, 1957.
XI-164 Vernon Todd.
XI-165 Lesta Lou
, b Mar. 24, 1939; m May 31, 1958, Richard Walter Hoffman.

Children of Lesta Lou Hoffman

(a)  Gregory Richard, b Dec. 13, 1960; m June 14, 1980, Nancy Jean May, b Aug. 4, 1960.

Children of Gregory Richard Hoffman

(i)     Patrick Gregory, b Feb. 9, 1982.
(ii)    Samantha Jean, b Nov. 15, 1983.
(iii)  Timothy Bruce, b Feb. 24, 1990.

(b)  Susan Carrie, b Feb. 6, 1965; m June 11, 1994, Kelly Thomas Robson.

No.  X-239
(Jessie Lea9, Lester Ray8, Leverette Downs7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hill City, Ks., June 4, 1958; m June 27, 1981, Lisa Bennett, b Sept. 26, 1962 (div.). Roofer.

Children of Daryl Dee Worcester

XI-166 Jeremiah Jorell, b Hill City, Ks., Oct. 5, 1981.
XI-167 Nicholas Dee, b Hill City, Ks., May 24, 1983.

No. X-246
WORCESTER (Devillo Leroy9, Leonard A.8, Benjamin F.7, Samue66, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Garfield Heights, Oh., Sept. 24, 1924,  m Sept. 23, 1944, Helen Marie Beck, b Elyria, Oh., Mar. 7, 1927. Served in the US Navy (1942 -45). Lieut, with Garfield Heights Police Department. Served in teh US Navy.

Children of Leroy D. Worcester

XI-168 Leroy Thomas, b Cleveland, Oh., July 26, 1945.
XI-169 Joanne Marie, b Cleveland, Oh., Apr. 10, 1952.
XI-170 Janice Lee, b Cleveland, Oh., Nov. 30, 1948.
XI-171 Bruce David, b Cleveland, Oh., Aug. 10, 1961.
XI-172 Brian Scott, b Cleveland, Oh., Aug. 10, 1961.

No. X-246d
(Joseph Horace9, Horace Henry8, John7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b
Dunlap, Ks., May 27, 1926; m Jun. 6, 1950, Barbara Doris, b Jul. 29, 1933, ; d Kent, Wash., June 2006. He served in teh US Navy 1942-46 aboard the USS Bradford. Residences Twin Falls Id., and Dunlap, Ks.

Children of Virgil Wayne Worcester

XI-172a   David Wayne.

XI-172b   Melvin Leon.

XI-172c   Larry Dean, b Twin Falls, Id., Sep. 5, 1959.

No.  X-248
(Levi Lavern9, Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., June 18, 1912; m Sept. 26, 1934, Mary Elizabeth Maroney, b Apr. 17, 1914, Oberlin, Oh. Graduated Oberlin H.S. Self employed as a shoe repairman. Residence, Oberlin, Oh.

Children of Otis Lavern Worcester

XI-173 Lois, b Oberlin, Oh., Apr. 9, 1935; m John B. West, b Elyria, Oh., July 9, 1932. Residence, Huron, Oh.

Children of Lois West

(a)    Lori.
(b)    John.
(c)    Robert.
(d)    Wendy.

XI-174 Joan Lynne, b Oberlin, Oh., Mar. 7, 1938; m James Goodenow. Graduated Oberlin H.S., Oberlin Business College.
XI-175 Richard.
XI-176 Roger Neil.
XI-177 Beth Ellen
, b Oberlin, Oh., Aug. 31, 1948; m Robert Hawley, May 25, 1949, Union, Oh.

Children of Beth Ellen Hawley

(a)    Anne Marie.

XI-178 Kathy, b Oberlin, Oh., May 22, 1951; m James Billington, b Dec. 30, 1949, London, Eng.

Children of Kathy Billington

(a) Barbara.
(b) Lori.
(c) Brian.

No.  X-249
(Levi Lavern9, Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., Oct. 29, 1914; m Maxine Bassett on Aug. 31, 1937 in Catlettsburg, Ky., She was b in 1919.

Children of Howard Scott Worcester

XI-178a William, b Oberlin, Oh., Sept. 20, 1941.

XI-178b Sally, b Lodi, Oh., May 2, 1945.

XI-178c John, b Oberlin, Oh., May 21, 1951.

No. X-249a
(Arthur C.9, Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1)  b Amherst, Oh.,  July 1`6, 1905; m Ruby Ilo Brown, on Aug. 28, 1930 in Cleveland, Oh.,

Children of Arthur David Worcester

XI-178d Louis Carol, b Cleveland, Oh., Aug. 6, 1932

XI-178e Ilo Evelyn, b Cleveland,m Oh., Oct. 24, 1933.

No. X-249d
Herman Lawrence9, Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Lakewood, Oh., May 28, 1912; d Racine, Wisc., Dec. 11, 2002; m Elyria, Oh., Rose Etta Dyer, dau Stewart Wayland Dyer and Minnie Kettle, Nov. 26, 1936. She was b New London, Oh., Aug. 4, 1914, d Racine, Wisc., Mar. 18, 1998. Max worked for S.C. Johnson Wax Comp. Retired to Racine, Wisc.,

Children of Max Arol Worcester

XI-178f Thomas Arol.

No. X-249f
Herman Lawrence9, Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Pittsfield, Oh., June 3, 1910; d Lorain, Oh., Mar. 4, 2002; m Erie, Pa., June 18, 1934, Jean Rosemary Cookston, Erie, Pa., June 18, 1934. She was born on Jan. 2, 1914. She died in Elyria, Oh., Jan. 21, 1991.

Children of Lloyd Root Worcester

XI-178g Keith Allen.
David Lloyd
XI-178c Linda Jean
, b Elyria, Oh., Sept. 27, 1943; m Oct. 27, 1962, Michael Joseph Piazza. He was born in Elyria, Oh., on Oct. 27, 1962.

Children of Linda Jean Piazza

(a) Mark Michael, b Elyria, Oh., Dec. 11, 1964.

Children of Mark Michael Piazza

(i) Brent, b Lorain, Oberlin, Oh., MAr. 21, 1994.


XI-178d Marcia Ann, b Elyria, Oh., Sept. 28, 1948; m Timothy Widman.

Children of Marcia Ann Widman

XI-178e Allison.

No. X-249g
(Herman Lawrence9, Edward Jerome8, David M.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Elyria, Oh., Nov. 21, 1914; d Louisville, Ky., Sep. 8, 2006; m Floydsburg, Ky., Feb. 16, 1946, Bettye Carey Lloyd, dau Carter Carey Lloyd and Gertrude Edna Wilson. She was b Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 31, 1923, d Louisville, Ky., Jan. 1, 2002.

Children of Kenneth Edward Worcester

XI-178f Carey Sue, b Louisville, Ky., June 28, 1947; m1st Harold Clayton Meredith, Jr., He d in an auto accident; m2nd Myrl Dunham Moore, s of Roy Paris Moore and Leona Wade, on June 21, 1985, in Loouisville, Ky. He was born on Nov. 28, 1937, Washington, Va.

Children of Carey Sue and Harold Meredith, Jr. Worcester

(a) Elizabeth Clayton, b Oct. 18, 1974.

XI-178g Dale Alice, b Louisville, Ky., Feb. 9, 1951; m William Jennings Cox III, s of William Jennings Cox, Jr. and DIxie June Partin on Jan. 2, 1971. He was born Pineville, Ky., Dec. 23, 1948.

Children of Dale Alice Cox Worcester

(a) Julie Christine, b Bowling Green, Ky., Dec. 10, 1973.

(b) Amy Dale, b Middleboro, Ky., Oct. 2, 1977.

(c) Allison Carey, b Louisville, Ky., May 21, 1980.

No.  X-250
(Howard Delores9, John Fremont8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1), b  .

Children of Rowland Howard Worcester

X-250-1 Lois Jean, m  Roberts.

No.  X-251
(Howard Delores9, John Fremont8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oct. 17, 1909; m Defiance, Oh., May 19, 1930, Lucy Mary dau Franklin and Anna (Stratton) Livermore, of Norwalk, Oh. Farmer. Residences, Brighton, Norwalk, and Steuben, Ohio.

Children of Raymond Carl Worcester

XI-179 Myrtle Lucille, b July 24, 1931; m 1st 1950, Robert Stein; m 2nd Kenneth Daniel. Residence, Tiro, Oh.

Children of Myrtle Lucille Stein by first marriage

(a)    Barbara Jean, b Oct. 30, 1951.
(b)    Christine Marie, b Feb. 16, 1954.
(c)    Vicky Lynn, b Oct. 25, 1956.

XI-180 Marie Frances, b Aug. 20, 1932; m 1st Leland Delameter (divorced); m 2nd Patrick Fegan. Residence, Chambersburg, Pa.

Children of Marie Frances Delameter

(a)    Jo Ann, b June 28, 1952, Kim Barnett.
(b)    Mary Lee, b Mar. 21, 1958.
(c)    Michael Ray, b Jan. 21, 1960.
(d)    Susan Marie, b Aug 15, 1964.

XI-181 Harold, b and d ca. 1934.
XI-182 Elizabeth Mae, b Mar. 10, 1935; m Richard Winston. Residence, Roanoke, Va. In dry cleaning business.
XI-183 Richard Ray.
XI-184 Doris Irene
, b Oct. 14, 1937; m Herald Howell. Residence, Monroeville, Oh.

Children of Doris Irene Howell

(a)    Daniel Allan, b Feb. 29, 1960.
(b)    Gary Elbert, b Mar. 4, 1967.
(c)    Nancy Eileen, b Mar. 4, 1967.

XI-185 Russell Frank.
XI-186 Patricia Lois
, b Nov. 26, 1940; m 1st John Ruggles (divorced). Residence, Fitchville, Oh.

Children of Patricia Lois Ruggles

(a)    Terri Lee, b Nov. 13, 1959.
(b)    Randall Gene, b Jan. 1961.
(c)    David Allan, b Feb. 6, 1962.
(d)    James Kevin, Nov. 16, 1967.

XI-187 Margaret Ann, b July 1, 1942; m Lawrence Warziniack. Residence, Torrington, Wyo.

Children of Margaret Ann Warziniack

(a)    Lori Ann, b June 11, 1966.
(b)    Lawrence Frank, b June 11, 1966.

XI-188 Geraldine Ruth, b Oct. 21, 1944; m Ronald Hershiser. Residence, Willard, Oh.

Children of Geraldine Ruth Hershiser

(a)    Jeffrey Ray, b Apr. 24, 1966.
(b)    Joan Elaine, b May 18, 1968.

XI-189 Jean Elaine, b Mar. 25, 1946; m John Bernard. Residence, Steuben, Oh.

Children of Jean Elaine Bernard

(a)    Mathew John, b Feb. 21, 1976.
(b)    Mark, b Dec. 25, 1978.
(c)    Amanda Jean, b July 1, 1982.

XI-190 Judy Ilene, b Aug. 7, 1948; m 1st Daniel Williams (divorced); m 2nd Eric Hedeen.

Children of Judy Ilene Williams

(a )     Scott Anthony, b July 14, 1970.

Children of Judy Ilene Hedeen

(b)     Joseph
(c)     Melissa Ann

XI-191 Kenneth Howard.
XI-192 William Carl.
XI-193 Dale Allan.
XI-194 Ronald Gene.

No.  X-253
(Howard Delores9, John Fremont8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Field’s Corner, Oh.., July 8, 1923; m Oct. 28, 1944, Marion Hudson, b Cleveland, Oh., Apr. 28, 1923. Wakeman H.S., 1942. Farmer and merchant.

Children of Donald Harvey Worcester

XI-195 James Lee.
XI-196 Dean Paul.
XI-197 Cheryl Ann
, b Oberlin, Oh., Nov. 22, 1950; m Apr. 11, 1970, Donald Fannin, b July 19, 1951. Western Reserve H.S., 1969; attended Bowling Green State University. Homecoming queen of Wakeman, Oh., 1969. Co-salutatorian of high school class.

Children of Cheryl Ann Fannin

(a)    Paul Allen, b Aug. 20, 1970.
(b)    Kristine Renee, b Apr. 14, 1972.

No.  X-257
(Daniel Calvert9, James R.8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., Apr. 7, 1917; m Dec. 25, 1941, Lucille Grace Portman, b Birmingham, Oh., Oct. 12, 1919. Oberlin H.S., 1934; Oberlin School of Commerce. Served in the U.S. Navy with rank of Boatswain, 1st Class. Carpenter.

Children of James Calvert Worcester

XI-198 James Calvert.
XI-199 Charles Lee
. b Oberlin, Oh., Dec. 7, 1946; m Dec. 25, 1969, Sherry Ann Bates, b Elyria, Oh., Jan. 19, 1949. Oberlin H.S.; Denison College, B.S. Math, 1969. She graduated Oberlin H.S.; Kent State University, B.S. Art. Ed., 1972. U.S. Army service, 1969-71. He is a computer programmer. She is a art teacher.
XI-200 David Wayne, b July 16, 1955.

No.  X-258
(Daniel Calvert9, James R.8, James Mc.7, Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Oberlin, Oh., Nov. 11, 1919; m Feb. 26, 1944, Virginia Wilson Brooks, b Wilmerding, Pa., June 9, 1922. Oberlin H.S., 1937; Oberlin College, B.A., 1942; M.A. 1946. Served in the U.S. Coast Guard, Chief Boatswain’s Mate, 1942-45. Director of Guidance and Pupil Personnel Services, Cuyahoga Heights Schools, Cuyahoga Heights, Oh. Teacher, coach, and guidance counselor. Residences, Oberlin, Lyndhurst, East Cleveland, and Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Children of Philip Howard Worcester

XI-201 Paul Brooks, b May 15, 1945.
XI-202 Helen Elizabeth, b Feb. 24, 1947; m Arthur H. Huge.
XI-203 Lora Lynn, b Nov. 22, 1954.
XI-204 Philip Glover, b May 10, 1956.

No. X-261a
        NORTON LYNN WORSTER Robert Henry
9, (Eugene Henry8, David Sayles7, Ebenezer6, Moses5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Chautauqua, NY, Oct. 30, 1906; m June 1936, Helen Milk, dau Lee Milk and Martha Priscilla Hendricks, b Newfield, NY, Jun 22, 1912. She graduated from Ferdonia Normal College in Ferdonia, NY. She taught school in central NY grades h-8 in one room schoolhouse.


Children of Norton Lee Worster

XI-204a   Martha Kathern, b Chautauqua, NY, Jun. 7, 1938.

XI-204b   Kenneth b 1942, d Ripley, NY 1944.

XI-204c   William Allen.

XI-204d   Linda, b Cincinnati, Oh., Feb. 18, 1978.


No. X-267
(Charles Sidney9, Henry Brown8, Anson7, Ebenezer6, Ebenezer5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2,William1) b North Liberty, Ind., d May 20, 1981 (Tiverton Cemetery) ; m (Dorothy) Helen Dean, dau of Harry Dean and Edith.

Children of Harry Lewis Worcester

XI-205 Jerry Lewis.

No. X-269
(Charles Sidney9, Henry Brown8, Anson7, Ebenezer6, Ebenezer5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2,William1) b North Liberty, Ind., May 5, 1903, d Noman, Ok., Sept. 6, 1979; m1st St. Joseph Co., Ind., July 8, 1922, Violet Kathryn Love, dau of Herbert Love and Jennie Spence, b Plymouth, Ind., Dec. 9, 1903 (div. 1925); m2d Cleveland, Oh., Dec. 31, 1926, Adelia Jeannette Hazen, dau of George HAzen and Agnes Davidson, b Mayfield, Oh., Nov. 19, 1906.

Children of Dewin Wordsworth by first marriage

XI-206 Derwin Dale, b abt. 1923.

Children of Dewin Wordsworth by second marriage

XI-207 Dona Mae, b Cleveland, Oh., Dec. 11, 1927; m Olmsted Falls, Oh., Sept. 8, 1949, Robert Carl Foster, b Canton, Oh., July 26, 1923, d San Diego, Calif., Dec. 26, 1997.

Children of Dona Mae and Robert Carl Foster

(a) Carl Gregory, b Bowling Green, Oh., May 6, 1951; m1st San Diego, Calif., July 28, 1973, Susan Lea Christiansen, b Jan. 17, 1951, d El Cajon, Calif., Oct. 1, 1980; m2d El Cajon, Calif., July 3, 1983, Patricia Antoinette Hartowicz.
(b) Linda Jean, b Angola, Ind., Sept. 30, 1954.
(c) Diana Kay, b La Mesa, Calif., May 14, 1961; m bef. 1995, David English; m2d San Diego, Calif., Mar. 7, 1998, Brian Justin Kruse.

XI-208 Byron Lee.
XI-209 Kay Lisa, b Cleveland, Oh., Sept. 3, 1935, d Norman, Ok.; m Oklahoma City, Okla., Oct. 23, 1963, Alfred Carmen Mancuso, b Hazelton, Pa., Mar. 23, 1931.

Children of Kay Lisa and Alfred Carmen Mancuso

(a) Annette Marie, b Miami, Fla., June 11, 1968; m Jeff Hamrick.
(b) Teresa Lynn, b Miami, Fla., June 11, 1968

XI-210 Neil Charles.

No. X-278
(Benjamin Fesseden
9, George Albert8, George7, Isaac6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Allenstown, NH., Sep. 9, 1891, d Manchester, NH., abt. 1973; m Sep. 30, 1914, Maude Alice Avery, b Jun. 18, 1889, d Manchester, NH, Apr. 1, 1964.

Children of Albert Emery Worcester

X-278-1 Dean Avery, b Manchewster, NH, Nov. 1915.

X-278-2 Benjamin Fesseden, b Manchester, NH, Oct 4, 1918.

No. X-283
        RAYMOND GEORGE WORSTER (George Henry9, George Washington8, Lemuel7, George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Bangor, Me., Sept. 2, 1905, d Bangor, Me., Aug. 20, 1986, cause: prostate cancer; m New York, May 20, 1931, Lucille Margret Minton, b Knoxville, Tenn., 1906, d Oakland, Calif., 1993, cause: mouth cancer (Mt. Hope Cemetery). BA, Bowdoin College, M. Div. Union Theological Seminary, NYC. She received BA, university of Tenn., MDiv., Union Theological Seminary. Both served as ministers of Congregational Church UCC in Vt., Mass., Ohio, and Conn. Residence, Kensington, Calif.

  Children of Raymond George Worster

XI-211   Raymond  George, Jr., b St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1932.
  Ann Martin, b Burlington, Vt., 1937; m 1960, David Alden Concepcion, b Carmel, Calif., 1935, d Berkeley, Calif., 1997, cause: heart attack (Mt. Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Me.). She received BA from Colby College. Archivist for Library of Congress, American history teacher, Chair of Berkeley Landmarks Preservation Committee. Co-editor of Ruby. He received BA from the Univ. of California at Santa Barbara. Labor arbitrator.

  Children of Ann Martin Worster

XI-213   Leslie Martin, b Oakland, Calif., 1963; m Berkeley, Calif. 1990, Troy Mayns, b 1967, Denver, CO. She has a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

  Children of Leslie Martin Mayns

(a) David James, b Lancaster, Calif., 1993.

XI-214  David Worster, b Oakland, Calif. 1966. BA from Bates College, Ma from the University of Tennessee, PhD in Philosophy from University of Wisconsin. Teacher at Ball State University

No. X-291
        AMOS HENRY WORCESTER  (Amos9, John Palmer8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b 1875, d 1928; m Minie M. Greenough.

Children of Amos Henry Worcester

XI-215 Carroll Henry.

No. X-296
            HARVEY B. WORCESTER (Leander Knowles
9, John Palmer8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b cMar. 24, 1879, d Feb. 22, 1913; m Apr. 13, 1901, Lettie Lee Grant, b Columbia Falls, Me., d Columbia Falls, Me., Dec. 14, 1918. He was a farmer in Columbia Falls, Me. Child: (a) Hazel M., b c 1902, (b) Julia H., b c1904, (c) Lettie L. b c 1906, (d) Elmore, b c 1908.

No. X-299
        CHARLES C.
9, John Palmer8, Amos7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1), m Gertrude Galen,

Children of Charles C. Worcester

XI-215a Russell Charles.

No. X-306
(Ferdinand D.9, Daniel Corthell8, Leonard7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Sept. 21, 1874, d June 3, 1924; m Columbia, Me., Feb. 1, 1899, Ronie Diadem Leighton, dau of Fonze Greenhill Leighton and Genetta A. Worcester, b Columbia, Me., Nov. 24, 1878, d Columbia, Me., Feb. 24, 1934.

Children of  Ralph Eben Worcester

XI-216 Doris Carola, b Dec. 18, 1905, d Dec. 18, 1905.
XI-217 Merrill Virgil, b Apr. 11, 1907, d Feb. 26, 1972.
XI-218 Hilda Leighton, b May 14, 1908, d Dec. 18, 1977; m Calvin Hopper, b July 5, 1907. She was educated at Washington State Normal School, Machias, Me.. She was a teacher in Wesley, Me.
XI-219 Elva Leighton, b May 29, 1910, d July 20, 2001.
XI-220 Orrin Leighton.
Stella Leighton, b Oct. 12, 1914, d Dec. 10, 1987; m Erwin W. Bucknam.

Children of  Stella Leighton and Erwin W. Bucknam

(a) Robert E., b Nov. 15, 1942, d Nov. 16, 1942.

XI-222 Oswald Leighton, b Dec. 7, 1915.
XI-223 Ralph Eben, b Jan 6, 1919.

No. X-312
(Charles Kimball9, Alfred Small8, Leonard7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)b Columbia, Me., Dec. 9, 1901, d Ellsworth, Me., July 3, 1994 (Mt. Height Cemetery, Southwest Harbor. Me.); m Harrington, Me., June 10, 1923, Helen Wass.

Children of Orman Charles Worcester

XI-224 Donald Orman, b Mar. 23, 1924; m Aug. 9, 1945, Mary L. O'Brien.

No. X-330
            FRANK C. WORCESTER
(Thadeus William9 ,Theodore Freeland8, Moses7, Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b 1889, d ca. 1960 (bur. Winterport, Me.; m Sept. 9, 1911, Quennie, dau of Benjamin F. Cowperthwaite.

Children of Frank C. Worcester

XI-225 Wesley, b July 21, 1912, d July 20, 1916.
XI-226 Elizabeth, b Apr. 1, 1914; m 1st June 25, 1939, K. Gordon Jones; m 2nd June 14, 1947, Frank J. Slade, Jr.
XI-227 Georgianna, b Mar. 9, 1923; m 1st June 25, 1942, J. Donald Morrison; m 2nd Oct. 9, 1948, Maurice I. Jones.
XI-228 Patricia, b Oct. 14, 1926; m Sept. 27, 1947, Laurence A. Blood.

No. X-345
(Lory S.
9, Francis Cummings8, Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)

Children of Samuel Worcester

XI-229 Ellery M., b Sept. 22, 1897, d Nov. 3, 1931; m Irene M., b Apr. 2, 1901, d Machia, Me., Dec. 20, 1993.

No. X-348
(George Francis9, Francis Cummings8, Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Millbridge, Me., Nov. 6, 1892, d Millinocket, Me., Mar. 18, 1963 (Lamoine, Me.); m1st Hancock, Me., July 16, 1911, Florence Louise Hodgkins, dau of Harry Hodgkins and Annie Salisbury, b Bar Harbor, Me., Mar. 30, 1893, d Millinocket, Mar. 23, 1953; m2d Margaret Theriault, aft. 1953, dau of Fred Theriault and Hulda Holm, b Caribou, Me., Sept. 9, 1912.

Children of Frank George Worcester

XI-230 Donald Gerard.
XI-231 Eleanor Louise, b Lamoine, Me., Aug. 4, 1914; m Lamoine, Me., Oct. 8, 1937, Edal Giles Grantham, son of George Grantham and Lily Skinner, b Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada, Apr. 25, 1902, d Millinocket, Me., Nov. 3, 1971.

Children of Eleanor Louise and Edal Giles Grantham

(a) Charles Douglas, b Millinocket, Me., Oct. 6, 1942, d Millinocket, Me., Aug. 28, 1996; m1st Verna E. Hilton, b Oct. 5, 1938; m2d Smith Pond, Me., June 22, 1984, Colleen F. Powers, b abt. 1942.
(b) Margaret Ann, b Mar. 6, 1946; m1st Millinocket, Me., May 1, 1965, Ronald M. Gould, b Aug. 1, 1944; m2d May 12, 1978, Bruce E. Goode.

Children of Margaret Ann and Ronald Gould

(1) Douglas John, b Landstuel, Germany, Dec. 15, 1967, d Millinocket, Me., Apr. 29, 1996.

XI-232 Florence Lillian, b Millinocket, Me., Nov. 1917; m Mattawamkeag, Me., Aug. 6, 1938, Roderick Joseph Devoe, son of Thomas DeVoe and Emelia Carney, b Eagle Lake, Me., July 10, 1913, d South Twin, Me., July 4, 1972.

Children of Florence Lillian and Roderick Joseph DeVoe

(a) Anne Marie, b Millinocket, Me., Jan. 20, 1939; m Millinocket, Me., Mar. 29, 1958, John Edward Sears, Jr., son of John Sears and Geneva Wheaton, b Millinocket, Me., Sept. 21, 1939.

Children of Anne Marie and John Edward Sears

(1) John Edward, b Millinocket, Me., Sept. 16, 1958.
(2) Jo-Lee Ann, b Millinocket, Me., May 28, 1961.
(3) Jennifer Lynn, b Beloit, Wisc., Nov. 3, 1963; m Portland, Me., June 20, 1992, Arthur Peter Napolitano, Jr., b July 12, 1960.

Children of Jennifer Lynn and Arthur Peter Napolitano, Jr.

(A) Arthur Peter, b Brighton, Mass., May 9, 1994.
(B) Ashlyn Maria, b July 2, 1996.

(b) Linda Mae, b Millinocket, Me., Oct. 11, 1945; m Millinocket, Me., Aug. 7, 1965, Earlan Wayne Campbell, son of Earlan Campbell and Elizabeth Tinkham, b Millinocket, Me., Apr. 16, 1943.

Children of Linda Mae and Earlan Wayne Campbell

(1) Jeffrey Wayne, b Millinocket, Me., Dec. 16, 1965; m Millinocket, Me., June 30, 1989, Nancy Marie Rice, dau of George Rice and Marie Lavoie, b Sept. 28, 1967.

Children of Jeffrey Wayne Campbell and Nancy Marie Rice

(A) Craig Allen, b Millinocket, Me., Oct. 5, 1989.
(B) Katelyn Elizabeth, b Millinocket, Me., Apr. 1, 1993.

(2) Shawn Michael, n Millinocket, Me., Mar. 22, 1971.

XI-233 Fred Carlton.
XI-234 William Edgar, b Millinocket, Me., d Ellswporth, Me., Feb. 8, 2001; m1st Louise C. Collins, b Ellsworth, Me., Feb. 6, 1913, d Bangor, Me., Aug. 17, 1975; m2d aft. 1975, Lillian Hinckley, b Feb. 26, 1926, d Ellsworth, Me., Dec. 26, 2000.
XI-235 Margaret Pauline, b Millinocket, Me., Jan. 10, 1924; m Oct. 19, 1946, James Carlton Haynes, b Guinea, Virg., Oct. 20, 1925, d Wakefield, Virg., May 29, 1981.

Children of Margaret Pauline and James Carlton Haynes

(a) Bruce Wayne, b Millinocket, Me., May 29, 1949; m1st Nancy Walton, b Richmond, Virg., June 1, 1948; m2d Nancy Brown, b Mishawaka, ind.,  Jan. 30, 1958

XI-236 Pearl Elaine, b Millinocket, Me., Feb 3, 1925, d Millinocket, Me., Aug. 11, 1967; m Apr. 20, 1945, Lawrence Hunter, son of Fred Hinter and Lena Fortine, b Aug. 11, 1925.

Children of Pearl Elaine and Lawrence Hunter

(a) Lawrence William, b Mar. 14, 1946; m Zeist, Holland, Gaby Bakker.

Children of Lawrence William Hunter and Gaby Bakker

(1) Alex, b Nov. 27, 1972 (adopted).
(2) Laura, b June 2, 1976 (adopted).

(b) Joy Elizabeth, b Aug. 3, 1949; m c1968, John P. Coon, son of Glenwood Coon and Maxine York.

Children of Joy Elizabeth Hunter and John P. Coon

(1) Janice Elaine, b Mar. 20, 1969; m Sept. 14, 1991, George R. Halladay.
(2) Jennifer E., b Sept. 25, 1972.
(3) John P., b Jan. 28, 1975.
(4) Jason P., b Mar. 29, 1976; m Becky Flemming.

Children of Joy Jason P. and Becky Flemming

(A) Garret Paul, b Lincoln, Me., Apr. 19, 2001.

(c) Michael Hunter, b Nov. 26, 1952.

XI-237 George Francis.  
XI-238 Gladys Mae, b Millinocket, Me., Aug. 14, 1929, d Augusta, Me., Jan 1981; m Millinocket, Me., May 14, 1949, Roger Elwood Rafford, b Presque Island, Me., Oct. 10, 1923.

Children of Gladys Mae and Roger Elwood Rafford

(a) Deborah Lou, b Mar. 16, 1950; Nov. 28, 1951, Donald Kidder, b Nov. 28, 1951.

Children of Deborah Lou and Donald Kidder

(1) Douglas Rafford.
(2) Dara Karen.

(b) Karen Jean, b Dec. 11, 1957; m Nichols.

No. X-365
(Asa Tucker9, Asa Tucker8, Clement F.7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Stewartstown, NH, Oct. 30, 1892; m Nov. 6, 1926, Etta M. Yorke, b Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Dec. 28, 1900. Ensign in the U.S. Navy during World War I; U.S. Coast Guard during World War Two. Retired as Lieutenant in USCG. Residences, Quincy, Falmouth, and Duxbury, Mass.

Children of William Wallace Worcester

XI-239 William Wallace.
XI-240 Elizabeth Anne, b Falmouth, Mass., Aug. 16, 1932. Nasson, Springvale, Me, Assoc. degree, 1952; University of Tennessee, B.S., Dietetics, 1964. Registered Dietician. Ass’t. Director, Dietetics, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, and teacher of interns in dietetics. President, Mass. Dietetics Association. Residences, Falmouth, Mass.; San Antonio, Tex.; Fayettville, NC; Quincy, Mass.; Duxbury, Mass; Brookline, Mass.
XI-241 Cleveland Y.

No. X-367
(Everett Venleason9, Asa Tucker8, Clement F.7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia Falls, Me., Mar. 13, 1908, d Howland, Me., Feb. 13, 1986 (prostate cancer); m Oct. 1928, Erma Beryl White, b Jonesport, Me., Dec. 14, 1904, d Bangor, Me., Dec. 21, 1989 (stomach cancer). Construction. Municipal officer for 20 years, GOP County Chairman in Washington County for 12 years.

Children of Verrill R. Worcester

X-241a Verrill R., b Jonesport, Me., Mar. 18, 1929.
X-241b Julia Elaine, b Columbia, Me., Mar. 18, 1930.
X-241c Joyce Eleanor,b Columbia, Me., Mar. 18, 1929.
X-241d Dwight Clinton, b Columbia, Me., Aug. 12, 1932.
X-241e Cassie Isabelle, b Columbia, Me., July 27, 1936.
X-241f Everett V., b Columbia, Me., July 28, 1938.
X-241g David Ronald, b Portland, Me., Jan. 21, 1945.

No. IX-367a
(Everett Venleason9, Asa Tucker8, Clement F.7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia Falls, Me., Oct. 3, 1912; d Portland, Me., July 17, 1972, of a stroke, bur. at Columbia, Me.; m Nov. 7, 1943, Althea May Gordius, b Mount Desert, Me., Aug, 31, 1918, d Portland, Me., Nov. 27, 2004, bur. Columbia, Me. He was a shipfitter during WWII and later was a railroad worker. Railroad union stewart, church trustee and boy scout committeeman. She was a shipyard worker during WWII, and later a factory worker and hospital worker.

Children of Asa Tucker Worcester

X-241h Asa Tucker.

X-241i Robert Wayne, b Portland, Me., July 31, 1948.


No. IX-369b
(Aaron LeRoy
9, Joseph W.8, Clement Fernald7, John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Maine, June 25, 1906; d Burlington, Vt., Sept. 25, 1984, bur. Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Prince George's County, Md. (respitory arrest); m1st Lena Marjorie Metcalf on July 23, 1927 in Vermont (divorced), b Nov. 6, 1904 at Underhill, Vt., d Dec. 31, 1992, in Burlington, Vt., bur. Underhill, Vt.; m2d Ella Anderson on June 12, 1958, b May 9, 1887 in Minnesota to John and Christina Anderson (divorced).

Children of Willard Dolan Worcester

X-241j Charles Aaron, b May 17, 1928, Burlington, Vt., d ?, bur. Lakeview Cemetery; m Janice Mae Audett, b JAn. 9, 1932, d ?, bur. Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, Vt.

No. X-380
(Alfred9, Alfred L.8, Seward Bucknam7, Issac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Kingman, Me., Nov. 17, 1903, d Greenville, Me., Sept. 28, 1949; m Greenville, Me., Jan. 11, 1927, Louise M. Sawyer, b Portland, Apr. 29, 1905, d Greenville, Me., Apr. 2, 1998. Auto mechanic.

Children of Warren Wood Worster

XI-249 Fred Sawyer, b June 30, 1930, d Apr. 29, 1999; m Mona Andrews, b N. Chatham, May 27, 1935, d Branford, ME., Dec. 23, 1987. Fred served in the Army in Korea (purple heart.)
XI-250 Warren Wood,  b Oct. 30, 1932, d June 13, 1951. Served in the Army in Korea.
XI-251 Isabel Files, b Mar. 12, 1934, d Oct. 9, 1982; m Dec. 10, 1951, Clarence Johnson, b Rockwood, Me., Jan. 26, 1926, d Greenville, Me., Aug. 25, 1982.

No. X-381
(Alfred9, Alfred L.8, Seward Bucknam7, Issac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Weber Plantation, Me., Jun. 8, 1906, d Greenville, Me., May 28, 1983; m Nov. 27, 1935, Evelyn Pauline King, b Rockwood, Me., Dec. 9, 1916, d Greenville, Me., May 11, 1996, St. Joseph Cemetery, Rockville, Me. Logger and guide in Maine.

Children of Lloyd Harold Worster

XI-251a-Barbara Clementine, b Rockwood, Me., Dec. 8, 1935.

XI-251b Lloyd Harold, Jr.

XI-251c Edward John.

XI-251d Melita Flora.

XI-251e Beverly Gertrude.

XI-251f Douglas Paul.

XI-251g Ann Mary.

No. X-410
            ARDIE C. WORSTER
(Eugene T.9, Mark8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Lee, Me., May 15, 1891, d April 1970; m1st May 2, 1914, Mina May Downs, b Kingman, Me., Feb. 19, 1898, d Sug. 24, 1991; m2d May 2, 1914, May Burrows. Farm laborer.

Children of Ardie C. Worster by first marriage

XI-252 Edith, b Apr. 22, 1918; m1st R. Linfield Ward; m2d  Charles Burgess.

Children of Edith and R. Linfield Ward

(a) Robert.
(b) Patricia.

XI-253 Geneva, b July 18, 1920; m ___ Kalivas.
XI-254 Lillian, b Lee, Me., May 22, 1922, d Mar. 11, 1981; m 1941, Kimball Rutledge.
XI-255 Adria, b Dec. 15, 1924; m 1942, Kenneth Wright.
XI-256 Ardie T., b Milan, NH, June 9, 1927.
XI-257 Stella, b Berlin, Me., Mar. 4, 1929, d 2001.
XI-258 Eugene, b St. Johnsbury, Vt., May 29, 1933, d 1934.

No. X-412
(Eugene T.9, Mark8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Moro, Me., Apr. 9, 1896, d Oct. 1934 of tuberculosis; m Feb. 25, 1922, Hallie Hook, b 1905, d 1976.

Children of Raymond Worster

XI-259 Shirley.
XI-260 Viena,
b Lee, Me., Mar. 7, 1929, d Lagrange, Me., Sept. 18, 1999 (Hill Crest Cemetery, Lagrange, Me.); m Arthur M. Osgood

No. X-414
(Eugene T.9, Mark8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Moro, Me., Dec. 30, 1900, d Bangor, Me., Jan. 15, 1982; m1st Lee, Me., July 5, 1932, Agnes Mabel Priest, b Lee, Me., May 27, 1916, d West Melbourne, Fla., Oct. 26, 1997, (divorced, Nov. 13, 1946); m2d aft. 1946, Olive Gray. Lumberman.

Children of Sylvester Worster

XI-261 Jeanette Marie, b Lee, Me., Aug. 15, 1935, d Pequannock, NJ, June 22, 1986.
XI-262 Lloyd Raymond.
XI-263 Morris Orin.

No. X-415
(Eugene T.9, Mark8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Moro, Me., Nov. 16, 1902, d Feb. 26, 1990 (Lincoln Cemetery); m Lee, Me., June 3, 1924, Bessie E. Worster, dau of Howard Worster and Daisy Smith, b Springfield, Me., Dec. 1, 1907, d Dexter, Me., Jan. 26, 2000 (Lincoln Cemetery). 

Children of Erastus Vinal Worster

XI-264 Kenneth, b Lee, Me., June 7, 1925, d Nov. 4, 1987; m Lee, Me., Aug. 15, 1944, Myrtle Adria Blake, b Feb. 28, 1926, d Dec. 28, 1955.
XI-265 Cecil, b Lee, Me., Apr. 26, 1930.

No. X-418
(Timothy9, Robert S.8, Mark7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Prentiss, Me., May 16, 1894, d Bangor, Me., May 15, 1947 (Butterfield Cemetery, Prentiss, Me.); m Mar. 5, 1916, Lillian A. Lyons, b Springfield, Me., Apr. 1, 1898, d Mar. 15, 1970.

Children of Earl Ray Worster

XI-266 Delmont, b Prentiss, Me., d Feb. 21, 1919.
XI-267 Llewellyn E., b Oct. 14, 1916; m Louise Sibley.
XI-268 Warren Anthony, b Macwahoc, Me., May 13, 1924, d May 30, 1924.
XI-269 Thomas W.
, b Macwahoc, Me., Apr. 27, 1925, d Apr. 27, 1925.
XI-270 Leola Marion, b June 10, 1927; m Clarence Stanley.
XI-271 Joanne B., b Mar. 16, 1938, d Nov. 27, 1977.

No. X-428
(Benjamin Franklin9, George Henry8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Prentiss, Me., Jan. 4, 1918; m Prentiss, Me., Jan. 4, 1918, Helen P. Briggs, b Nov. 19, 1919, d Lincoln, Me., Dec. 22, 1999.

Children of Leslie Arden Worster

XI-272 Joyce Ruth, d Aug. 21, 1944.
XI-273 Benjamin, d Dec. 22, 1999m m Kathy Costigan.

No. X-432
(Benjamin Franklin9, George Henry8, Joseph7, Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1)  b Apr. 11, 1920, d Nov. 1, 1941; m Nov. 1, 1941; Arlene Worster.

Children of Philip A. Worster

XI-274 Amercia Ada, d Mar. 12, 1970

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